Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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Sharon felt Ben’s body stiffen as they hugged. Pulling back, she saw him staring at something behind her, instinctively, she pulled a cover up over her chest as she turned around. In the doorway of Ben’s room was Cynthia, Brittany’s best friend since kindergarten. Cynthia stood in the dark room completely naked as she smirked confidently at the pair of them caught in such a compromising position.

“Cynthia!” Sharon tried to exclaim while scrambling to grab her white robe tossed on the floor and tie the sash closed around her naked body. “What are you doing down here?! You’re not- we agreed… where are your clothes?” Sharon was off kilter in this very complicated, very messy situation, and wasn’t sure if she should act like a mother, her son’s lover, or friend.

“They’re around the corner,” Cynthia simply said, with her hands on her hips. “I thought maybe I could help.”

“Help with what?” Ben asked, pulling the covers over his body higher than Sharon had.

“With you, silly,” Cynthia said, stepping into the room.

Sharon could see and hear the uncomfortableness in Ben’s movement and voice. The poor boy was so introverted that having two naked women in his bedroom was probably too much socializing for him. Sharon wasn’t pleased that Cynthia had ruined her plans for this evening. The control she had and the dynamic she created with Ben was changed completely by Cynthia’s presence.

Sharon had known Cynthia since she was a child which made this moment even stranger for her. Not that jacking off her 18 year old stepson didn’t push her to her limits of comforts, but she had only known him a couple years and had always seen the way he stared at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. He had also grown into being quite the attractive man. Though still more than a decade younger than him, she saw no long lasting harm in sharing her body and sexual wisdom with him if it meant boosting his confidence.

Cynthia on the other hand was a 20 year old woman- a gorgeous woman at that. Blond hair that reached down to the small of her back, beautiful big green eyes, and a curvy but fit hourglass figure.

Ben was probably throbbing again already underneath the covers just from looking at her.

Sharon wasn’t sure what Cynthia had a specific change to their plan in mind but her coming downstairs definitely wasn’t in the original. She thought about leaving and even moved for the door a step or two but was halted, first by Cynthia’s gaze. It was a leering look filled with tease and seductiveness. She was very familiar with the look. Sharon, who was an avid dresser in skimpy, low cut tops, had collected her fair share of admirers in her life- though, all from a distance. Something Sharon had difficulty with was selecting the trusted one to go to the next step with her. A set back that had been detrimental to her love life over the last years.

One thing she was not used to was seeing the familiar look of seduction aimed at her from a woman. A naked woman who was half her age and naked, too.

“I’ll give you guys some-” Sharon started but was beckoned over to the bed by Cynthia swiftly with a nod of her head telling Sharon to stay and not to go.

Sharon followed Cynthia over to the bed. “Hey, Ben, how’s it going?” Cynthia asked.

Ben looked up at her with shifty eyes, “good… you’re um… naked…” Cynthia tore the covers free Ben’s lap revealing his while thighs and limp cock between his legs.

“So are you,” Cynthia said with a hooked smirk. Ben scrambled to cover himself but with a slap of his hand, Cynthia knocked his hands away. “Nuh uh, you don’t get to touch,” she said, lowering to her knees and patting the front of the bed, signaling for him to scoot forward towards her.

With an unsure look on his face, almost humiliated, Ben moved to the edge of the bed with his shoulders sunken and eyes averted from Cynthia’s swaying breasts. Sharon moved behind the young woman, crossing her arms. She wasn’t sure what Cynthia had planned but she didn’t like how emasculated Ben appeared. This wasn’t the plan.

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