My mom’s punishment

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Hi everyone,
It’s a nice evening for me (Swati)with my cousin Yogesh as we both have enjoyed sex but at last mom caught us doing so,as she came in my bedroom and that’s true that I was being fucked by Yogesh at that time,so no interruptions needed (read’Mom caught me with cousin).

So being shy and afraid ,I frisked inside washroom as I took refreshment put my night wear and than came back on bed while Yogesh have left my room as he ejaculated cum in my soft while lying on bed,I am thinking about mom’s anger as she knows my physical relationship with my classmates and lovers but she have seen me getting banged with cousin’s long how to make him happy? I can’t think as time passes and at 08:55 pm ,mom screamed louder…………

“Swati have your dinner.”so I walked to dinning space,mom as well as Yogesh is there and my elder brother also joined us.looking at me,Yogesh smiled and I showed my anger while keeping my face in serious as we three started having our meals,mom is serving us and both guys are taking to eachother,later on our dinner ends and I washed my hand, frisked inside my I put bulbs off and switched on night lamps,slept on bed with door closed as mobile is in my hand thinking to watch a porn video but not right while having rest ,my eyes are on yogesh’s penis as it have captured it but it’s shocking that mom have caught both of us having times passes,my tired body starts going towards sleep and I walked inside my washroom to as I came back,I can see my mom sitting on my bed,while sitting near him,I am waiting for her statement to show her anger and she………

“Swati you have crossed your limits
(Swati)sorry mom , actually Yogesh have forced me for relationship
(Mom)that’s wrong,you have done it or still you are doing it with your classmates and now getting fucked with your cousin brother
(Swati)sorry mom I will never do it again
(Mom)ok after an hour ,I will be on your bed ,ok.”

And she walked away showing some joy on her face,what’s in her mind? ,I can guess only,why she will sleep on my bed?I think may be she have had approached Yogesh for fun ,isn’t it?my mom is in illicit relationship with some guys and she can bargain for cock with Yogesh also as she have made her vision clear that sex with anyone with their desires are I slept on bed with my room’s door still opened and I got slept after a while.

My mom Urwashi is a matured lady of 39-40 years as her beautiful face with big boobs are hot,her physical appearance’s of 36-30-38 is somehow fleshy but she have always maintained her nice body as her vagina are hairless,her armpits are clean shaved.she is a gorgeous lady and as I woke up with a hand making my sleep disturbed,I can see my mom and Yogesh sitting on bed’s I moved and locked the door,looking at watch it’s 00:05 hours as my elder brother and dad is sleeping,both have made their way to enjoy looking at Yogesh,I asked………

“come on my brother,it’s your bed
(Mom&Yogesh sits in the middle of bed)you both have enjoyed sex in the evening,it’s my chance to have it.”

And as mom Urwashi is looking nice in her sleeveless gawn,her clevage can be seen easily and Yogesh,looking at me hold my mom in his my mom sits on his thigh as she put her arms on his a hot couple,she put lips on yogesh’s face as kissing him frequently on his face to lips while Yogesh is rubbing her things started moving in right direction,her nephew have put her lips in his mouth to suck,mom’s left breast is on his chest ,so his hand is on his ass and looking at them,I thought to join the I put my hand on my mom’s back as her gawn have back lock with a zip,I unzipped it and as Yogesh left her lips,he took it out of her sexy body now urwashi’s sexy body is nude as a panty have covered her vagina only.yogesh now opened his mouth and mom pushed his long tongue inside his mouth,as she is sitting on his thighs,I sits near them as I hold my mom’s breast and started massaging it hard.Her boobs are big as it’s aerola are browenish and than I put my face on it as I opened my mouth to have my mom’s boobs in mouth.while sucking her breast hardly,my hand is on her thighs as Yogesh is sucking her tongue and her left breast is pressing hard on his chest,now as my hand moved to my mom’s panty,I hold her fleshy vagina on it in my fingers,just pinching it mom’s face is reddish as her eyes are closed and it’s on peak as she pushed her nephews face back.while putting her head on yogesh’s shoulder,she screamed

“oohh Yogesh you are too young and energetic” and I put my hand on mom’s panty to pull it she slept on bed as Yogesh removed his Bermuda and I took out my mom’s panty,she have put her legs crossed as I am kissing my mom’s thigh and Yogesh have put his long cock on his lips as she hold it and started rubbing it’s glans on her rossy lips.while kissing my mom’s thighs,I am moving upwards as Yogesh is pressing her breast hard and my mom opened her mouth as she swallows his long cock to my lips are kissing her upper thighs as she have widend her legs,giving me a nice look of her vagina and as Yogesh is screaming”oohh you bitch suck my cock hard” and my mom have hold his nephew waist as she is moving her head up and down enjoying blow job and now it’s her vagina making me I put a pillow under her big buttocks,put my nose on her cunt and smelt its odour,it’s labias are wider as I kissed it for a while,my mom is in joy as Yogesh took out his cock and she starts licking it with her long tongue and I widened my mom’s vagina as my tongue started licking it fast.its a nice experience and taste for me as I am licking my mom’s cunt wildely and as she is licking her nephew’s cock ,her sexy voice”oohh aahh fuck me dear aah” is making us horny and than Yogesh put his cock in her mouth as he put his one hand on her heads started fucking her mouth as I can see her deeper cunt dry ,as I put some saliva in it ,now licking it with my hand moving on her sexy hot and sexy is my mom that she is sucking my brother’s cock and than I took her vagina in my mouth to my body is well horny as I sucked it for a while,now Yogesh moved inside washroom.

My mom Urwashi removed my gawn also ,as both are nude on bed and she is pressing my breast and said………

“Yogesh will fuck me ,so please don’t hesitate to leave us now
(Swati)oh my sexy mom ,I will assist you don’t think that I am going to enjoy his cock.”

And Yogesh is back on bed as she knelt on bed like a bitch and Yogesh is sitting on her back,as he holds his penis and started rubbing it’s glans on vagina,it have vanished inside while he is pressing it Yogesh fucked her hard as she shouted”oohh yes fuck me dear but fuck straight not horizontal” and he is fucking my mom’s cunt with speed and pleasure as she started moving her big bum fast,I slept on bed watching live sex show as I put my long finger in my cunt to make it I started fingering my vagina fast as my mom’s breast is getting the hard massage and she is screaming

“oohh aahh fuck hard I will cum soon,oohh it’s cumming” and as Yogesh hits her cunt for dozens of time ,she cummed inside and Yogesh starts licking her wet cunt ,as he tastes her aunt’s cum ,he made my mom sleep on bed and now pushed his hard cock from front as she is getting fucked wildly.yogesh is nice in fucking as he is pounding her cunt and than he slept on my mom’s top and mom shows her sexual abilities while moving her ass up and down to enjoy a hard penis in vagina .she is screaming”oohh uumm fuck me fuck hard” and he is kissing her lips to face and lastly ,he shouted”oohh aahh it’s cumming you whore have it” and it’s my cunt became juicy and my mom got the cum as he put his cock in her mouth ,than he licked my vagina and I got taste of his our sex journey ends .

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