An inadvertent cuckolding resulting from broken ground rules.

My wife Genny and I have been married for several years, but I did something recently I strongly regretted and it has been making me absolutely sick inside. I can’t stop thinking about it, and the consequences it has caused. I feel like so much less of a man, and it’s all my fault for going along with it.

Okay… so details. My wife and I have been married for 7 years now. She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous when I met her, and still is to this day. She’s a tall brunette with super skinny legs, a really round (but not too big bottom), and really perky (but average or below average sized) breasts. She had average sized areolas, but her pussy was one of her best features. She always kept her pubic hair neatly groomed. She waxed almost her entire pubic area except for a three inch long, one-inch wide landing strip above her vulva. And she is hairy too, so it definitely was a nice bush. Her outer labia were a darker tan color and really contrasted well with her milky white skin. Her inner labia were large, as I prefer, and peeked out from her outer labia like delicious meat curtains. They’re somewhat open too around her vaginal area, so you can clearly see her beautiful pink closed pussy hole, even when she’s not turned on. When she turns herself on, her clitoris becomes enormous (sticks out almost a full centimeter), and her labia puffs up. It’s practically museum quality. Enough for me to go on and on about it 😀

When she is wearing just a t-shirt, knowing I was always so turned on by this, she wouldn’t wear a bra. She never wore see-through shirts or showed her tits off to anyone else, but other men definitely took notice and would gawk at her as she walked by. She is gorgeous after all, and she has those right-sized breasts that aren’t too big. They honestly look like the kind of breasts I would want feeding my kids and thinking about that stuff used to make me so horny.

So she wouldn’t wear a bra, and since she often runs on the cold side, her nips would get really hard. With the thin t-shirts she would wear, it was almost like you could totally see her tits without actually seeing them, if that makes sense. Again, it definitely is an eye-catcher. Guys would check her out like ALL the time.

Despite her beauty, she’s always been a bit on the shy side. It’s absurd given how much guys indicate they obviously would want to fuck her. Even at parties, when she gets drunk, and friends-of-friends were obviously into her, it seemed liked they would try to cop a feel.

For instance, we were once at this ski-house party. She had gotten really drunk on this delicious bourbon this guy Chaz brought over, and I could obviously tell he was into her. But she has always been loyal to me and never considers cheating or anything (even to this day, which is partly what sickens me so much about what I did). He kept coming up and putting his arm around her and telling her he really valued their friendship, but every once in a while, I would see the back of his hand graze her breast (again, with her doing the no-bra-t-shirt thing, and it wasn’t he warmest in this house, so her nips were hard and poking through the material—an obvious turn-on to all guys in the house, and all of them seemed horny). He was obviously doing this intentionally, but she always gives guys the benefit of the doubt, and even giggled a few times when his fingernails would graze over her nipples. I was seeing this and getting frustrated, so I asked her to come over and sit next to me, and that was that.

Anyway, part of me wonders if she likes the attention (I’m sure she does because she was sort of the ugly duckling growing up and didn’t have the highest self-esteem, but now she’s drop dead gorgeous). But like I said, we never consider cheating or even doing anything remotely sexual with anyone else, and have talked about how against it we both are.

So, the years go by. While sex with her has always been nice, it seems like things have kinda fizzled over the past couple years.

I have been getting more sexually despondent over time. Again, I think the problem has been largely with me, because even when I try to jerk off and am looking at really hot porn, sometimes I’ll lose my erection and need to go mentally concentrate to get it to come back. Needless to say, it has affected our sex life as well, because she often doesn’t reach orgasm when we have sex anymore. In fact, I think the last one she had just from intercourse was well over a year and a half ago. So I make up for it by going down on her. But she still seems like she’s lost some attraction to me. Nevertheless, knowing our stance, I never felt unsafe or like she would cheat or anything. It’s just our sexual passion was basically non-existent.

She took out her IUD a while back because we knew we both wanted to have kids and wanted to start trying. But with my bedroom difficulties, we had no success over the couple of years we’ve been trying to conceive.

So fast forward a year or so, and she started working at this new job in sales. She’s not really used to doing that (previously was a marketer), so she had to go on these sales retreats where they’d practice new sales techniques, and she got to know this guy Asher that she worked with. She mentioned he was really cute, but had a girlfriend, Natalia (as though that meant he himself would never cheat on her). I heard about him, and started to become a little suspicious, though she assured me that there was nothing between them, and besides, we are firm in staying faithful. So I relaxed and dropped the subject.

A couple months later, her office had their annual Christmas party, and I got to go meet her coworkers. When she introduced me to this guy that was really handsome and a little bit taller than me, this fear came over me. Sure enough, that was Asher. I kept my eye on him, and it seemed like him and my wife had a little chemistry, as he was flirty with her, and she was definitely responding to it.

Meanwhile, this attractive blonde girl comes up and smiles at me and says “Hi! You must be Rob. I’m Natalia, Asher’s wife!”

When I saw how hot she was, my fears subsided, because Asher must have been totally satisfied by her. We got to talking, and I did a little snooping on their own vows with each other.

She said that while they are committed to remain completely faithful, they have been a little bit open and let the other sometimes go “be part of threesomes, but of course you know, never the sex part!”

So Natalia eventually excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and by that point I was getting pretty tired, so I went looking for my wife to leave. Now again, she was wearing this dress, but with no bra, so naturally, since it was cold out, her tits were rock hard. I come around the corner, and there she is, standing with Asher, smiling and giggling at him.

He reaches up and offers her to taste the wine he was drinking and as he raised his glass to her lips, he lets his fingers graze over her nipple. She gasped in surprise, but looked back up and smiled and giggled as she tasted the red he was drinking.

While I knew she wouldn’t cheat on me, I had about enough of this, and went to retrieve her.

I told him it was nice to meet him, and he said likewise.

We started to leave and as we turned around and were walking toward the elevator, he shouts “Hey Gen! Remember to ask your husband!” She turns around and winked at him, and we continued on her way.

I leaned over to her and said “what the fuck was that about?”, clearly exuding some degree of jealousy.

She rolled her eyes and responds “nothing… I’ll tell you later.”

I was a bit drunk myself, so when we got home that night we both passed out and I forgot all about it.

So a few weeks later, Genny and I were at home watching Devil’s Advocate (which has some really steamy sex scenes), and both of us started to get really horny. I looked over at her and raised my eyebrows to see if she was interested in having sex. She grinned back over at me and exclaimed “let’s go!”

I was so excited, because it had been months since we last had sex, and the last time, I lost my erection during the middle of it and couldn’t get it up again. Which was both humiliating for me, and frustrating for her, as neither of us reached orgasm. In fact I think all of her own orgasms had been self-induced for a long time.

We ran over to the bedroom to capture the heat of the moment, and quickly tore each others’ clothes off. Her nipples were super hard, and her pussy was dripping wet. Genny is the kind of girl that starts getting sopping wet as soon as she thinks about sex. Like seriously seriously wet. You put your hand down there, and it’s like she secretly smeared KY jelly all over her pussy, except it was all from her own vagina.

I was rock hard, and jumped on top of her and dropped my penis into her velvet wet vagina and started pumping. She was clearly in a lot of pleasure and wrapped her legs around me as she sighed and moaned passionately in my ear. Now, for most guys, when they’re horny, this would almost invariably lead to an orgasm. Not me though. I could feel myself getting closer, but then it would subside again and again. I started to fixate on the fact that I couldn’t get myself there, and sure enough, my erection started disappearing.

Within seconds, I was completely soft and my wife was like “… ugh, again?”

I felt so embarrassed, and reminded her I wanted to get myself checked out (you know, to save some face) by a sex therapist.

She nodded along, but I could tell she was frustrated by our non-existent sex life. I felt terrible for her. I started asking her what we could do.

She shyly responded that she didn’t know.

So I asked if perhaps a threesome would be good, and her eyebrows instantly perked up.

She asked me “what do you mean?”

I said, “well perhaps we involve someone else, maybe another girl, and she is there to just go down on you and fondle you and everything.”

She rolled her eyes and was like “well, i’m not really into girls, plus I think that would be more for you, but if it keeps you hard…”

So I asked her if a guy is what she was thinking. She seemed to think for a moment, and I said “but obviously he can’t have sex with you or anything.”

To which she responded “oh no! absolutely not! No, that would make me sick.”

I felt comforted and said “me too. I couldn’t ever watch another guy with you.”

She nodded along and we seemed to be on the same page. So then the topic of who came up next.

I asked her if maybe we should put out a personal ad or something, and she seemed hesitant.

She was like “I don’t know what we’d be getting though, I’d rather go with someone I know.” Surprisingly quickly after that, she said “hey… you remember that guy I work with, Asher?”

My heart dropped a little bit, because I felt like this guy was better looking than me, and probably could keep his dick up like 99% of other men. I said “yeah… does this have to do with what he was asking you about at the Christmas party?”

She snapped her fingers and goes “oh yeah! Yeah, actually that’s right, he did ask me if we wanted any help or were interested in doing stuff with him.”

I said “hmm… well he DEFINITELY can’t have sex with you.”

And we both agreed that penis-in-vagina was definitely off the table with anyone else we involve. So I felt a lot better, and warmed up to the idea. After all, if it made her less frustrated, I could work on my problem on my own, and hopefully keep things alive between us.

So we invited him and Natalia over for a BBQ that weekend. Genny wore a dress with a short skirt and heels, and some sexy underwear, and I was wearing shorts and a polo. As usual, she had no bra on. She looked hot as hell, and I figured it was appropriate given the subject matter we were going to discuss.

We were nervous to break the subject but after a couple beers, things loosened up. We went over to our camping stove and all sat around it in some big adirondack chairs. Genny sat to my left, Asher to my right, and Natalia across from me.

We were all sitting together around our camping stove roasting marshmallows when Genny goes “so Asher… remember that thing we talked about at the Christmas party?”

His eyebrows instantly perked up. He was like “yes… yes, I do.”

Natalia looks over at me, then at Asher then at Genny then back at Asher and was like “what? What did you talk about?”

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Asher looked back at her and goes “you know… ”

Natalia was then like “oh, right I know” and rolled her eyes.

I started getting turned on by the idea of Natalia being there as well because after all she was quite hot too. But when we started talking about it, she indicated she was not interested in any of it (despite her having told me at the Christmas party that she did in fact get involved with that sometimes). I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s because she heard about my sexual problems through the grapevine (which made me feel kindof shitty).

Asher started reassuring us that we would be the ones in control, and everything would be on our terms, which was clearly intended to make me feel better.

Genny seemed to be very excited about the idea, as she crossed one leg, and was bobbing it up and down with this sly smile on her face. I know when she does that, it stimulates her clitoris and she was probably getting some extra pleasure from that. She was gazing over at Asher’s attractive face into his eyes, and he was returning the same longing look to her.

I glanced at her dress and her nipples were rock hard despite it actually being an unseasonably warm early spring day. She uncrossed her legs and sat back, as if to give a full view of her underwear to Asher. I glanced over at Asher and saw him glancing down at her skirt and biting his lip. Who wouldn’t when looking at sexy underwear? When he licked his lip, I glanced back over at Genny and noticed that at some point when she went inside, she removed her underwear.

Her pussy (a beautiful pussy, remember how I described it earlier) was fully exposed and she spread her legs to intentionally make it that way. She sat in the chair so that the sun was shining directly on her, and her dress was short enough that when she sat down, it would slide up, and give a full view to anyone that looked. Picture her gorgeous pussy and beautiful muff staring this guy she has long had chemistry with, teasing his mind and turning him on. What’s more is she had become quite wet, and the inside of her thighs were glistening with her vaginal juices. With the wind blowing, I could practically smell her beautiful aroma, and I think he could too. I glanced back over at him, and saw a bulge growing in his pants.

This quickly started to get to be a bit much for me, and so I glanced back over at Genny and said “wow.”

She noticed me noticing her move, and seemed to feel a little ashamed, so I started making some banal conversation with Natalia sitting across from me.

Natalia quickly finished up her topic and mentioned that she and Asher had to get home to their kid.

Genny mentioned she didn’t even know they had a kid, and so Natalia started talking a bit more about it.

Natalia mentioned they only started trying a year ago, but almost the very first time they had unprotected sex, they trace back to being the time they conceived.

She winked back over at Asher and said “he’s just such a virile man, it didn’t take much for him to knock me up.”

Asher blushed and winked back at her. He then told a brief anecdote of “slipping a couple past the goalie” in his earlier adulthood, but that his girlfriends had both had abortions, so this was his only child.

Natalia mentioned they were going to have a second child next year, so she was back on birth control.

It started getting cold at this point, so the natural break in the conversation led them to stand up and say their goodbyes to us.

I hugged Natalia and shook hands with Asher. Natalia came over and hugged Genny, and then so did Asher. When he did this, I was shocked to see him put his hand down and slide it between my wife’s legs. As he stood back, his hand was wet with her vaginal juices, and he held it up to his nose, sniffed it, and then licked it clean.

I suppose Natalia was used to this kind of stuff as she just rolled her eyes and said “okay Ash, let’s go!”

I kept trying to test Natalia for chemistry that night, but there was virtually nothing. She was just not into me.

Just before leaving, Asher turned around and said “hey… there’s going to be a good basketball game on TV this weekend, and I got some amazing mezcal when I was down in Cancun last month. Do you guys wanna hang out?”

I was already a bit jealous given how fast things quickly progressed, but Genny quickly blurted out “absolutely! What time?”

I started to feel threatened, because here is this virile, attractive guy, with clearly the ability to get an erection propositioning us to come over and “hang out” (I can read between the lines and know exactly what he had in mind), who just got a peep show from my wife, and also had the chance to smell and taste her pussy all in one go.

He responded “game starts at 8, so I’ll see you at 7.”

And Genny immediately responded “yes! See you then!”

After they left, Genny was saying “here’s what we talked about! Now it’s going to happen, and winked at me.”

I felt like I wanted to bring up the fact that she took her underwear off, and then not only showed him her pussy, but let him smell and taste it was making me a little jealous, but I held my gut in and didn’t say anything. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I wasn’t able to please her at all, and also felt like she somewhat deserved to be pleased by another man while we tried to have sex. After all, our ground rules prohibited him from penetrating her, so there was really nothing for me to be worried about, except the remote possibility of her feelings for him developing into something more.

So the weekend rolls around, and that night was the basketball game. I noticed Genny was in a hurry that day to clean up the house, particularly the bedroom, and took a shower and dressed up sexier than I usually see her. She also wore this perfume she wore when we first started going out, back when things were kindof hot between us. For some reason, all of this was making me a little jealous, but I tried to reassure myself that things would be alright. She was wearing a low-cut see-through top with no bra (as usual), which meant that you could see her beautiful breasts right through her shirt when you looked at it (also a new thing-she never revealed her breasts). She also wore a short silver skirt and a pair of platform heels.

When I asked her if she was wearing underwear, she quickly turned around and winked at me and said “nuh uh!” This both worried me and turned me on at the same time.

A few moments later, the doorbell rang, and there was Asher, wearing this tight white t-shirt, a pair of slim-fit jeans, and loosely-tied boots. He had this belt on whose buckle was supposed to be the face of a bull, but looked very much like a swollen dick – I assume that wasn’t a coincidence.

He was carrying this bottle of mezcal and said to me “hey Rob! This mezcal is the best stuff I’ve ever tasted. You guys have to try it!”

I let him in and closed the door behind him, and he too was wearing this cologne that smelled like an absolute stud. Genny was in the kitchen getting some food together and waved over and said “hey Ash!” There wasn’t a lot of chemistry coming from her, so I was feeling a bit more confident.

Asher asked me “hey do you have any glasses for this stuff?”

I asked him how he liked it, on the rocks or neat.

He responded “always neat my friend. Always neat. Trust me.”

So I got three glasses out, and he poured a little liquor into each. Genny came over and we clinked and cheered and swallowed down the delicious smoky liquid. She immediately became flush and pink in the face. Knowing her tolerance is pretty low, I knew she would be feeling a bit buzzed in no time.

I was feeling a bit more relaxed too though, and began talking to Asher about the basketball game.

He mentioned he had some money riding on it, and we began making conversation about gambling and sports.

Genny came back in with a plate of cheese and salami slices, and stumbled a bit, so I could tell she was slightly tipsy. She set the tray down and stood next to us sitting on the couch.

She asked Asher if there was much traffic on the drive over here, and he mentioned there wasn’t.

She speared a piece of cheese and salami on a toothpick and turned around to head back to the kitchen, but being a little discoordinated, dropped her toothpick on the floor. This also didn’t seem quite coincidental, because she bent over, with her skirt slipping up, and with her butt facing Asher, put her pussy on clear display.

She turned around and pulled her skirt back down as if it was a mistake and giggled. She goes “sorry…” and Asher was like “hey no problem” as his eyes followed her back into the kitchen.

Asher started talking to me about what he and Genny had talked about, and mentioned he knew I was having some problems. He expressed his sympathy and reassured me his intentions were good, and he only wanted to be there in any support role he could. He said “hey, I can go down on her while you penetrate. I’m sure it will turn her on a lot and probably make you really hard.”

I reminded him of our ground rules (that he couldn’t put his penis in my wife), and he rolled his eyes and said “well, it’s yours and her rules, so she won’t let me put my cock inside her.”

Worriedly, I said, “well the rules apply to you too, so you can’t put it in her.”

He rolled his eyes again, and just said “fine.”

I asked him “a promise is a promise right? Do you promise? I want to hear you say ‘I Promise’.”

He rolled his eyes again, winked at me and said “sure.”

I was a little intoxicated too, so I thought he was just being a blowhard, but was totally respectful of the rules. So I started warming up to the situation, and realize the booze had gotten the best of me too. I started advancing things way quicker than I should have, because when Genny returned, I asked her if she wanted to go into the bedroom with me and Asher.

She looked at me surprised I was so into it, and glanced over at Asher, who was raising his eyebrows interestedly. She giggled and said “sure”, and he instantly leapt up and followed her into the bedroom. I had to do a double take to realize what just happened, but also realized I was the one who proposed it, and quickly followed them in there.

I was surprised to see her top fully off in the seconds it took me to get there, as Asher started putting his hands on my wife’s torso.

He very visibly had an erection underneath his jeans (and a giant bulge from what I could tell). She turned around with her back to him as he slid his hands up and cupped her breasts.

She seemed SUPER turned on, like more than I feel I ever remember her being with me (except maybe when we first started dating). She arched her back and pressed her butt against his crotch and began grinding against his hard crotch bulge. Because her pussy was so wet, you could see very clear wet marks on the front of his pants.

He quickly ripped his shirt off and pulled her butt and body closer to him and started kissing her neck. She writhed like she was in pure ecstasy.

Watching this, and her flesh against his started making me a little queasy, but I took it as a queue to start getting involved myself.

She glanced over at me and winked and motioned with her finger to come over. So I did, and started kissing her passionately on the mouth while massaging her hair. She didn’t seem to kiss me long though, and pulled away from both of us and stood aside and looked at both of us very sultry. She then licked her finger slowly and reached down over her skirt and put her hand up near her pussy and started rubbing. That ecstasy look returned to her eyes.

Asher looked over at me and raised his eyebrows, and when I looked down at the increasingly large bulge in his crotch, I noticed two things. One: his dick was probably significantly bigger than mine, and two: since she was wearing a short skirt with no underwear, and her pussy gets really wet whenever she is turned on, and she had been grinding against him moments ago, his jeans had a wet spot from her vaginal juices.

Let’s just suffice to say there was a persistent feeling throughout the experience that I was sortof a third wheel and that should have been my red flag to stop things. But I was blinded with wanting to also fulfill my wife sexually, and was enjoying seeing her so turned on again.

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I took off my shirt and began removing my belt. As I did this, Asher unbuttoned his jeans and took them off. He was wearing black briefs, which meant his dick was all the more restrained than I originally thought. She was looking into his eyes as he reached down and started massaging his dick bulge over his briefs and looking back into hers with this sly grin on his face. His erection nearly tore through his briefs as the head of his penis peeked out through the fly hole. I kid you not, the head of his penis was like the size of a golf ball.

I nervously removed my pants and underwear in one quick move, and my dick was hard as hell, and sprung out of my pants. My penis is not the biggest. I’d say probably average of the guys I knew. The head is a little smaller than a ping-pong ball, and I’m only about 4 and a half inches long. When I get hard, my penis stands straight out, perpendicular to my body.

Genny walked over to me, turned her back to me and grabbed my penis and started massaging it and jerking it. Asher, facing us directly and only a few feet away, kept rubbing his bulge, and the bulge only got larger and larger.

Genny started grinding her pussy against my swollen penis. Because she was so wet, and my penis was so hard, it slipped right into her, and she let out a moaning sigh. Her nipples were rock hard as well. I felt proud that he very quickly got to see my penis penetrating my wife, clearly an object of his desire, early on. It felt like I was the winner, the conquerer of my wife. She bent down more to let me into her from a more rear-entry position as she gawked with her mouth open at the growing bulge in Asher’s briefs, and getting her face closer to his cock.

She grabbed the waistband of his briefs, and his cock sprung up out of his pants with a vengeance. As it flung out of his underwear, it bounced up and hit her directly in the face. He apparently was turned on for a while, because his dick head was covered with a significant amount of pre-cum. As she grabbed his cock with one hand, she turned back to me to giggle, and I could see this glistening spot next to her nose where the pre-cum splattered on her face. She giggled at me with this devilish look as she started rubbing her clitoris with her left hand. She grabbed his cock and started jerking it with her right hand, and since she was in front of me, blocking my view, I didn’t actually get a glimpse of it until she started rubbing it around her face. And that’s when I saw it. It had to be at least 8 inches long and almost twice as thick as mine. And unlike mine when it’s erect, his pointed skyward. It was better in every way.

It’s like once she saw that, she knew she had to have him, and my feelings of jealousy started to return. I felt so inadequate knowing I was less than half his size.

Now I know what you’re thinking. If I was feeling so jealous, why didn’t I stop it? I still to this day don’t know. I guess I was turned on and wanted my wife to feel pleasured sexually, and believed our ground rules prevented what would definitely a barrier that once crossed, could never turn back.

I couldn’t escape the jealousy. Although I was the one with my penis inside Genny, I could feel my penis starting to respond to the jealousy as well, and become soft again. It very quickly slipped out of my wife. She felt it too, and quickly glanced back at me as if to say “are you fucking serious?” and rolled her eyes.

She quickly turned her attention back to his magnificent penis and kneeled down fully and put it inside her mouth. She hardly ever sucks my dick.

He closed his eyes and put his head back and appeared to be enjoying the sensation of my wife’s amazing suck job. I would be mortified if he saw my penis becoming soft, so I quickly knelt down behind her, out of view of him, and tried to stimulate it back to life.

He almost seemed to lose attention of me entirely because he put his hands under her arms, and lifted her up. They turned and she flopped onto the edge of the bed as he stood closer and pushed her legs apart. She laid back and spread her legs as he aimed the head of his cock to thrust directly and deep into her pussy. I nearly freaked out and lost my shit because it was like she was posing for him to go inside her.

But she glanced at me and realized I was watching, saw the look on my face, and put her arm down and sat up, as he nestled closer to her. He also knew the ground rules, so he stood up against her as she went back to grabbing his dick and putting it in her mouth. She furiously started blowing this guy like his dick tasted like the best thing she’s ever tasted, and I couldn’t take the jealousy.

I had my hand covering my limp dick, and I felt like such a loser. With her left hand, she reached down and was massaging her enlarged clitoris, rubbing her hand all over her pussy, and sliding her fingers into her vagina. Asher stood with his head back, grunting and sighing in absolute pleasure.

She moved to lay back on the bed, and he climbed up on top of her, straddling her belly, and put his cock up between her gorgeous tits, and slipped the head of his cock back inside her mouth. She continued sucking it, with this longing look in her eyes, staring into his eyes, with a look I’ve never seen her give me.

She was still rubbing her clitoris so I pulled her hand aside and started going down on my wife’s juicy wet vulva. She began moaning heavily as she was still eating his dick. I could tell I was getting her close to orgasm, but she squeezed her legs shut and nearly suffocated me.

I started becoming turned on again. I stood up quickly, spread her legs and put my hardening penis back inside my wife. It felt so amazingly good to feel her velvet vagina wrapped around my penis, even though it wasn’t fully erect. But there it was again. I started going soft. My wife put her hand on my torso with her left hand and just pushed me away. I was rejected and heartbroken. But I was determined to return and fuck my wife.

So I got up, embarrassed to be soft in this situation, and left the room so I could jerk myself and try to get hard again. For the life of me, I couldn’t do it. I spent a minute, nearly two trying to get hard with no luck.

I heard them shifting around in the other room and then her moaning stopped. I’m assuming Genny was wondering where I was.

I stood there listening and heard Asher go “can I try it? Just the tip? It’s no big deal, he’s not going to know. Just for a second…”

Thankfully I heard Genny subsequently respond “no, it’s against the rules.” I was very happy to realize my wife would stay true to her commitment to me, but felt angry he was considering breaching our agreement.

But nonetheless, I was viciously jerking myself so I could re-enter the scene, but simply could not get a boner with which to satisfy my wife.

I heard him going “oh come on, just the tip, please?”

And she responded less resistantly “no… I mean, oh my god it is so big and … AHHH… feels so… you can only rub the tip against my clitoris. ABSOLUTELY NO PENETRATION. I can’t.”

And he would say “come on…”

She responded even less resistantly this time, but whispering “okay… just slip it in for just a second. That won’t count.”

I was mortified and livid that our agreement sounded like it was being broken!

I then heard her gasp and say breathily “oh my god! OHHH MY GOD! YOURE SO BIG!” I had a sick feeling inside me that he had breached her pussy with his enormous magnificent dick, and ran around to see what was happening, my limp dick still in my hand.

And I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was laying back on her back on the bed fully, he was laying over her, and her legs were wrapped around his body. The head of his penis was inside my wife’s vagina, but he pulled it back out to tease her. I watched as he was rubbing his penis head up and down my wife’s vulva. He positioned the tip of his enormous enlarged cock directly over my wife’s closed pussy hole.

And then I saw her flex her pussy and the hole open up. Just as soon, he began to slip through the entrance of my wife’s wet fertile vagina.

I was standing right there yet it’s as though they were completely oblivious to my presence. It’s. It like I disappeared for long, rather that my wife didn’t care that this man’s unprotected penis was inside of her. That his precum was coating the inside of her vaginal folds.

I wanted to say something, to shout “stop!!”, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. I watched it slowly slip an inch deeper as she loudly moaned “OHHHHHH my god!!” He let out this breathily sigh and stopped pushing into her. He began withdrawing and pulled his penis out entirely. Perhaps it was a heat of the moment breach.

I assumed this because once he took it out, he reached down, and grabbed his penis, and rubbed its bulbous head around her labia, back and forth over her swollen clitoris, and up and down her juicy folds. But then again, I saw him position the head of his penis directly over her hole and tease her.

He said “but I can’t this time.”

She just responded with this breathy sigh of disappointment, which really hurt me. I then saw her reach down and grab his dick, and position it back over the entrance of her fertile pussy as she squeezed her legs around his back and began to slowly guide the head of his penis into her vagina again. She squeezed him closer to him with the legs she had wrapped around his body as he started disappearing deeper and deeper into her. First a half inch, then a whole inch, then two inches. She was pulling him even deeper, when he pulled back and withdrew all of his penis except for a little of the head. I could see the back of that bulbous cockhead glistening with her vaginal juices, and still planted firmly inside her love canal. If for some reason he were to come right then, it would squirt right into her fertile vagina.

He said “but I can’t! We’re not supposed to.” She seemed to ponder it briefly and breathily said to him “but I don’t care.” With that, she squeezed her legs around his body and thrust him back into her. This time he disappeared more quickly. I watched as his entire penis slowly disappeared into her inch by inch. I was in shock as I couldn’t believe what was happening. He kept pushing in until he had about a couple inches before his balls. And then I thought I heard her whisper in his ear “I want your cum deep inside me”, but I could have well hallucinated it given how distraught I was feeling. He pushed in the final length as his balls rested against her pussy and his precum-oozing cock head pressing against her fertile cervix.

He started pulling out again, but she grabbed him with her legs and thrust him entirely balls deep again. At that point I lost it.

I finally shouted “THAT’S AGAINST OUR RULES!!” He quickly pulled his penis out and looked back at me horrified, while she looked over at me and dismissively said “it’s okay… he was just trying me out. I respect our rules. It’s not like he was about to cum or anything” and rolled her eyes.

His dick was so hard, and his balls were pulled super-tight against his body, which I know means he’s really turned on and probably close to orgasm with enough stimulation. So in the heat of the moment, I did something I will regret for the rest of my life.

Instead of kicking him out there and confronting my wife about her transgression, I for some reason said “okay… but let me get a condom first.” I quickly darted back out of our bedroom and went to the bathroom where I had a stash of condoms from several years ago before she went on birth control. They weren’t in the drawer I looked in initially, so I had to find them in the back of our bathroom pantry/cabinet. As I was looking for them, I heard her start breathing heavily and moaning a little bit. I hopefully assumed he was going down on her, and yet at the same time, my penis was going soft again. I wanted to go back in there hard, so before turning the corner to go back into the bedroom, I started jerking myself to get hard again.

I then heard him start to moan breathily and grunt. My stomach dropped when I realized he may not have been just going down on her. I immediately went around the corner and saw him with his almost orgasming cock deep inside my wife, BALLS deep. He was doing these short strokes, but again, with his dick head deep inside my wife, which meant like 80-100% of his penis was deep inside her, and his head probably right against her cervix.

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I exclaimed “what the FUCK! I said I was going to grab a condom!” I don’t know how the fuck she didn’t know I meant get a condom for HIM to wear, because she says “OH! FOR HIM!”

She kept writhing around in ecstasy, throwing her head back in pleasure. As she did this, she was fondling his balls and taunting him “yeah, fill me!” He turned around and looked at me and goes “oh shit! Sorry! It’s too late! I’m cumming!” and at that moment, I could see the orgasm explode within his head. His whole body tightened up.

My stomach dropped and panic was setting in, as I realized he was probably ejaculating directly onto my wife’s fertile cervix. And what fucking PISSES me off is that he didn’t pull out right away! He knew she was fertile!

I could see his dick and balls begin pulsing like three or four times as he shot his milky jets of semen all over the inside of my wife’s fertile vagina. He then withdrew his already ejaculating penis which squirted a big load right on her open vaginal hole, up onto her vulva and eventually more on her belly – but only a few drops, confirming that the majority of his load was deposited within my wife. Within her sacred sperm sleeve, to which only I had the right to access!

I couldn’t believe I inadvertently cuckolded myself and nearly wanted to vomit.

She grabbed his dick and jerked the rest of him off, with this sultry absolutely intoxicated look on her face.

He was close to the end of his orgasm as he was panting “I don’t think… I didn’t… I didn’t get it inside her. I didn’t…” There was a few drops of semen on her belly, and her still writhing in ecstasy, reached down and put her hand in it, and rubbed it up against her chest, massaging her breasts, and rubbing it all over herself. She reached down To her pussy and scooped some up and dripped it on her face and in her mouth and on her nose. She took this deep breath through her nose, with the semen all over it and was like “MMMMMM…”

 This again, broke my heart because my semen always seemed to disgust her and make her gag. She even told me several times the smell of semen made her want to vomit. Yet here she was, rubbing HIS semen all over her face and smelling it and licking it up. She even licked her hands off and swallowed! WHAT THE FUCK!

He moved off of her and laid down next to her, His dick coated with a mixture of my wife’s pussy juice and his own sperm-rich semen (like not just on the tip, but ALL over it). I knew in my heart what the reality of that meant.

He goes to me, still panting “I swear… I don’t think I came in her. She won’t be pregnant, I swear. Things just got so hot. It was the heat of the moment man, next thing I knew my penis was back inside her, and she felt so good.”

I looked over at my wife and it’s like this didn’t even phase her. She was still smiling, eyes closed, in absolute pleasure. I almost started to believe it (denial) for a moment that his seed wasn’t in her vagina. I WANTED to believe it, because the sheer chance of another man’s seed inside my beautiful, fertile wife made me heart-wrenchingly sick. I knew there was a strong likelihood she would become pregnant if that were true.

She looked at me, with my dick mostly hard (quickly lost an erection as I watched this horror show happen). And she patronizingly said “come on, let’s get you off.”

As I approached her, I looked down at her vagina, and saw this big white goop of his semen flow out of her. I just about lost it. I go “you DID! YOU DID CUM INSIDE HER!”

He was shaking his head “no”, and was like “no! there’s no way!” As I looked down at her pussy again, another big flow of semen came out. There was like a full three tablespoons that came out of her fertile hole, and down through her crack and over her asshole.

I go “I can see it! It’s right there!” So she reaches down and feels for it, and grabs the bottom of the load that was flowing down over her asshole, and I couldn’t believe what she did next. She pulls it back up, and rubbed it on her clitoris, then SLIDES IT BACK INSIDE HER! I was absolutely losing my mind.

I said “what are you doing?!?!”

She said “what? I’m just really wet.”

I said, “no, that’s his semen!”

And she just shrugs and responds “oh” as she continued sliding it back into her vagina.

She reached down to grab my dick with the other hand, but I couldn’t get hard again.

He got up in the meantime to go clean himself off and I heard him jump in our shower. She could see how heartbroken I was and tried to reassure me that it was just this once, and nothing was going to happen from it.

But I reminded her that I knew it was 11 days after her period started, and she was in the peak of her fertile cycle. She kept going “but it was just once! And he didn’t even release all of his come inside me. It’s going to be fine.” I wanted to believe her, because the reality of what might happen was so absolutely heart-wrenching I couldn’t face it.

I was never able to get hard, so I asked her to get up off the bed so gravity could do it’s trick and remove any semen in her that might still be there.

She looked at me and seemed to be thinking for a few seconds, when she goes “okay… just let me get to orgasm. I’m almost there again.”

I reminded her frustratedly that it sounded like she did orgasm, and twice.

She nodded her head like there was truth to what I was saying, but lifted her pelvis up (meaning gravity was making the cum flow TOWARD her cervix) and started rubbing her clitoris with his cum. I was absolutely disgusted and stormed out of the room.

I forgot he was in the bathroom because the door was locked when I got there, so I came back to the bedroom to grab my boxers. She was on her back with her hips fully in the air, rubbing her pussy and fingering herself with his cum. She started moaning and panting and very quickly reached another orgasm. To put the cherry on the sundae, it occurred to me from watching fertility videos when I was younger that orgasm helps the woman’s chances of pregnancy because it causes the cervix to pulse into the pool of semen that may be waiting there, and suck it in. After about thirty seconds of her muscles completely stiff, she lets out this “ohhhHHHH” and dropped her hips back down onto the bed.

It was like reality just then hit her, and she looked over at me. I was looking back like “Are you fucking kidding me?” And then all of the semen she slid back inside her flowed out in epic fashion, covering her butt cheeks and asshole.

She seemed embarrassed and quickly got up with her hands under her pussy to prevent his cum from dripping everywhere. With the few tablespoons that did immediately fall out of her pussy and onto her cupped hands, she put it in her mouth and with a big slurp, sucked it up and swallowed it down.

She gets up and runs over to the bathroom, and seeing the door locked, knocks. He’s still in the shower mind you, but I hear him reach over and unlock the door, and she goes in and closes the door behind her (but doesn’t lock it). I hear them giggling which started to really piss me off, so I opened the door and looked over at the shower.

The curtain was fully open, and they were passionately kissing each other. She had just lifted one leg up to put it on the side of the tub, and his dick was hard as a rock again, right between her legs, pressed up against her pussy. He started maneuvering like he was going to put it in her again (and much to my fury, so was she, arching her back, trying to make it easy for him). He quickly slipped it all the way inside her again, and began furiously pumping. She flipped her head back in ecstasy and let out this loud moan as she grabbed his hips and pulled him all the way in again, balls deep, and shouted “oh my god I’m cumming again!”.

Asher said “shh! What about Rob?”

She shouted, clearly with now absolute disregard for me, “I don’t give a shot about that limp dick beta! I just want your seed inside me you stud!”

She leaned forward with her beautiful tits against his naked chest and began passionately and animalistically kissing his neck.

Much to my surprise, he began grunting and put his head back, as he grunted “I’m going to cum again!”

She exclaimed, “give it to me! Shoot that hot sperm deep inside me!” as she stuck her belly forward so he would be balls deep again, the tip of his cock directly against her cervix, trapping him against the wall so he couldn’t pull out and risk any of his seed not costing the inside of her.

He grunted loudly “ahhHhHHh I’M CUMMING!!” I watched his dick and balls pulse at least two dozen times as he filled her over a thirty second period. As his dick pulsed, it clearly filled her up entirely because his semen started flowing out of her as he pumped.

At that point, I freaked out and grabbed him and pulled him out of the shower.

Reality snapped back in for both of them, and he turns and waves to me and is like “oh my god… I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” I stood there looking furiously at my wife as she looked back at me completely ashamed.

He quickly ran back to the bedroom without even drying off, threw his clothes on, and was out the front door before I could exit the bathroom.

I was so traumatized by my decision to have a threesome that was supposed to be fun and help MY WIFE AND I become more intimate and close. We had GROUND RULES that he could not penetrate her with his penis, and they not only both broke those rules, but added insult to injury with the almost certain impregnation.

I started pressuring my wife to go get the morning after pill, and she was being incredibly dismissive, saying “it was just once! Nothing is going to happen! Stop freaking out!”

She eventually agreed to get it, and I went to the drugstore with her to pick it up. She told me she couldn’t take it right away because the water was in the car, so we went back to the car and found out her water bottle was empty. She promised she would take it, but it was almost like she kept finding excuses not to over the next couple of days.

Seven days later, I was pissed as hell when I found it still in the packaging, and realized she hadn’t taken it. But I had to hope for the best, and hope that he didn’t impregnate her.

Surely enough, 3 weeks later, my wife wakes up nauseous and runs to the bathroom and vomits. My heart was absolutely sick when I asked her if this was morning sickness. She told me no, that she ate some sketchy ethnic food the day before and thinks she might have a stomach bug. I wanted to believe it. But I knew in my heart she was likely carrying Asher’s baby.

I came back home that night with a pregnancy test, and she took it. Sure enough she was pregnant. And I’m positive it wasn’t mine since I wasn’t able to maintain an erection long enough to deposit my sperm inside of her. We have still had intercourse, but I never came in her. And the timing of her pregnancy goes back to exactly the day we had the threesome. She maintained that it was likely mine, saying that whenever a man’s penis is inside a woman, there is already sperm in his shaft, and it likely leaks out into the vagina (which is why the pullout method doesn’t work). She said it had to be mine because we started fucking first that day. While I knew this to technically be true, it infuriated me again when I pointed out the hypocrisy of HIS letting his penis into her without a condom in the first place, let alone allowing him to orgasm inside her, TWICE. She apparently had nothing to say.

So I had her take a paternity test, and guess what? It’s not mine! I’m furious and heartbroken and feel like I’m not a man anymore. I let another man cuckold me and it’s all my fault.

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