My First Love- Concluding Part

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Next day after editing everything of Mahek and mother fucker Mir of their beginning of sex till yesterday’s sex shows total compilation of 3hrs.

With original audio just like a movie and the total video was shown to my mother in law and thought that Mahek will be shy for it instead she became very happy and she told that Honey your father in law is totally sex less on the contrary she wants to enjoy her son daily if Honey permits and instead Honey will be sex partner of his father in law if she can ends frigidity of her father in law.

Honey asked my dear sweet Mahek you told that you are a dad fucker, So you just tell the truth then I will come to decision what to do or what not to do. Mahek replied very coolly then I have to start my life history from beginning of my marriage, a full of taboo and Incest fact which you can not accept and may cause your and Mir’s break up. My dear sweet mother in law Mahek, I god promise we two are best friends not Mother in law & Daughter in law but mother and daughter friends.

When I make my Husband to fuck his mom then you should think, I really love you. First I thought I will murder you now I can not live without you. Mahek Told to Honey laughingly please kill me. And they both started laughing.

Your Father in Law is a good person, his name is Rana and myself ,Rana all were brought up in the same family. Rana was five years senior to me and he is my uncle’s son and I have a secret for him when I am only 6 yrs. Old and my Parents also loved him. But when I was 16 yrs. Old and fully grown up lady looking exactly like my mother and my life was changed suddenly. We all three use to sleep in one big bed and seen my parents sex many a night and in one night my father was telling to my mom, we have to prepare our daughter for marriage.

Then mom replied that means you want to fuck your daughter tomorrow night but in return I want to test my nephew i.e would be son in law Rana. They both agreed. Mehek atlast confesed that Mir is his son fathered by his own dad and she has never sex with Rana since his cock was huge monstrous and fatter & bigger than her own dad.her mother was bed partner of Rana and for that they stay separated from rest of the family. On the other hand my sexy mother was totally sexcrazed for Rana’s cock and they have a partial abnormal baby under treatment at Lucknow. He is one year senior to Mir and his name is Lalit.

Actually after the car accident of my parents,myself became very much alone and wanting sex at any cost and it increases to maximum after seeing my son’s cock which is exactly like his and my father.Thank you my daughter Honey and they both started laughing. Now Mehek again started that after this accident,Rana your father in law became frigid and sexless but there is no question of taboo and incest with Rana only problem with his third leg can not play in pussy.

Honey told to Mehek I am sending you the sex video of you and your son to your husband beside drinking and all order I will give you in your blue tooth in the night and incidentally all mobile message is going to Julie and she also got the sex video of Mir and Mehek. Today Honey in the afternoon made all arrangements of CCTV to record everything even in night also.

At about 8’O clock in the evening Mahek entered with one see-through sexy nighty showing her boobs, nipples,cunt croatch totally hairless which has been done by Honey in the morning as Honey has no pussy hair in her croatch. Now after serving drink Mahek hugged Rana and kissed him and told him I have got bed partner,Rana asked eagerly who? Mahek told laughingly my own son Rana astonished and say how it is possible? Mahek answered our living daughter in law has made it possible. Rana told demurely I am only unlucky?

Now Mahek asked do you want to see the video of me and my son Mir. Rana told yes and they started to watch poen fucking video of mother and son with taking drinks slowly.

Honey ordered Mahek to serve dinner at 9.30 PM and dinner completed around 10 PM but drinks continuing. around 10.30PM Honey told to Mehek -make the room completely dark and make Rana totally nude and then you come out of room promising Rana to fuck you after this video show but they will not talk, only action.
Mahek came out at 10.30 PM and Mahek astonished to notice that Honey is prepared with exactly her nighty and perfume and entered Rana’s bedroom. With drinking effect Rana was telling you bastard fucking your own mother and myself will fuck my Daughter in law with full conscious and your full permission.

Honey slowly started to kiss his cock head and then started sucking his cock, Actually when Honey started 69 sex position with Ran then he started sucking Honey’s vagina with playing of clitoris with his tongue and gentle bite by his teeth and his nose in my vagina and he is no more in this world but in my vagina and suddenly myself noticed that the effect of my tongue on his cock which was totally a dry fruit is in state of semi solid of 5 inch and myself continuing sucking his cock with putting my finger in his anal and suddenly his cock sprang up to a 8 inch cobra hissing in front of my eyes. I slowly took my totally overflowed cum vagina and put the cunt in his cock and as I have seen what my mother in law do with my hubby,I took the cowgirl position and started sex and to say truly I was getting much more pleasure than my husband and suddenly the cock burst with jism in my vagina and I also came at the same time and cunt was full of jism of my father in law.I was in this time in fully fertile period to conceive baby.

I kept it as secret between me and my father in law and my mother in law did not know about it,husband was far away from all this.

Next day Honey made total sex video of Her and Rana and told to show it to Rana at night and in the night when Mehek was showing the video to Rana at the same time Honey was showing the same video to Mir and told in Mir’s ear your far more better than you as a sex partner.Mir answered my mother was her dad’s bed partner and my Dad was his mother in law’s bed partner.

From now Honey will be bed partner of his father in law’s and my mom is my bed partner and they both started laughing and told all sexy people are property of this house and staying in the house itself. On the other hand Rana after watching the video inspite of shame became sex crazed and his 10 inch cock sprang up to a bamboo pole and went for raping Mahek and at that moment Honey entered and rescued Mahek instead she was caught by her father in law and fucked her, tearing the bra and panty of Honey and made her like a inverted frog,taking her legs in his shoulders and fucked Honey and Honey cam twice until both released their jism and Mir entered at that moment and told Rana if Honey get pregnant than my baby and if Mehek get pregnant then your baby my father,now you stay happy with Honey and myself with Mehek.
All these are being watched,video by another third person and she is Julie All are thinking what is the justification of Julie in this and she is the Trump Card in this story and can be seen at last.

Now Rana is very happy and they all four will go for their honeymoon and all decided to take only one big room in hotel for their stay which means they want to watch and enjoy sex rather one pair will video it when other is doing the sex. Rana in these days is like a stallion and destroying Honey’s pussy’s frame and tightness, making Honey much more horny for Rana’s cock, now one time Mir asked what you will do once Rana departs with his sex. Then Honey replied Exactly whatever your mother is doing and Rana is becoming young and young day by day.They all four enjoyed their honeymoon and settled in home.

A sex relationship is the best relationship and now Rana is telling to Honey that my Son Lalit staying at Lucknow should be look after by you and Honey told to Rana that I am already pregnant by you and this will be your second child after Lalit. Rana told yes and Lalit is 90 percent normal and should be released from their, I am giving you all documents and password in your mobile and there is an account of Lalit in bank having around Six crore and I am also sending the details but it needs signature and left hand and eyeball verification.

Once Honey got all these she thought something else and what’s app to Mir and both Mir and Honey planned something foul to cheat others.
As Julie got all the messages of Honey in her mobile including the password to release, Julie left for Lucknow and went to that Mistry House where Lalit was staying. Lalit after seeing Julie told to authority in front of Julie that she is my wife and Julie shocked but kept mum and and nodded her head to give affirmation of Lalit and she signed and write wife in the relationship column in the register.

After half an hour departure of Julie along with Lalit, Honey and Mir entered the Mistry Home where Lalit use to stay and they refused to show anything of their register and told his wife came and took him away.

Now Julie was looking like a 23 yrs. fully grown beautiful lady with 5 ft 4 inch height and 34-26-34 vital statistics. Lalit speaks very little. Julie after bringing Lalit to her home, shifted to her newly bought flat which no one knew about as Julie was sure that Honey andir may come at any time. Lalit only order give me this, give me that, message my head, message my leg and in the morning Julie prepared Lalit with a fresh new look by giving him a good bath, shaving and combing her hair to a perfect style. Julie has already purchased branded shoes, a shirt, pant which perfectly fit Lalit. besides all these Julie also prepared a file and went to the bank and after all verification Julie got the money and it was transferred to Julie’s account and beside this Julie got a key of a locker in that bank and took everything in that locker.

Now Julie came back to home with Lalit. Now Julie thought if she wants a life then she has to marry as sex is easily available but not husband and legal child. On the next very date Julie went for court marriage with Lalit.

After marriage Julie was thinking about her sex life and whether it is possible or not. Now it is bath time for Lalit and he called Julie to soap his body and Julie entered bathroom with a nighty and started soaping Lalit and she is also getting totally wet and under nighty she is not wearing bra and panty as a result while she was soaping Lalit her boobs also being brushed by Lalit’s body and now Lalit order Julie to soap his front side and told Julie take out your nighty and Julie became completely nude and Lalit cupped her breasts and nipples, started fondling breasts and sucking her nipples and Julie totally sex charged and once she touched manhood of Lalit,OMG: it is humanguous,A pole with a headlight compare to a egg that is cock head and Julie is shivering in sex and totally soaped his manhood and her Yoni area including labia and started playing with the cock head of Lalit against her vagina and Lalit also sex crazy and put his manhood inside Julie and it touched the cervix and Julie fainted in the arms of Lalit and Lalit took out his rod from Julie’s cunt and the pussy lips are shivering and Julie is coming to sense and Lalit is standing shyly. Julie with laugh hugged and kissed Lalit like a mad and Lalit said I am unware of what happened because I do not know all this. Julie understood that she has got a vergin manhood and told to herself that she will save Lalit at the cost of her life.

In the locker it was found many gold ornaments, all details of Lalit and a will where it is clearly written that Lalit’s son is the only heir of all the property which accumulated to an amount of 89 crore rupees.

Honey became mother of a girl , Mehek did not have any child and Julie became the mother of a son in the month of March. Now Julie has become a part of this family and Lalit does not like other person except Julie and stay in her flat. In this family incest and taboo are permissible so Julie being a very intelligent girl called Honey and Mehek and told them if you people want to do any harm to my small family of Lalite and my son then your video will be auto uploaded to internet but we all will seat together and make pre-marriage arrangement of my son with Honey’s daughter and once they attend 21 will be completed hence niece daughter will be daughter in law for Julie.

Now Julie is happy with Lalit and He is also crazy for Julie’s body and a perfect sex life and on the other hand Honey and Mahek is also happy and all are waiting for the marriage of Honey’s daughter with Lalit’s son and we are waiting for the invitation.

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