Story for Kitty 🐈

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You start to gargle and choke!

That's right bitch You are mine now

I grab my fat Chocolate cock


I slap your

Each slap makes you moan louder

Please sir, use a condom, I don't want to get pregnant

Haha do you think I just have one

There there there, is one in the draw

I gnore it and slap your pussy again! I then notice you have your vibrator on your bed but you don't notice me ttake it

I push my fat cock inside of you

You scream, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I turn to the video call

Do you seen this wuss boy, I'm fucking your , I let of a smirk

Both you legs are still behind your head and I push my entire length inside of you and hold.

I then start to pound up and down and you can hear the claps of my balls hitting your pussy

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Slap slap slap slap

Each slap you moan out, aaaaaaaaaa please, oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm but im not on the pill you say

I then start to fuck you harder and faster and then slap your face so hard you start to cry

I don't care if you're not on the pill I'm going to make you my little breedable whore, Understand

Slap face again

I then grab the vibrator and shove it in your arse and set it to High intensity and leave it lodged in

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can hear it go

Ooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You moan as the vibrator hits you good!

I pound your whore pussy harder, Faster at the same time.

That's right bitch, both your holes are filled now

You start to squirt, and get some on the phone so i wipe off

Hey wuss, I bet you can't satisft your girl like I can

Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm you still moan with every thrust I do, my cock hits you deeper and deeper

I fuck you through your squirt and your wriggles around like a worm

You start to but I slap your face and stop you from enjoying it!

Stfu whore didn't ask for you to cum

I then slap your again

That's my good little girl, enjoy my fat chocolate cock pounding your tight little pussy!

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I grab your waist with both of my hands now and then pound harder and Faster

Ooooooooo that it please please please,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You shout back

. Your my little fuck toy now

Each thrust makes my cock hit deepr

Eurrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrdrd you mumble as your eyes roll back


I groan

I hold tight onto your waist and cum deep inside of you

Your body wriggles around as you can feel the warmth of my cum oozing inside of you

Did you cum in side of me, mmmmmmm please no, mmmmmmmmmmm as you still wriggle around in ecstasy.

I Ignore you and I hold my position and grab the phone again so you bf can see the art work I just created

Guess what wuss boy, Your little slut has taken my load Ahahahah

I then slowly take my cock out and put the camera to your pussy

Plop your pussy makes and my cum starts to cum out!

So I grab my cock and push the cum back in

Nope, You're going back in boy, breed this little slut

I fuck you harder and you scream out and shake your body as you .

Your pussy is a mess with my big load and your cream

I then take my cock out and its covered with my cum and your cream

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