Story for Kitty 🐈

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Stfu you whore I don't care your body belongs to me

I grab your hair and pull your head back and Slap you across the face

Don't worry ill be gentle, as I smirk back on to the video call

The bf speaks out, why why are you doing this

STFU wuss, your is being rude so she is mine to use and abuse as I please.

I pound harder and faster, your tight little arse hole now swallows my entire fat chocolate

Kitty Kitty kitty why is this happening, your bf screams over the video call

Baby stop calling out my name he seems to be, mmmmmmmmm fucking , mmmmmmmmm me harder, you shout and moan back to your bf

That's right, keep speaking boy and ill fucker her good! Can you see she seems to like it, her moans don't lie! Your little princess is now my little cum slut

I will come and go as I please now.

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I pound harder and faster making you moan out


Im sorry bf it just came out

I then grab the phone from the tripod And take my cock out your tight arse, I then zoom in for your bf to see that gape


I slap your arse hard which leaves a massive hand print

Your little girl is mine down do you understand I say down the video call

I laugh down the phone as I see your bf starts to cry

Stfu . You ain't the one getting fucked up the arse!! and you don't see your princess crying, She loves it, ahahaha

You then try to grab the phone out my hand to end the video call

Bitch grab that phone again and I'll choke you out, you understand,

You reply back, please no!

I then pick you up and throw you over my shoulder and with 1 hand and your arse until you scream in pain

Don't you dare try to grab the phone and ok,

I look face to face with your bf over the voice call and say I'm going to breed your little princess

Please no im not on birth control

Bitch stfu, You got daddy now, Daddy will take good care of you! Your bf is a little wuss, He is watching you get fucked by an ! And I think he enjoys it as he is still watching

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I then through you onto the bed and you start to crawl to the edge to get away from me

I get the phone and tripod and make sure your bf has a good view of me fucking you

I then get onto the bed and grab your legs and pull your back to wards the middle of the bed so your bf has 1st row seat to the main event

I laugh again I grab your and squeeze and spit in your face, I then rub it all over your face

Now lay down like a good little whore you are!

You tried to cover your face with your hand so I grab it and pin it over your head

I get my other hand and slap those so hard it sounds like a thunder storm is outside

I then grab your mouth open and I get close to your face and spit in your mouth

I then put my hand over your mouth so you can swallow it

You start to moan, mmmmmmmmm

I get the camera and tell your bf.

Well it seem she likes it, don't you think?

I grab both your legs and put them behind your head

Stop moving you dumb fucking whore im going to you now


I slap you face

You moan, mmmmmm

I slap again put my hand in your mouth.

You start to suck on my fingers as I push them in and out

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