Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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None of the kids had left their bedrooms yet, but Sharon could hear them stirring in their rooms. She had a twinge of anxiety chomping at her from the inside. She hadn't spoken to Cynthia since she had fingered Sharon to - nor had she spoken to Brittany since she allowed her best friend to finger her to orgasm. And Sharon hadn't spoken to Ben either since he came in and on her mouth last . After the shockingly delightful experience, Cynthia left the room, gathering her clothes at the foot of the stairs, and Sharon left soon behind her, wiping her chin.

It was a strange experience. The vulnerability mixed with the control she felt. It was a surge of arousal after years of no sexual contact with another man. Sharon wasn't sure what to think or how to feel. Her 's feet jogging up from the downstairs made Sharon's anxiety spike. Her hands went cold and she felt a sting of sweat on the back of her neck as the nervousness set in.

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What do I say to him? Do I act normal? I made breakfast as normal so I have to act normal. What is he asks- or apologizes… What if he wants to talk about last night? Just act in control. Like it's all part of the plan.

Ben topped the stairs at the entryway to the kitchen and opened the door. His eyes met Sharon's and immediately darted to the ground and back up to her, “hey,” he said.

“Hey hun, how'd you sleep?” Sharon asked brightly with false confidence.

“Er- um fine… good, yeah, good. How about you?” Ben asked, sitting at the kitchen island.

“Good! Oh yeah, I slept great,” Sharon said, retrieving plates from a cabinet and setting it down in front of him. Sharon's cheeks blushed when she noticed Ben's eyes dart down to her ample cleavage revealed from her black top. In an instant her mind was a blur of pornographic scenes involving her stepson swiping the counter clean of plates and him ravaging her body right then and there in the kitchen.

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Sharon turned and made eye contact with Ben for a long moment. They shared the silence as their eyes met. The longer the moment held the faster Sharon's heart thudded like it could happen any second. She was ready to jump her stepson right then and there. But the accompanying sound of feet clattering down the upstairs stairs dampened her heart rate immediately.

“Smells good, ,” Angela said, stretching in her comfy hoodie as she snatched a piece of bacon to eat as she helped set the table.

“Get that last pancake, would you?” Sharon said as she pretended to look in the fridge for something. Allowing the refrigerator door to cover her red cheeks and hot face while it was cooled.

“Uugh… how can you two drink so much and not feel like death???” Brittany grumbled as she was the last one to stumble down the stairs. While Sharon's daughters wore sweatpants and baggy hoody's, Sharon couldn't help but notice Cynthia's skimpy form fitting top that revealed her belly button. A look that was complete with her bright pink short shorts that revealed her round bubble butt.

“We didn't drink as much as you,” Cynthia said as she gave a smile to Sharon. Reaching for the orange juice, Sharon stepped back and noticed her stepson glancing at Cynthia's protruding .

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