2 girls exploring their wildest fantasy with Ankit

Taniya, Priyanka and Ankit are good friends working in Bangalore. Ankit and Taniya have been best friends for a long time now with each other, while Priyanka and Taniya have known each other for a couple of years now and have become good friends, while Ankit used to look at Priyanka as a lust goddess right from the very first time Taniya introduced her to Ankit.

Both the girls were tall and had a fair complexion. Taniya’s vitals would be 30 B-26-28 while Priyanka’s would be 32 B-28-30. Both of them were dark haired. Taniya had hair that reached her shoulders, while Priyanka had hair that reached her waist. Priyanka was the only one who had blue eyes.

The 3 of them were quite notorious and had gf/bf in their lives, but whatever they couldn’t do with their partners, they thought of trying it among themselves. No Guilt, No Judgement Actions. They came to this decision mutually when they were having some discussion and Ankit brought up the idea of having sex with them. Taniya and Priyanka were fine with it, but then Priyanka pitched in that they could do it with their partners as well, so why not do something different? The idea sounded good to all of them.

Ankit: So what will we do then?
Priyanka: Dominance?
Ankit: Dominance-like?
Priyanka: Me and Taniya will be using you, and basically, you will be following our orders.
Taniya: Oh, that’s cool; that would be fun. I have seen it in porn and always thought to try it, but thinking it would scare my partner, I never went ahead with it.
Ankit: Dominance is fine, but why me?
Taniya: Because you want to get inside Priyanka’s pants, so let’s see if you can earn it.

And with that, Taniya and Priyanka gave each other a hi-five, while Ankit got excited thinking about getting into Priyanka’s pants.

So we decided to meet after the office in Taniya’s room in the HSR layout, as her flatmates were out of station. This was the first time I visited her room. On reaching the location, I called her to learn the exact building address. Taniya came out and waved at me from one of the buildings. I went inside to see Priyanka already there. We were all in our office wear only, and Taniya did arrange for drinks and starters.

After some time, we decided to get started with our plan. So to start with, they asked me to take off my clothes and be in my underwear only. The alcohol was already having its impact, and without much thought, I simply stripped down to my underwear. I was thinking why keep my underwear on; it’s better to get that removed as well. But ok, I am sure they have some great plans. I was already getting turned on, and it was visible looking at my brief. I don’t blame myself; when two sexy ladies ask you to strip in front of them, that indeed is a sexy ask. Seeing my brief Taniya and Priyanka started starring it and so was me. My dick was hard, and it was poking inside my underwear, waiting to be freed from the cage. Coming to my appearance, I have black hair, an average physique, a wheatish complexion, and a cock that is almost 7 inches long. Chota Ankit is how I refer to it. I am also 5’7″ tall. I do maintain myself, even though I’m not completely athletic.

Taniya: So how badly would you like to kiss Priyanka?
Ankit: Where will we kiss? I mean on her lips.
Taniya: Of course, it’s not a daily soap, right; kiss means proper kissing.
Ankit: Oh, I will love that.
Taniya: Great then there is a small task for it. We will put ice cubes in your brief, and you will have to stand with it till all the cubes melt in. If you complete it, she will kiss you. Fine?
Ankit: I have never done it before, but anything to kiss her lips. Bring it on.

It’s something Ankit has fantasised about for a long time. Priyanka got the ice cubes and grabbed a handful while Taniya opened my brief so that Priyanka could place the ice cubes. They filled my entire brief with ice cubes such that my balls are fully covered in them, and they even adjusted my dick so that it is also surrounded by the ice.

They went back to the sofa, and I was standing in front of them. The first 30 seconds were fine, but after that, it was unbearable. I was getting burning sensations, but to the girls, it was an entertaining sight. I was moving my legs and jumping to adjust them, but Priyanka called out that if a single ice cube also comes out, the kiss is off. With the ice cube effect, my erection was gone, and Chota Ankit has gone back to its chota state only. Slowly, water leaked from my underwear, and after some 10 minutes, all the ice cubes fully melted. Priyanka came in to check. She put her hand on top of my brief to feel if any cubes were present, and after getting confirmation, she pulled my underwear down and passed it to Taniya. My dick was freed, but it was not in its fully erected shape. Due to the cold, the foreskin covered a portion of the penis head. Priyanka was gently touching it and pulling the foreskin back, just behind the head, making it look the ideal way. She used to notice this minute details and make sure they were in the correct posture. Taniya verified the underwear and confirmed the same. Priyanka then came up, and this was the first time she was so close to me that I could feel her warm breath. The coldness was disappearing with her warm touch, and it was all looking worth it suddenly.

I was in a dilemma about whether to push myself onto her lips, but I waited, and then she put her lips on mine, and we explored each other’s mouths to the full. Our lips clung together softly at first, then with more urgency. I was met with unreserved fire and passion, just incredibly. My tongue plunged between her lips, tasted her, and found her tongue twined around mine.

My hands drove into all of that lush black hair, grabbed handfuls of it, and crushed her mouth against mine as her strong fingers slid into my hair to pull my mouth down against hers. The aroma of 100 pipers with her saliva was damn good, and it was making me lose myself in a different world itself. Needless to say, Chota Ankit was not Chota anymore, and it was back to its erect position.

Priyanka: Iska lund kuch zada hi jaldi bada nahin hojata h?
Taniya: Lagta h iske lund ko bhi tere se lust h.
And with it, we all laughed.
Priyanka: How are your private areas so clean with no hair and so smooth?
Ankit: I do wax it every month.
Priyanka: Wax?? By your own
Ankit: No, at the salon.
Priyanka: Wow, yaar, that’s impressive. It’s good to see guys taking care of their private grooming.

I was glad that she liked it. As I mentioned, she did notice every detail.
Taniya came forward and touched my chest and then my nipples and asked, Why is your nipple not hard? Only your dick gets hard, is it?

Before I could answer, Priyanka was like, Don’t worry, let’s make it hard. Priyanka took my right nipple while Taniya got hold of my left, and once it got hard, they pinched it and pulled it to the max. I screamed like anything.

Taniya: Tu toh kuch zada hi scream kar raha h. You need to put something in your mouth. Socks daal du iske mu me? Taniya asked Priyanka.
Ankit: Can I have your panty instead?

They both laughed, and Taniya was like, Of course you can. Let’s have this: for socks, you have to take 10 slaps on your face, while for panty, you have to take 10 slaps on your balls. Now say?

It was hard for me, but choosing panties meant seeing one of them nude, so I went for the panty. Taniya and Priyanka placed them on the sofa and asked me to come near them. My dick was hard; they asked me to hold my dick up to my stomach so that the balls were in clear view. So every time they hit me, I need to count it loudly.

It started, and Taniya was hitting it quite intensely. A couple of times I was on the verge of falling but got hold of myself. After it was done, whose panty would be removed was decided by tossing a coin, and it was Taniya’s turn to get her panties off. Taniya got rid of her jeans and top and was only in her underwear, then she moved her panty and put them in my face to sniff. She was already wet, and the aroma on her panty was at a different level. There were some juices in her panty she showed me and asked if I would like to have them. I responded with yes and licked them from her panty. It was delicious, and my hunger to taste her further increased.

Taniya: What about you licking out Priyanka’s pussy. You won’t miss it, will you?
I nodded yes.
Taniya: So you have to go through the next task to do the same. The task is quite simple; you have to keep your dick hard while we play with it.

This sounded super hot, and I mean it. By play, they meant something extreme. Priyanka grabbed my dick gently and gave a few mild strokes to get me excited, and then Taniya came with the surprise. A lighted candle. I was horribly scared. I knew her plan. I don’t know why, but two hot girls treating me like this was an arousal factor for me. Priyanka removed her hand, and my dick was at a 90-degree angle. Taniya placed the candle below my penis at an optimal distance so that I just started feeling the heat and started moving the candle back and forth. Slowly she got the candle closer so that the fire was almost touching the dick, I was scared that if my dick lost its hardness then it would directly touch the fire. It was extremely painful, but the girls were enjoying the show.

After doing this, Taniya moved the candle away. I felt a bit relaxed. Priyanka started rubbing my cock so that it was hard enough and pulled the dick to the max. Taniya got the candle back and poured the hot wax on my dick. It was hard and extremely painful. I was screaming, but due to the panty in my mouth, it was hardly audible. Tears came down my eyes, but anything for Priyanka.

After this activity, it was time for the other part. Priyanka stripped, and instead of only removing her bottoms, she got completely naked and positioned herself on the sofa. Taniya guided me to her, made me sit on my knees, and placed my mouth on her pussy. I licked her to the core. She was immensely wet, and I was taking it all in. I started making round motions with my tongue and, after some time, started tongue-fucking her. Priyanka tasted better (obviously, I was biassed with her.).I was so lost in the activity that I placed my hand on my dick and started rubbing, but Taniya pulled me up from her pussy and got me to stand.

Taniya: Did we say you could touch your dick?
Ankit: No
Taniya: Then, you should be punished rightly for the same.
Ankit: Yea

She got some rubber bands and then used them on my balls, separating the balls from the penis and separating each ball too. The rubber bands were used quite tightly.

Priyanka: We will get the wax out of your dick first.

She asked me to get into a plank position so that my dick was hanging down. She then got the candle back, keeping it at a distance such that I could feel the heat (which was bearable) and the wax from my dick melted out.

Once the wax was removed, I got up, the rubber bands were removed, and my dick and ball just started to feel relaxed, but then Priyanka came and grabbed my balls and started squeezing them, making sure the balls were getting smashed against each other.

Priyanka: Your balls look full. Wanna relax?
Ankit: Of course.
Priyanka: You can cum, but there are two conditions. You have to give both of us orgasms orally. And then you can masturbate and cum, but you have to have all your cum. Works?

I was wondering how kinky these girls could get, but I was loving it. I agreed to her condition.
So now we were all naked, and it was a beautiful sight for me. To be honest they looked more beautiful without clothes. Boobs looking perfect, with almost flat tummy and neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Now it was Taniya’s turn to get an orgasm. She asked me to lie down on my back, and then she sat on my face, facing me. She made sure my mouth was covering her lips and opened the doors for the oral pleasure. I let out a soft sigh before my tongue darts out tenderly to meet between her lips. One taste and the entire universe exploded. Stroking my sinful tongue agianst her, tasting her. While I was licking her, Priyanka got my dick down, sat on top of it, and started rubbing it through her pussy. I was getting quite excited and was licking Taniya to the full. She grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her pussy while her thighs made a tight grip on my head as I continued humming in my pure mascuiline satisfaction. Soon she was all over my face. I cleaned it all. We were getting breathless, but the show was still left. Now it was Priyanka’s turn. She too asked me to remain at the same position and sat on my face, facing my dick. She tactically placed her anus on my nose while her pussy was in my mouth. Her sweaty ass and her wet pussy were a killer combination. At the same time, she asked me to stroke my cock. I was licking her while at the same time stroking my cock. I was getting on the verge of cumming, and my stroke got faster, but Taniya and Priyanka understood that and asked me to stop stroking. I didn’t listen and continued, but soon Taniya got hold of my balls and squeezed them so hard that I stopped stroking.

Priyanka: No cumming till I say okay?

I signalled yes using my thumb. I continued licking Priyanka, as she wanted, and she squirted out on my face. My entire face was filled with her juices. She didn’t get up from my face and asked me if I was ready. I signalled yes, and she asked me to stroke my cock.

Priyanka: Go ahead, let it come, baby. I have you.

I was waiting for this and stroked it vigorously, and soon I came all over myself. It was quite a load. Now Priyanka got up from my face and collected all the cum from my body on her hand, bringing it to my face so that I could lick it to the full. Honestly, it didn’t feel that awkward as the atmosphere was so steamy, and at that moment, I could have done anything she asked me to do. I cleaned her hand using my tongue and made sure all the cum was removed. It was the first time I tasted my cum, but it tasted good. My cock was still hard, and honestly, I thought we would all lie down exhausted, but Taniya had some post-cum plans in mind. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Oh, God, she was so good at it. Post-orgasm, the cock generally stays quite sensitive, and she was taking advantage of that to the full. It was immensely difficult, but I couldn’t resist much as Priyanka used her strength to lock my hands. She kept sucking it, and I was on the verge of cumming the second time.

Ankit: I am going to cum. I am going to cum.

But she didn’t stop, and I exploded my second load in her mouth. As I haven’t masturbated for quite some time, both my loads were huge. She sucked every single drop from my dick and then came near my mouth and sealed my lips with hers, slowly transferring the cum mixed with her saliva inside my mouth. Without any further direction, I knew what was expected. I gulped it all.

We 3 were exhausted and lay next to each other naked for some time before I asked, “When do we fuck each other?”

Taniya: Soon, let us frame some more tasks for you.
And we all laughed.

Hello, This is your writter Amit. I hope it was a good read. Let me know if you want the second part of the same at “[email protected]”. Also a request to the readers, please share your feedback good/bad as it helps me improve and present you all with more better experiences.

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