Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

Cynthia was euphoric for many reasons as she knelt on the carpet. Her ring and middle finger were drenched in her pussy juices as she circled the lips of her sex repeatedly, a jolt of pleasure flooded her mind with every pass.

I’m so glad Ben’s bedroom is in the basement, she thought. He gets so few intruders like me that he is willing to jack off in his room with the door cracked open.

Cynthia was hidden in the darkness just outside Ben’s bedroom cracked door. A familiar enough spot she had been in over the years. The stairs were right beside his door as well, Cynthia would sometimes sneak away from her best friend, Brittany just to quietly go down stairs and sit there listening to Ben play video games or talk on the phone. She wasn’t exactly sure when she began her infatuation with Brittany’s little brother, but she knew now it was more than just a phase. She was in love.

Ben wasn’t Brittany’s real little brother, of course, their parents married a few years back so it was more like a new guy friend had found their way into their group of friends. He was awkward at first, but as the years went on Cynthia began to find herself yearning for Ben’s calming presence when she was away from him. At first she thought it was a sign to hangout with Brittany more but Cynthia was already at her house everyday to avoid her own broken and unstable home. Her father used to beat her and her older brother until he died of a heart attack. Cynthia’s older brother had been locked up for dealing drugs for years now, and her mom spent more time than not drunk and passed out on the couch of their apartment. Brittany’s rich stepfather’s house was an oasis of normality, but Ben, more than that, was one of the few men that was respectful in her life and treated her like a lady.

It was partially her fault, Cynthia knew, but the rest was men’s doing. So many of them were dogs. And not cute, fluffy, lovable dogs, but wild untamed strays that trot around looking for something to hump or fight and that’s all. She rewarded the behavior, though. Encouraged even. Ever since her body had developed into the luscious curvy yet trim body she had now, all the men flocked to her. Sexually, she quickly found her attraction, in some sick twisted-Freudian mishap, that she was attracted to the bad treatment.

In bed, Cynthia loved the hair pulling, ass slapping, choking, and dirty talk.she could explain it, all she knew was the treatment made her cum faster and harder than anything. The only problem was, of course, the same men would of course be a piece of shit in everyday life, as well. Brittany would often ask why Cynthia dated such assholes and why she didn’t find a nice guy…

Maybe I have…

Cynthia plunged her two fingers into her pussy that slurped wet sounds with every fuck of her fingers. A sound that made her freeze, concerned he might hear it. But the headphone he had on and the porn he watched must’ve drowned out the sound she made. Ben was now 18 years old which meant he finally was legally looking at porn, not that Cynthia was much older at 19 years old. She couldn’t see the video he watched but she saw the shadow on the monitor of a large breasted woman riding a large man.

Cynthia chewed on her lip as her eyes darted between Ben’s face and his long cock. She tried to match her fingers fucking her pussy to the strokes of his shaft. As if every stroke of his shaft was him pumping it inside her pussy. She had longed to be fucked by Ben for some time now. It was an off the wall fantasy at one point but now it was a desire she needed. She must have him. The thought of his cock exploding inside her pussy. Shooting his sticky cum deep inside her.

Cynthia’s fingers vibrated on her clit over and over as her eyes rolled back into her skull and the pleasure overcame her. She orgasmed three times before Ben finally shot his load into a clump of tissues in his palm. Cynthia heard the moans explode from the porno when Ben accidentally disconnected his headset. The big breasted woman cried out fakely, “Oh, yes, son! Fuck your stepmommy right in her pussy!”

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