Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Wow, look at you,” Angela said, dropping the last pancake onto a tall stake that she placed at the center of the island countertop. “Got a hot date today, Cyn?”

“Hmm? No, I just didn't a whole bottle of wine by myself so I could wake up on time,” Cynthia said, smirking at Brittany. Brittany, who barely had her eyes open, replied by giving her friend the middle finger.

Sharon took a deep breath and having felt sufficiently cooled down, sat down on her stool with everyone else and ate breakfast. Aside from a few stray glances and smirks from Ben and Cynthia, the meal was free of awkwardness. Everyone ate their pancakes and laughed at Brittany's hangover including Brittany.

It was strange being in the erotic circle with Ben and Cynthia. Sharon cared about both of them very much. She wanted the best for them in and would do anything for them, but she didn't have any special attraction to either one of them. Sharon didn't lie awake last night imagining a life with either of them. She laid awake all night and fantasized about Ben her until her legs shook. She imagined Cynthia finger fucking her until Sharon's knees gave out. It was a strange primal addiction. Sharon wasn't a lesbian or bisexual but just the thought of being sexually fondled by another while a man also had his way with her made her wet.

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It was all too messy and complicated. Sharon decided she needed to clear her head after breakfast. While her kids lounged around the house and packed things for the move to , Sharon went to the gym and tried to sweat out her frustrations. Afterwards, she showered at the gym and went out window shopping alone for the afternoon. The distance and small purchases felt as though they put a forgetful memory between her and the erotic complications she had left at home.

They would all be gone at school come Monday anyways, Sharon thought on the drive home. They'll have the time of their lives- Ben with his freshmen year and Brittany and Cynthia in their sophomore year… who knows? Maybe Ben and Cynthia will find an interest in another.

Sharon dropped her shopping bags in the kitchen as she tossed her car keys on the counter. He black hair was still partially wet from her gym shower earlier. She went upstairs to her bedroom to change into something she could relax in around the house for the evening.

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Ben doesn't need anymore of a confidence boost from me. He's a cute guy with a very nice cock… Sharon allowed her memory and imagination intertwine as she had a blitz of erotic images fill her mind. She shook the thoughts free at the top of the stairs.

He'll be fine without any encouragement from me. I'll just avoid being alone with him for the next two days.

Sharon opened her door and turned on the lights to see Ben laying on her bed naked with a massive erection and a pair of Sharon's black strewed across the head of his cock.

Chapter 4


Ben's engorged shaft throbbed as he looked wide eyed and dumb faced at his standing in her own door returning the same look at his naked . He knew he should be less shocked to have been caught by his stepmother when he was laying in her bed naked, but he still was.

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