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Sharon followed Cynthia over to the bed. “Hey, Ben, how's it going?” Cynthia asked.

Ben looked up at her with shifty eyes, “good… you're um… naked…” Cynthia tore the covers free Ben's lap revealing his while thighs and limp between his legs.

“So are you,” Cynthia said with a hooked smirk. Ben scrambled to cover himself but with a slap of his hand, Cynthia knocked his hands away. “Nuh uh, you don't get to touch,” she said, lowering to her knees and patting the front of the bed, signaling for him to scoot forward towards her.

With an unsure look on his face, almost humiliated, Ben moved to the edge of the bed with his shoulders sunken and eyes averted from Cynthia's swaying breasts. Sharon moved behind the young woman, crossing her arms. She wasn't sure what Cynthia had planned but she didn't like how emasculated Ben appeared. This wasn't the plan.

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“Hey- don't look away, don't you like the looks of my boobs?” Cynthia asked. “Here, go ahead and feel them.” She guided his hands down to her chest where his warm palms cupped her breasts like he had just done with Sharon's. Mashing them together and rubbing on her , Cynthia closed her eyes and hummed a note of approval as she giggled to herself. “Mmm… you're having quite the night, huh?”

For the that evening, Ben's eyes lit up and widened with recognition as he looked between Sharon and Cynthia. He was beginning to understand this was a coordinated act and not just some scene out of a porno. Cynthia short circuited the series of questions Ben looked like he wanted to ask by reaching between his thighs and beginning to stroke his limp cock. Gently pulling and pushing on his shaft, she awoke his 18 year old cock as her free hand rubbed up and down his thigh.

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“Did you know I always had a thing for you?” Cynthia smiled beneath squinted eyes up at him. Ben's cock grew and thickened. Her palm with every stroke. His head swelled and pointed at her lips. “I mean, you're cute, trustworthy…” her pumps became more purposeful now that his shaft throbbed before her. She used her whole arm to work his erection. She bit her lip with eagerness as she watched the drip of precum escape the tip of his shaft. “Athletic … you're gentlemanly… but none of that matters though, you know that right?”

Cynthia's lips hovered inches above his cock. Her tongue neared his shaft but she smiled and separated before touch each time. Either her words or her teasing focused his concentration on this erotic scene happening to him. “You can be the sexiest guy or the richest or the nicest guy, and no woman who isn't looking to get paid for her time will notice you without this one thing…”

Cynthia stuck out her surprisingly long tongue and, while holding his now flexing hard shaft, up to his belly, made a long and soft lick up the base of his shaft all the way to the tip. Her tongue snaked around the head of his shaft and Ben shuddered as she made a long tender lick across his urethra that culminated in a long drip of precum dangling and stretching between her tongue and his cock as she pulled away. Slurping his cum to her mouth, she licked her lips looking up at the starry-eyed boy. “If you don't have confidence in yourself, no girl can see you,” she said.

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