Wild night

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My dick was so right now that I didn't care what she did it was turning me on knowing she wanted to these guys. She then kneeled down and started sucking one of there dicks. Then another and another until she had one in her mouth and one in each hand. I pulled my out stroking it while she sucks these guys cocks and stares right at me. She kept going till finally all three guys came. She was so happy got up kissed me and said let's go home.

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We got outside and who do we see? The same cab driver. We went to him right away and told him where you picked us up. Right away we started kissing and rubbing each other.

I then pulled down her dress showing her beautiful titts and fingering her . He told us the ride is free for us if he can jerk off while he drives us. We had a good 20 mins till we get home. I told him I'm pretty sure she won't mind doing that for you as he smiled said really. Of course she was so horny she said yes. She leaned over the arm rest and pulled it out for him and started jerking him off. I then pushed her up a bit more so I could get behind her and fuck her from the back. Her head was now so close to his dick I grabbed her head and told her to suck his cock.

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With no questions asked her mouth opened wide and started sucking his dick. He told her to stop because he could t drive so we told him to pull over. He parked on a side street and the my girlfriend right away leaning over to suck his dick. The cab driver cummed and then I cummed in her pussy. He drove us home and the rude was free.

My girlfriend said she loved tonight and wouldn't mind doing it again. We now do this twice a year

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