Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Ahhhagghh! Oh fuck, oh fuck- yes yes yes!” Sharon cried out. “Fuck me baby, - yes yes! Oooh god!”

Sharon's fat tits bounced wildly between her arms. Her thick ass slammed down just as hard as Ben thrusted up into her. The sound of their bodies colliding was a loud thud of skin and meat pounding each other as Sharon's grunts became primal and animalistic.

The sight of his naked riding his cock, the feel of her desperate fingers clinging to his arms, and the sound of her dirty words brought a surge of excitement to his head and the head of his cock. Ben reached up with one hand and groped his 's right bouncing breast. Pinning it to her chest and squeezing it as he thumbed her nipple, Sharon broke down into a mess of screams.

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“Oh my god you're gunna make- you're gunna make mommy c- ughhh… I'm cumming I'm cumming!” Sharon screamed as her thighs went tight to his hips and her body trembled. His cock filled her up and went numb as he jabbed it inside his stepmother. Flexing hard, he shot long spurts of cum inside her soft warm pussy.

Sharon spasmed and seized on Ben's chest as he grunted and groaned as the and his hard on refused to stop. Ben felt his cock twitch and flex inside his stepmother as he stared at the attached bathroom door and realized his just took his virginity.

Chapter 5


Ben stumbled down stairs to his bedroom exhausted. First, dealing with Cynthia and then his stepmother had put his system into overdrive. He felt like after getting his license, instead of getting a Toyota Camry, like he had, he was immediately shoved into a race car and forced to drive at top speed. I need a break. I need to think this through. I haven't even packed for college yet and I'm leaving in days.

Ben walked over to his desk and grabbed at his limp cock through his pants, adjusting himself.

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“Whatchya got there?” Angela's voice started Ben and made him jump.

“Holy shit,” Ben turned, startled to see Angela lurking at his bed. “Angela, you- you scared me.” Ben said letting go of his crotch. Angela stood and walked over to him. Without notice she reached out and massaged his crotch gently through his pants.

“Awww… is maybe baby brother's cock all tired?” Angela said in child speak as she reached into his pants and reverse gripped his limp cock. Her pink cheeks and glassy eyes were evident with how she must have been.

Angela by no means was overweight or unattractive- quite the opposite, actually. Unlike Brittany and Cynthia who obsessively went to the gym everyday to take selfies of their butts and semi-sexual videos of their workouts, Angela led a much more leisurely life which gave her a very hourglass body type. Thick hips, slender waist, and ample, natural, curvy breasts.

It was common knowledge that Angela's longterm boyfriend was a pushover. A soft spoken man like Ben, but unlike Ben he had the drive of a kitten. It was a common enough complaint between Angela and her and that even Ben knew of it. She often debated the pros and cons of breaking up with him since her physical needs hadn't been met in years.

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