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Hii my name is Raj from Delhi, this story is about me and my wife Salini and how a Decision changed our lives forever. Me and Salini met when I was in Bangalore in a friend’s Marriage, things quickly turned on between us and we started dating and within few months we were Husband and Wife, everything was going fine and we had a wonderful Sex life. She got pregnant and after 9 months she gave birth to our Son. 3 years passed and one day I got a notice from company that I have to shift to Delhi as there are only few employees in Delhi Branch, when I gave Salini the news she was a little hesitant, I saw her little worried at first and thought she was hiding something but when I asked her she said that it’s nothing and everything is fine. I always felt myself lucky that I got a beautiful wife like Salini, she is 5ft 4inches, slim but got a beautiful inborn figure, big tits and huge round shaped ass, fair Skin and very beautiful, after pregnancy she became little bulky and looks like the Perfect Bhabhi which every Guy wants to laid with, I am average around 5ft 8inches,descent physique. After moving to Delhi I got a nice flat from Company and settled there, first few days went simple, one day I took my family to a shopping mall, there we wwre checking dress suddenly Salini told that she need to go to the toilet,

So I took our 2 yr old Son and she went to the washroom, after few times I heared some noise from outside, I saw people were gathering to see some incident, I also went there and Shocked to see Salini standing in a corner and crying, and a Young Handsome Man was beating another Man, I quickly went to her and asked what happened, she told that a Man tried to misbehave with her in the Toilet and this Man has saved her who was beating the Culprit, Police came after some time and the thug was handed to them, I went to the Guy who saved my wife to thank him, his name was Nikhil, he was a Handsome tall Guy, in his 30’s I saw something between him and my wife, their eye contact was indicating something, I thought maybe they knew each other but I ignored that and made friends with Nikhil and invited him to our House.


After reaching home I asked Salini at night that if she knows Nikhil, at first she was hesitant but later she admitted that Indeed they know each other bcoz they were ex lovers, long before our marriage she dated Nikhil and was in a very Passionate relationship with him, he has fucked her many times with or without Condom, but he was very Sex-addict and couldn’t remain loyal to her, he cheated on Salini with her friend that’s why they broke up, After telling this She thought I will become angry but I didn’t bcoz I knew she had relationships before marriage while for me she was the first one, Everyone has past and that should not affect our Present, when I told her this she became so happy and hugged me tightly and we kissed passionately, after two days Nikhil came to our house, I welcomed him and we became good friends within a short time, Salini also joined us, the chemistry between Salini and Nikhil was so good and they were so comfortable talking with each other that I felt like a third person, we had a Drink session, after few pegs I gone high and told them that I need some rest they should continue, so I went to the bedroom to sleep, after sometime I felt Curious that I have left two Ex lovers with each other God knows what will be the situation, so I silently got up and went to the Guest room but stopped outside the room and sneaked from outside to see what’s happening, I did’t saw them so I thought where they are and went inside the Room, there was a small balcony outside the Guest room which remains dark after evening, I heared some noise from there, so I moved slowly and very carefully looked from there, What I saw shocked me so hard that my eyes got popped out, Nikhil was holding Salini very tightly by the waist and was kissing her very hard, she was trying to resist but also reciprocating, Nikhil was kissing her lips, neck and she was moaning and telling,”plz stop it Nikhil I am married now”

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But Nikhil was in no mood of Stopping, rather with his brute strength he removed her saree and proceeded to remove her backless half sleeve blouse, she tried to stop him but he started kissing her again, slowly he went down and started kissing her Navel, she couldn’t control herself and made a loud Moan, getting that opportunity Nikhil opened her blouse and also opened her saya, she was now almost naked only in her Panties, Nikhil now started playing with her Body, he grabbed her boobs and started pressing them furiously while kissing her lips, at that time Salini has totally given herself to her Ex-lover, she was caressing his Hair, encouraging him to do more, then she opened his T-shirt, the rest Nikhil opened himself, I have to tell he is a Hunk with Strong ripped Abs and his Dick was Huge, then he took her Panty and undressed her totally, my Sweet Wife was now standing there naked in front of her Ex, ready to satisfy his Lust.

They hold each other tightly and started smooching Passionately, He starts biting her nipples and she moaned in extreme pleasure, then Salini started kissing his Body, starting from the neck, then chest, then his Abs and at last she sat on her knees and took his Dick inside her mouth, Nikhil moaned in Pleasure, Salini started sucking his Dick very fast, I never knew she was so good in giving head bcoz she has never gave me Blowjob despite My request, but the way she was sucking his Dick hungrily it seems that she is very familiar with that Huge Snake and was waiting for a long time for that, after around 10 minutes of Sucking Nikhil started shivering I realized he was near to his orgasm, he started mouth fucking her furiously and then with a loud groan cummed inside her mouth, She swallowed the whole thing and also squeezed his Dick for the rest, ohh I have never saw such a slutty side of her, then Nikhil make her lie on her back and get ready to fuck her, I was amazed to see that his Dick has already got erect even after cumming just few moments ago, then Nikhil positioned his Shaft on her pussylips, and with one stroke he entered inside her, Salini was moaning in pleasure, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him, encouraging him to fuck her Hard, Excited Nikhil started fucking her Fast, he sucked her Boobs, gave bite marks on her nipples, kissed her while fucking like Superman, gave her 3 orgasms , after almost 40 mins of Fucking he cummed deep inside her, then he got up and layed down on his back to take rest, during their fuck session I also jerked and cummed watching my sweet Wife power-fucked by her Ex, After few time Salinity get up and started riding his Dick, that night they made love for almost 5 times, that was the first time I got Cuckolded, after this what happened I will tell later.

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