Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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Naked and kneeling between her 's legs, Sharon felt Cynthia kneel behind her as the young woman's hands wrapped her hips exploring between her pale tender thighs. This was supposed to be an orchestrated plan executed against her stepson. If Sharon didn't know better, she would have thought that Cynthia and Ben were executing a plan on her.

Cynthia's hand pushed between Sharon's thighs to find her dripping wet lips. Cynthia's finger slipped between her pussy lips causing Sharon to tense. Her fingers sliding along her wet flesh up and down, in and out.

It was more than Sharon could take. She wanted to scream. To cry out in moan but couldn't with her stepson's so deep in her mouth. Instead only a growl of a moan came out. The humming noise vibrates on Ben's shaft making him grunt. Cynthia's breath bathed her neck and ear as she felt the girl panting. Cynthia's free hand suddenly groped Sharon's breast, squeezing it and making a flood drip from between Sharon's legs. Cynthia circled Sharon's clit over and over again making Sharon's body to rock and writhe as the pleasure felt like a continuous bolt of lightning traversing her body.

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The struck her so quickly and ignited her limbs she could do little else than kneel there and be face fucked by her stepson while the hands of her daughter's best friend molested her breasts and pussy, bringing to orgasm again and again. Twice Sharon's body went taut as she squirted on the floor in front of the bed as if she was a dog pissing in the house.

When the final orgasm finally relented she relaxed just in time to hear Ben's groans turn to strained grunts. His engorged cock spurted warm loads of cum on the back of his 's tongue as he continued to his shaft into her mouth until he began to go limp.

It was when Cynthia's hands fell away from her body and Ben's cock fell from her lips leaving a drip of semen on Sharon's chin did Sharon admire how exhausted and used she felt… and questioned why she loved it so much?

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Chapter 2


…2 Hours earlier…

“I mean, it was just open there on his desk,” Sharon said, nearly spilling wine from the glass in her hand. “I felt bad for finding it. I felt sorry, but he left it clear as day out there…”

The girls were near death in laughter. Cynthia and Brittany were falling over another on Brittany's bed. Angela sat styled on the carpet, clutching a bottle of wine in one hand and covering her teary eyes with the other.

“And his door was open! It's like he wanted me to find it!” Sharon exclaimed.

“Ohh god, oh my god…” Brittany said, trying to control her laughter. “Did you talk to him about it?”

“No, of course not,” Sharon said. “I left his laundry on his bed and got out of there. I'm not going to tell him, ‘hey, stepson, just so you know I saw your laptop open to porn in your room. Let's chat,' it's just odd.”

Angela wiped the tears from her eyes. She wore an oversized t-shirt and underwear only which highlighted her thick thighs. Angela was Sharon's eldest daughter at 29 years old while Brittany was 19. Both were home for the summer from and still pursuing their degrees.

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