Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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Ben internalized her words and realized he was slouching because he quickly straightened his back. Almost immediately he was rewarded by Cynthia's thick red lips pressing down around the head of his . Her head bobbed slowly as her lips worked tight, wet circles on his shaft. Lowering and raising she blew his dick. When Ben, in his astonished moment of pleasure, scooted forward and spread his legs to give Cynthia a better angle, she must have liked that as well, because her eyes locked with Ben's as her stretched lips slid all the way down his shaft and held, deep throating him. The sight of her 's eyes rolling backwards in pleasure as he groaned did make Sharon wet, she had to admit.

Sharon felt fingers close around her ankle, beckoning her to move forward and lower herself beside Cynthia. Cynthia's playful fingers brushed and tickled up and down Sharon's ankle as she pulled free from his shaft gasping for air as she stroked his shaft. More to be polite than any other reason, Sharon complied, swiping the robe cloth she wore away from her legs as she knelt beside the much younger lady.

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Despite her comfortability with and her wealth of experience she had gained over the years, Sharon had never been around another woman in a sexual way. Her years never involved any experimentation. She never kissed a woman or specifically found a woman arousing per se. So when Cynthia retreated from Ben's shaft and, in a pumping motion, angled his cock towards her as if she was passing her something to try at a buffet dinner, Sharon had a few hesitations.

Letting the moment take her away, Sharon dove in. Wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock, Sharon was greeted with the swirl of tastes of Ben salty shaft and Cynthia residual saliva. Sharon's lips quickly worked her way up and down the length of her stepson and his moans filled her ears and wetted her lips.

“Confidence, Ben, that's what that feels like,” Cynthia said. She took Ben's hand and guided it down to Sharon's cheek. Cupping Sharon's cheek, Sharon felt Ben's hand slide back pulling Sharon's hair out of her face and making a ponytail out of her natural curls. Sharon was so focused on the throbbing hard cock before she didn't think much about it. She felt the strength of his grip as he tightly held her hair back in a ponytail and guided her lips up and down his shaft.

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Hands rubbed down Sharon's chest, warm in her robed shoulders then her neck. It wasn't until a hand slipped inside of her robe did Sharon realize it was Cynthia's hand. She stood behind Sharon and was hunched over as Ben fed his throbbing shaft to Sharon's lips. When Cynthia's hand caressed Sharon's breast gently like only a woman could, Sharon's eyes rolled backwards. Cynthia's fingers tenderly touched and played with her sensitive nipple which felt like a pulsating vibrator was pressed on her clit. Sharon felt her heart race the roller coaster of pleasure fill and fall from her belly.

Sharon wasn't far from when Cynthia's hands slid down to the sash of her robe. Undoing it, she peeled the robe from her shoulders. Sharon thought to protest- to pull away, and she might have if her stepson's hands weren't clasped around the back of Sharon head so firmly as his hips began to rise and fall as his cock fucked Sharon's mouth.

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