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This happened few months back when I was to go to my home town, I mean parental home. My mother in-law and myself with my son live in a four bedroom flat. My husband works abroad. As my father inlaw expied three years back so I decided to stay with my mother in-law. She loves me very much. In our daily routine, we both go to a nearby temple in the morning and evening. By this not only we perform puja in temple but also go for morning and evening walk. We used to sing holy songs inn temple, so most of the people of our society and nearby society know me and my mother in-law.

My mother inlaw informed her close friend that Malti is going out so please send your son here to stay with me for few days. Her friend is a nice lady, I used to call her mausi. Her son, Monu, calls me didi. He has no sister and I have no brother. So, this relation developed. Actually my mom, my mother in-law and Monu’s mother are best friends since school days. All the three families are doing business. Monu was in last year of college and now a days he was free due to vacations.

In the evening Monu came and as it was late and I wanted to reach my town before dark, I gave him all instructions regarding medicines etc of my mother in-law and told him to sleep in my bedroom as other rooms need to be cleaned. We use only two bedrooms, one for me and one for my mother in-law. She used to get up early in the morning and she do not want to disturb my sleep, so she sleep in a different bedroom. I really respect an love her due to this type of attitude.

I left for my town. My one and half year old son was with me. I reached at eight o’clock and called Monu and told him to bring dinner from hotel. But to my surprise, he had prepared dinner. I was happy to know that. Next day I called my mother in-law and she told that Monu is perfect in household works. He prepared breakfast and now he watering the plants. Actually I met Monu after two years and found the surprising changes in him. He was sharp in studies but I came to know now that he is perfect in other works also.
After two days I came back at around nine o’clock.

Monu had prepared dinner and both he and my mother in-law finished their dinner already and kept for me. I thanked Monu. He said, what Malti didi ! please do not say thanks. He told, I am going to my home. I said, no no you can not go today. I could not talked to you that day. I have a lot to talk to you. Stay here tonight and go tomorrow. My mother in-law insisted, ruk ja Monu, teri didi itne pyar se kah rahi hai. At last he cancelled to go.
I took bath and wear a nighty and perform daily puja. Then I went to kitchen. And I was surprised to see that every thing was properly placed and it was neat and clean. I called Monu and asked who did this. He smiled and said, me. I hugged him and said, your wife will be very lucky.
After dinner, I went to my bedroom. Monu said, I will go to other bedroom. I said, no, it is not cleaned and I am so tired that now can not clean it, you sleep here in my bedroom. He agreed.

I looked at him and asked, it seems you have not taken bath. He said, no its okay. I said, better you take bath. His face expressions changed in shame and said, actually Malti didi, I forgot my underwear at home. I smiled and said, it means last two days… He immediately said , I was alone in the bedroom so… I understood and said don’t worry you wear my hubby’s. I searched but could not find anyone. I said Monu you wear my panty, who is there to see ?. He ashamed and said, no no. I laughed and said, you don’t worry, I will not tell anyone and gave him my panty and he went to take bath.

laying on bed, I was thinking how innocent is Monu, he is a nice boy, perfect in all home jobs also. Suddenly it came in my mind, how Monu will be looking in my panty. This thought excited me. I was aroused little bit. Let me tell that I am a tall woman of five feet and eight inches. My friends always called me a fitness freak. I had always been doing exercises to keep me fit. My regular visits to my beauty parlour for body perfection always made me look young and attractive. After a child my butts have came out and became little heavy as compared to two three years back. I am thirty eight inches at bottom and twenty eight inches in the middle. My boobs are thirty four inches. I am thirty seven years old. And a very beautiful woman what others say. My hubby is six feet tall and loves me very much. But as he works abroad, he came here once or twice in a year. Remembering him I became sad and tears came in my eyes. I heard the sound of opening of door of attached bathroom. I immediately wiped away my tears.

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