Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Plus he's super sweet,” Brittany said with a pouty lip. “I always feel bad for him that he's going to college without ever having a girlfriend. He's so shy.”

“Well…” Sharon hesitated.

“What?” Angela asked.

“Yesterday, Ben did ask me… he asked for my advice on how to get girls or get girls interested in him…”

Angela, Brittany, and Cynthia all smiled goofily as they looked at one another in silence for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“What?” Sharon yelled. “Don't laugh at him- that's mean!”

“We're not laughing at him, ,” Angela said. “He's trying to hook up with you.”


“Asking you the questions out of the blue, then leaving porn on his computer with the door open for you to see…” Brittany said. “He wants you.”

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Sharon felt her cheeks growing flush as she finished the wine. What started as a joke of a thought became increasingly more possible and .

I can't be thinking about this? I have to stop this. I can't…

“Just go down there and talk to him about it,” Angela offered.

“No, tell him the heaters broke and you need to cuddle for warmth!” Brittany giggled as she was obviously tipsy from the wine. Cynthia laughed at that idea.

“Okay, that's enough of this for now,” Sharon decided, throwing up her hands. “Goodnight ladies, I'm going to sleep-“

“In who's bedroom?” Angela mused.

“Good night,” Sharon patted her oldest daughter on her head as she laughed.

It was 10 minutes later or so when Cynthia came to Sharon's bedroom quietly. She glanced down the dark hallway as if to make sure she was spotted visiting Sharon's room and whispered with a smile.

“I told you guys, you can have as much of my wine as you like just no leaving the house ton-” Sharon said as she unmade her bed.

“No, not here for that- Brittany is already on the verge of passing out,” Cynthia said. “I just wanted to say, I happen to have it on good authority that both Angela and Brittany wouldn't care if you fucked Ben and Ben would totally bang you- trust me… and its win-win. You clear your head and get to have with a who's hot and not a douche and Ben gets a little experience and confidence before he goes to college.”

Sharon felt the pull of possibility tug at her as everything Cynthia said made sense.

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“It'd probably be the hottest night of Ben's life,” Cynthia added. “Boys this whole stepsister thing. All you have to do is say stepmom and they cum- trust me.”

Sharon was shocked by Cynthia's bluntness. They had always talked about sex but this was the she presumed to give Sharon advice. Before Sharon could speak Cynthia dipped out of the room, whispering before she left. “Be a good stepmom and give your what he needs.”

And just like that. Sharon was left alone in her bedroom with the choice of either going to bed alone in her bed, or she could go downstairs to see her stepson…

Chapter 3


Flipping the pancake over, Sharon shut the stove burners off as the bacon in the smaller pan to the side peaked in its sizzle and began to quiet. Sharon scraped the pan with the spatula and dumped the batch of bacon into the paper towel sheets she had on the table as the last pancake finished cooking. It was Saturday morning and a weekly tradition since getting that Sharon cooked breakfast for her kids and stepson. A tradition that began to bring everyone together and get the family comfortable with another, now she wondered if they were too comfortable with another.

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