Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Oh god, baby, you know how naughty this is… you fucking your mommy like this, huh? Your fucking her . You know how- ahhh… you know how naughty mommy is?” Sharon gasped as she slowly raised and fell on his hard . “Oooo, baby, you're so hard for mommy. How long were you in her stroking that fucking dock and thinking about mommy? You were stroking your fucking dick in your mother's bed? Ohhh Jesus… when did you get so fucking big, baby?”

Sharon's fingers pressed into Ben's chest and the tips of her hair brushed his cheeks as she panted slowly. Looking down into her 's eyes she bit her lip, “mmmm… you want some advice on how to get a girl and keep her? Aahhmm…” she cooed as her tight slid back down his shaft. Her fingernails dug into Ben's bare chest as she whispered. “ mommy's naughty pussy and I'll tell you,” Sharon said.

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Not needing anymore coaxing, Ben bucked his hips slowly and clumsily, pushing his shaft inside his . She instantly moaned and closed her eyes. His chaotic hips pulled out and raised backup making high pitched yelps escape her lips.

“Fffuckk…” Sharon gasped as she focused down on her stepson. “Like- Ahh like this, baby.”

Sharon guided his large hands to her hips and Ben's fingers brushed and squeezed her thick and thighs. “Slowly… slowly at first… yess baby, just like that…”

Ben slowed his pace and watched his mother rock up and down on his cock. Heard her coo and squeak with every slow firm thrust. Felt her soft skin as he slid his hands around her hips and squeezed her ass cheeks. “Oh, god ba- yes, yes- fuck me just ahhmmm.”

“Just like that!” Sharon cried out as she grinded her pussy on his shaft over and over again. “Oh god- yes… harder now- harder now, baby!”

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Keeping the rhythm he had Ben began to flex his thighs as he fucked up into his stepmom faster. He watched as her large breasts bounced together up and down in her sports bra with every thrust. Her black sports bra nearly smacked her chin as she bounced on him. “Jesus- god! Ah Ahh… yes, fuck mommy ahmmm! Fuck mommy like a man, not like a boy- you're a ahhh!”

Ben felt the surge of energy and aggression from the sound of his tender begging mother. Her sweet voice demanded sternness. His fingers dug into her bare ass as he gritted his feet thrusting hard up inside her. Sharon's fingers fumbled at her sports bra trying and failing to pull it off her body. Without thought, Ben aggressively groped at the tight elastic band of the fabric. His stepmother collapsed against his chest as he pulled at the hands from her back. Her limp body folded on top of him. Kissing his neck. Panting her breath on his shoulder. When he peeled her clinging sports bra free from her chest, Ben felt his stepmother's heavy breasts fall loosely against his chest.

Looking up at his stepmother as she clamored up right, pressing on his chest was the most glorious sight Ben had ever seen. Sharon's pale white breasts, heavy, round, and perfect jiggling between her arms where she recovered, but Ben gave her no rest. Immediately, Ben bucked into her pussy. Thudding his cock deep inside of her, he felt her hot pussy juices flow around his shaft as he squished inside her.

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