Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Aww… you so soft baby … your is like a thick piece of rope,” Angela giggled as she half stroked, half whipped his limp cock from side to side as it arched down. “What? Do you not think I'm attractive?” Angela asked as she pulled one of her large breasts from the V neck of her shirt. The fat breast was white, luscious, with the smallest stretch marks on the bottom side of it. Angela groped her own breast and pinched her own nipple pulling it out as she bit her lip. “Mmm… or is it because you just fucked my upstairs? Hmm? Is that why my baby brother is so soft right now?”

Angela must have saw the shock in Ben's eyes because she giggled and smiled seductively as she bit her lip. Her grip on his shaft tightened as she stroked his shaft faster with more purpose. Ben grunted as he felt a jolt filled his shaft as it began to harden.

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“That's right, oh you didn't think I heard you making her moan upstairs?” Angela asked. “You think I'm just okay with you- you fucking my mother?”

Ben recalled the advice from his - the advice from Cynthia as he looked down at his stepsister stroking his shaft. His eyes staring at her bare breast between them.

“Angela, are you ?” Ben asked, already knowing the answer. Her cheeks were red as kool aid and her breath smelled of the fruitiness of whatever she had been drinking mixed with the cut of vodka. It surprised him since it wasn't much past 6pm and Angela wasn't a big drinker. Which meant her drunkenness was deliberate.

“Just a little bit, why?” Angela giggled. “You want a taste?” Angela said as she leaned in and kissed him quickly. Ben tasted his older 's cold fruity lips and as her tongue pressed into his mouth and they swirled together he found the bite of vodka still on her taste buds.

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Angela's eyebrows danced higher as she felt his erection strengthen and his girth fill her slender palm. “Mmmmm…” she moaned into him as she kissed them harder.

The absurdity of the moment came and went in Ben's mind. How could this be happening? First my Sharon, then Cynthia, now Angela? All in the same weekend…

A very small part of Ben wanted to stop kissing and ask Angela, and every other woman in the house in fact, what the hell was going on and why this was happening. But he also didn't want to be an idiot and look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

Almost as fast as Ben grabbed Angela's body to pull her deeper into the kiss did Angela get to work tearing off her clothes. Her shirt was tossed on the floor beside his bed revealing her pink bra and her ample breasts exploding over top of the bra. Ben gripped and squeezed her left breast as the bra was freed and fell to the floor. Ben's cock stirred in Angela's grip as she pumped his shaft at the sight and feel of her curvy plump breasts. He remembered Cynthia's word of advice: confidence.

It was a struggle to be something he was not. Nothing about Ben proliferated confidence. He was a timid boy who was a people pleaser. But he knew the best way to please Angela was through Cynthia's advice. Confidence. Ben's thoughts turned to the porn videos he'd seen over the years. Videos of loud, annoying male porn actors were near abusive to their costar. But he found the few memories of actors he admired and was jealous of. Good looking men who were confident but not arrogant. In control but not harsh.

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