Story for Kitty 🐈

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I walk into what I thought is your dorm room and notice an attractive little slut; I can hear she is on the phone to her bf as she says I you and speak to you later babe

I cough and go excuse me I think you have the wrong room

You then turn around and go, well look around you and do you recognise anything???

Excuse me no need to be rude you little slut!

Don't call me a slut kitty says back! I have a boyfriend

Well, you haven't asked me to leave yet have you!

I approach you and then pick you up by your hair

Well, your bf is not here right now so im going to have some fun

You shout back and say NO I love my boyfriend

I then turn you around and slaps your arse that you can hear it echo in your dorm room I then rip down your pants and knickers

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How about I Slap your face and slap your pussy until you say yes!

I then push you against the wall and then grab your head and pushes you on to your knees

I then get my fat chocolate out and force it in your mouth until it hits the back of your

I start your Whore little mouth until you wriggle around like a worm gasping for air

You try to push me away however because im stronger than you I push it back in your mouth

Please stop I have a bf, you muffle as my cock is slamming the back of your throat

I Ignore your cry and then watch all the spit drip down from your mouth over my cock over and down it goes from your to your tight little pussy

Show me your whore mouth you pathetic little slut, You don't have a bf anymore when is going to is around, do you understand?

No no, you say trying to gasp for air

Do you understand? I say again, but you stay silent, and whimper

I then grab you by the neck and push you against the wall. I then spread your legs with my feet.

I Come closer to your ear

Do as your fucking told, you stupid little whore

I still have my hands around your neck


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I slap those tits hard

I then get my other hand and pushes it down your throat and until you get my hand soaking wet

Please why are you doing this I love my boyfriend,

Well you shouldn't of been rude to a who got lost should you, so stfu and listen to me!

I then grab your phone and puts on a tripod and call your bf

Ring ring ring

Hello princess. Why are you naked, are we going to have a video session

Stfu boy I say, Your little princess is going to be my whore now, ahahah

I Walk back over to the wall and turn you around. I Grab your hair and push you down so your bent over and head is resting on the wall

I then turn back to the video call and say

If you think you're going to hang u. Don't bother

You plead me to hang up the call to your bf

I then smack your arse and then spread your cheeks. You don't not tell me what to do my little slut

I then spit in your tight little arse hole and push my fat chocolate cock in

Aahhh you scream out, not my arse, please, im a virgin there!

I then look back at the video call

Do you you see this boy as I look into the

This tiny arsehole belongs to me

Please no I was going to give that to my boyfriend tonight

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