Story for Kitty 🐈

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I walk into what I thought is your dorm room and notice an attractive little slut; I can hear she is on the phone to her bf as she says I love you and speak to you later babe

I cough and go excuse me I think you have the wrong room

You then turn around and go, well look around you and do you recognise anything???

Excuse me no need to be rude you little slut!

Don’t call me a slut kitty says back! I have a boyfriend

Well, you haven’t asked me to leave yet have you!

I approach you and then pick you up by your hair

Well, your bf is not here right now so im going to have some fun

You shout back and say NO I love my boyfriend

I then turn you around and slaps your arse hard that you can hear it echo in your dorm room I then rip down your pants and knickers

How about I Slap your face and slap your pussy until you say yes!

I then push you against the wall and then grab your head and pushes you on to your knees

I then get my fat chocolate cock out and force it in your mouth until it hits the back of your throat

I start fuck your Whore little mouth until you wriggle around like a worm gasping for air

You try to push me away however because im stronger than you I push it back in your mouth

Please stop I have a bf, you muffle as my cock is slamming the back of your throat

I Ignore your cry and then watch all the spit drip down from your mouth over my cock over and down it goes from your tits to your tight little pussy

Show me your whore mouth you pathetic little slut, You don’t have a bf anymore when daddy is going to is around, do you understand?

No no, you say trying to gasp for air

Do you understand? I say again, but you stay silent, and whimper

I then grab you by the neck and push you against the wall. I then spread your legs with my feet.

I Come closer to your ear

Do as your fucking told, you stupid little whore

I still have my hands around your neck


I slap those tits hard

I then get my other hand and pushes it down your throat and until you get my hand soaking wet

Please why are you doing this I love my boyfriend,

Well you shouldn’t of been rude to a stranger who got lost should you, so stfu and listen to me!

I then grab your phone and puts on a tripod and call your bf

Ring ring ring

Hello princess. Why are you naked, are we going to have a video session

Stfu boy I say, Your little princess is going to be my whore now, ahahah

I Walk back over to the wall and turn you around. I Grab your hair and push you down so your bent over and head is resting on the wall

I then turn back to the video call and say

If you think you’re going to hang u. Don’t bother

You plead me to hang up the call to your bf

I then smack your arse and then spread your cheeks. You don’t not tell me what to do my little slut

I then spit in your tight little arse hole and push my fat chocolate cock in

Aahhh you scream out, not my arse, please, im a virgin there!

I then look back at the video call

Do you you see this boy as I look into the video chat

This tiny arsehole belongs to me

Please no I was going to give that to my boyfriend tonight

Stfu you whore I don’t care your body belongs to me

I grab your hair and pull your head back and Slap you across the face

Don’t worry ill be gentle, as I smirk back on to the video call

The bf speaks out, why why are you doing this

STFU wuss, your girl is being rude so she is mine to use and abuse as I please.

I pound harder and faster, your tight little arse hole now swallows my entire fat chocolate cock

Kitty Kitty kitty why is this happening, your bf screams over the video call

Baby stop calling out my name he seems to be, mmmmmmmmm fucking , mmmmmmmmm me harder, you shout and moan back to your bf

That’s right, keep speaking boy and ill fucker her good! Can you see she seems to like it, her moans don’t lie! Your little princess is now my little cum slut

I will come and go as I please now.

I pound harder and faster making you moan out daddy


Im sorry bf it just came out

I then grab the phone from the tripod And take my cock out your tight arse, I then zoom in for your bf to see that gape


I slap your arse hard which leaves a massive hand print

Your little girl is mine down do you understand I say down the video call

I laugh down the phone as I see your bf starts to cry

Stfu bitch. You ain’t the one getting fucked up the arse!! and you don’t see your princess crying, She loves it, ahahaha

You then try to grab the phone out my hand to end the video call

Bitch grab that phone again and I’ll choke you out, you understand,

You reply back, please no!

I then pick you up and throw you over my shoulder and with 1 hand and spank your arse until you scream in pain

Don’t you dare try to grab the phone and ok,

I look face to face with your bf over the voice call and say I’m going to breed your little princess

Please no im not on birth control

Bitch stfu, You got daddy now, Daddy will take good care of you! Your bf is a little wuss, He is watching you get fucked by an older man! And I think he enjoys it as he is still watching

I then through you onto the bed and you start to crawl to the edge to get away from me

I get the phone and tripod and make sure your bf has a good view of me fucking you

I then get onto the bed and grab your legs and pull your back to wards the middle of the bed so your bf has 1st row seat to the main event

I laugh again I grab your throat and squeeze and spit in your face, I then rub it all over your face

Now lay down like a good little whore you are!

You tried to cover your face with your hand so I grab it and pin it over your head

I get my other hand and slap those tits so hard it sounds like a thunder storm is outside

I then grab your mouth open and I get close to your face and spit in your mouth

I then put my hand over your mouth so you can swallow it

You start to moan, mmmmmmmmm

I get the camera and tell your bf.

Well it seem she likes it, don’t you think?

I grab both your legs and put them behind your head

Stop moving you dumb fucking whore im going to fuck you now


I slap you face

You moan, mmmmmm

I slap again put my hand in your mouth.

You start to suck on my fingers as I push them in and out

You start to gargle and choke!

That’s right bitch You are mine now

I grab my fat Chocolate cock


I slap your pussy

Each slap makes you moan louder

Please sir, use a condom, I don’t want to get pregnant

Haha do you think I just have one

There there there, is one in the draw

I gnore it and slap your pussy again! I then notice you have your vibrator on your bed but you don’t notice me ttake it

I push my fat cock inside of you

You scream, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I turn to the video call

Do you seen this wuss boy, I’m fucking your girl, I let of a smirk

Both you legs are still behind your head and I push my entire length inside of you and hold.

I then start to pound up and down and you can hear the claps of my balls hitting your pussy

Slap slap slap slap

Each slap you moan out, aaaaaaaaaa please, oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm but im not on the pill you say

I then start to fuck you harder and faster and then slap your face so hard you start to cry

I don’t care if you’re not on the pill I’m going to make you my little breedable whore, Understand

Slap face again

I then grab the vibrator and shove it in your arse and set it to High intensity and leave it lodged in

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can hear it go

Ooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You moan as the vibrator hits you good!

I pound your whore pussy harder, Faster at the same time.

That’s right bitch, both your holes are filled now

You start to squirt, and get some on the phone so i wipe off

Hey wuss, I bet you can’t satisft your girl like I can

Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm you still moan with every thrust I do, my cock hits you deeper and deeper

I fuck you through your squirt and your body wriggles around like a worm

You start to orgasms but I slap your face and stop you from enjoying it!

Stfu whore didn’t ask for you to cum

I then slap your tits again

That’s my good little girl, enjoy my fat chocolate cock pounding your tight little pussy!

I grab your waist with both of my hands now and then pound harder and Faster

Ooooooooo that it please please please,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You shout back

Good girl. Your my little fuck toy now

Each thrust makes my cock hit deepr

Eurrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrdrd you mumble as your eyes roll back


I groan

I hold tight onto your waist and cum deep inside of you

Your body wriggles around as you can feel the warmth of my cum oozing inside of you

Did you cum in side of me, mmmmmmm please no, mmmmmmmmmmm as you still wriggle around in ecstasy.

I Ignore you and I hold my position and grab the phone again so you bf can see the art work I just created

Guess what wuss boy, Your little slut has taken my load Ahahahah

I then slowly take my cock out and put the camera to your pussy

Plop your pussy makes and my cum starts to cum out!

So I grab my cock and push the cum back in

Nope, You’re going back in boy, breed this little slut

I fuck you harder and you scream out and shake your body as you orgasm.

Your pussy is a mess with my big load and your cream

I then take my cock out and its covered with my cum and your cream

I pick up the phone and walk around the bed and get you to suck my cock covered in my cum and your cream

You grab my cock with a sexy look in your eyes and you start to suck on my cock

Mmmmmmmmmmm this tastes so good daddy

I stroke your hair and tell you that you done a good job

Your bf breaks down and hangs up the video call

You see my little whore, your bf doesn’t care about you, he watched you get fucked by a chocolate daddy

I then collapse on to the bed on to my back, I then lock eyes with you as you turn around to see what I am done


I tap my chest

You nod your head and then rest your head on to my chest and listen to my heart beat

I stroke your head and hair and whisper you are my little princess now. You done my proud today. Good job! I LOVE YOU!!!!

You start to cry and I wipe away your tears

It’s all going to be fine baby girl, I got you now


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