Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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Angela slid her panties and gray yoga pants down and had one of her legs free from the waistband when Ben abruptly turned her around and pushed her over his desk. Angela yelped as she caught herself with her hands on the edge of the desk and giggled some as she stumbled to stay on her feet. Her giggles worried Ben. Was she laughing at me? Am I being ridiculous?

Ben pushed through. Fake it till you make it. He guided his shaft to Angela's pussy and pierced her dripping wet lips with his swollen head. “Ahhohhh…” Angela moaned as she hung her head low. Ben was about to slam his cock inside her- this being the he had ever a woman doggy style, but then he remembered what Sharon had said. Slow at first. Steady and gentle.

Slowly, he pushed every inch of his shaft inside her. Feeling her warmth and heat engulf him bit by bit. Ben's naked stepsister flipped her head along with her hair back with a moan and whined, “oh god, don't tease me. me harder!”

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“No,” the word came out of him as if someone said it. “I'll fuck you the way I say.”

“Mmmmmugh,” Angela whined a moan of protest as combed her long brown hair over her shoulder with her hand. Ben grabbed her shoulder with one hand and smacked her thick, fat cheek with one hand as he pressed his shaft completely inside her. “Ohhh yeah…”

Pulling out he slowly pushed back inside, seeing and feeling the eagerness of her ass pressing back against him. Twice more he smacked her ass cheek. “Ohhh ya, baby , smack that fucking ass!”

With slow forceful thrusts, Ben bucked his hips penetrating her pussy several times with his flexing shaft as she growled and whined for more. It was when her begging moans peaked and became near unbearable sounding that Ben's hand clasped tightly on her shoulder and her hips as he began to fuck his older stepsister harder.

“Oh god yes, yes, yes! Ohhh ,” Angela demanded. Ben's cock pounded inside her pussy at a , steady pace. The clapping of their bodies filled the basement room as Angela struggled to grip the desk. “Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh oh god- don't stop!” Angela moaned.

Ben was so focused on keeping them upright and gripping her body he could truly appreciate how hot the moment was. His curvy 's body- her thick thighs, fat ass, and plump breasts bouncing and jiggling with every hard thrust.

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“Ohm meh gawdyes!” Angela suddenly gasped in a desperate cry. Her head tucked down in concentration. “Oh godimcumming!” Her words came out together in a guttural groan. When Ben kept on fucking her at the same hard steady pace Angela went silent as her upper body collapsed against his desk. Her breasts flat against the table top, her back arched so her ass pointed back at him.

“Ohmygod! Yes! Yes! Jesus Christ!” Angela grunted through grinded teeth. What surprised Ben more than Angela, he thought, was that he didn't . After rebounding so quickly after having with Sharon it seemed his stamina had improved.

A thin layer of sweat formed on Ben's brow and chest as he pounded Angela's pussy raw. His flexing shaft was stiff and filled her up with each thrust. His breaths and moans were ragged and animalistic. Angela's legs were feeble and weary. Ben's hand gripped a fist full of Angela's hair as he pulled back slowly craning her neck back and arching her back for him.

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