Story for Kitty 🐈

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I pick up the phone and walk around the bed and get you to suck my covered in my and your cream

You grab my cock with a look in your eyes and you start to suck on my cock

Mmmmmmmmmmm this tastes so good

I stroke your hair and tell you that you done a good job

Your bf breaks down and hangs up the video call

You see my little , your bf doesn't care about you, he watched you get fucked by a chocolate daddy

Sex stories:   Pure town mein chudwaya (read on your own risk)

I then collapse on to the bed on to my back, I then lock eyes with you as you turn around to see what I am done


I tap my chest

You nod your head and then rest your head on to my chest and listen to my heart beat

I stroke your head and hair and whisper you are my little princess now. You done my proud today. Good job! I LOVE YOU!!!!

You start to cry and I wipe away your tears

It's all going to be fine , I got you now


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