Fun Before School

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Carol Herskowitz  lived in a house with her family in the suburbs of south Orange County, California. She had two younger siblings, Adam and Lisa. Their single mom was 46 year old Linda. They all really loved each other. I mean really.

One Tuesday morning at 6, Carol woke up for school from her phone alarm. She was having a very weird sexual dream. She was with three older men, and they were all doing things to her. They were touching her, eating her, and fucking her. She was disappointed to find out it wasn’t real. “Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Why do my dreams have to end?” She noticed her right hand was in her panties.

She had been sleeping in those pink panties with a matching bra. She had gained a little weight in the past year, and was a little chubby. She didn’t mind though. She was proud of her body. Plus it made her tits bigger. They were now a full C cup.

She realized she had to pee really badly. She wiped her eyes, and went to the bathroom down the hall. She turned on the light, pulled her panties down, and sat on the toilet bowl. Her bushy pussy hair was very dark black, just like the hair on her head. She had a lot of it. She thought of trimming it, like she had seen some of her girlfriends do, but decided to leave it.

She let the strong piss stream go out of her. She thought about that dream. She felt really horny. As she often did, she started to masturbate. She did that several times a day, any chance she could get! She rubbed her clit with her right pointer finger, and stuck her index finger inside of herself. She moaned, loudly, not caring who could hear.

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Adam walked in. He was skinny, but tall for his age, almost 6 ft. He was just wearing white briefs. You might think she would be embarrassed, but this was commonplace for them. He looked at his older sister pleasuring herself. His cock quickly grew hard, and she noticed. He said, “Having fun Carol?” She stuck her tongue out at him, and gave him the finger. However, she kept doing it, as he watched.

Then she said, “I am having fun, but I could use some help.” He was hoping she would say that. They had been having an incestuous relationship for the past year. He walked up to her, and got down on his knees. He started to eat her pussy out, just like she taught him how to do. He could taste her fresh piss, which was a bonus. She moaned more. She took her bra off, and he put his hands on her teenage tits.

Their mom was up, and heard what was going on. She poked her head in the door. She was pleased to see her kids having so much fun again. It really turned her on, and she stuck her right hand inside her bathrobe to masturbate. It reminded her of how she used to fuck her two older brothers. Carol looked up at Linda, and they made eye contact. They both smiled at each other. Mom said, “Just make sure to get to school on time.” “Yes mom,” she responded. Adam would have said something too, but he couldn’t talk with his mouth full. Linda left, and started to get ready for work.

Adam then pulled his underwear off, and his erect teen cock bounced out. It was a full six inches and pretty thick when erect. He stood up, ready to put it inside her. “Wait,” she cautioned. “What if I get pregnant today? I mean, we’ve been lucky so far.” He felt disappointed. Then he realized something. “Well, I could always fuck you in the ass.” “Oh yeah! Let’s do that.” She turned around, put her hands on the bowl that still had her piss in it, and stuck her butt at him. He inserted his dick into the ass.

He fucked her good, just as she liked it. They lost count of how many times they had done it this past wonderful year. They were both getting pretty good at it. “Oh Adam” she cried, “My baby brother. Keep fucking me!” He didn’t last too long. “I’m gonna cum!” He pulled out of her, and spewed all over back. She turned around, and kissed his lips. They started making out.

Lisa was awake, and heard the whole thing. She got out of her room, and walked into the bathroom. She was in a shear nightgown with no underwear. She was thin, had long red hair, with braces, and wore glasses She hadn’t gone through puberty yet, and still had no tits or pussy hair to speak of.

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