Wild night

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One Friday after work my girlfriend said she wanted to do something tonight. It’s been a while since we have done anything since we are saving for a house and our future. I asked what would you like to do, dinner movies?

She said that she wanted to party that’s its been awhile since we’ve danced and had fun. It’s been over a years since we have been to a club so I was in for it. I said I would call a couple of our friends too see if they were in but she said she wanted it to be just us. I was ok with that, we have done it before and had great times.

So I said sure let’s go downtown tonight and see where the night brings us. She agreed. It was time to get ready and we have been already pre drinking enough where we had a little buzz. As I was getting ready she came in the bathroom with the most tight slutty dress I could have ever imagined, but was so sexy on her. Her ass barely covered hole in the stomach area with her belly button ring showing barley covering her titts. She asked how do I look, and I said to be honest, the most sexiest woman alive. She laughed and said I thought you were going to tell me to change. I laughed and said tonight’s another night, I’m allowing things.

We then started kissing and of course led to use having sex. We finished and started putting back on our clothes. She’s started putting on her bra and I told her not tonight. She had no questions just said it looks better without it anyways. As she got back dressed you can noticed her perfect nipples right threw her dress. I told her that it turns me on when she shows them off. She smiled and said well then it will be done. I called a cab earlier and we are now on our way downtown dresses like a little slut. While we were in the cab I kept rubbing her leg getting close to he pussy where she then slowly started kissing my neck.

My cock was getting hard so I grabbed her hand and put in on my cock. She slowly stater rubbing it as I can see the cab driver watching us here and there from the rear view mirror. Her dress was so small that he could see her thong from the mirror.

When I noticed he was able to see I slowly rubbed her pussy. It was crazy because she has never said anything about being this wild. She sometimes dresses a little sluttly but never have we done the while someone was right there. I seen the drives eyes in the mirror watching me rub her pussy so I moved over her underwear and started fingering her. She whispered in my ear, I’m so horney, and he’s watching us. I whispered back, does it turn you on?

She replied, I can fuck you right here. By then it was out time to get out so we payed him and said be back by 1 if you can. He smiled and said 100 percent. We started walking for a bit noticing all the guy are looking my girlfriend up and down like she some model pornstar. As we walked by a couple clubs I remembered that there was a swinger club not to far away. So we started walking that way and were there. I asked her how about here. She said , do you know what this place is? I said yes, but the way today’s going I feel like here will be fun. She laughed and said ya I could be. So we went in and this is both our first time at a stingers club.

When we got in it actually looked like a night club just with a lot more men. There were other couples and women too but way more men. We went to the bar, so many guys looking at my girlfriend was actually turning me on. We ordered drinks and right away 3 guys all friends came to introduce themselves. They wanted to pay for our drinks but my girlfriend said it was OK thanks. They asked us what we were doing here and we told them just to see what it was about. I noticed one guy kept getting really close to my girlfriend as I was speaking to the other guy. He was talking to her with his body literally up against her. She then came to me and the bought us a round and we said we wanted to go for a walk. She said that he told her he wants to meet her in the rooms upstairs.

She was saying it with a little shy smile. We went for a walk seen that the had glory holes a hall that led to rooms for people to have sex and another room we didn’t go to because you needed to be naked. So we walked bake to the bar grabbed a few more drinks and more and more guys came up to us. I think every guy there wanted my girlfriend as she was the hottest and youngest one there at 24. We were dancing and very drunk and started making out on the dance floor just like the cab ride. Her getting all wet me touching her pussy while everybody is there.

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