Sucking Boobs Of Beautiful Aunty In Hyderabad

Yours, Prash from Hyderabad. again coming with another experience, keep ready your dicks in hands.

I used to have fun with unsatisfied aunties and girls who are desperately looking for sex. And I am a big boobs lover and good sucker too. If anyone interesting in their boobs to be sucked mail me.

And one more thing that I don’t disclose any details of aunties or girls I met. Please don’t ask for details. Suggestions and comments are invited.

This experience (story) will surely get their lowers wet with sperm, whoever loves boob sucking and boobs to be sucked.

Now am writing my another experience with an aunty who works as a beautician in a reputed beauty parlor and she was a reader of sex stories. This experience is only about the boob sucking and oral sex. Because she has taken a promise from me that I don’t fuck her. I made her promise and I did the same. Ok, guys I don’t want to waste your time. It means that you are holding your dicks in hands for shagging. Lol.

Coming to the story, aunties name is Kalpana(looks like Anushka) age 28(married at 26 and no children) and she has 34 size boobs and height is a great plus to her. 5 feet 8 inches . A great structure that if any guy sees her, surely will think about having sex with her, she is from Hyderabad and read my previous story and she mail me that she like her boobs to be sucked and all.

One fine day we thought of to meet. She gave her address and asked me to come in the morning after 10 o’ clock. I got ready by 830 and waiting to meet her as early as possible. It was an hour journey to her location. And I called her after reaching her locality. She guided me to her home. I went there and she opened the door. When I saw her. I was dumbstruck and speechless. No words to express her beauty.

After entering into the house, I asked her can I meet Kalpana, she laughed and told, herself is Kalpana. Again she introduced herself this is Kalpana and she laughed again. At that time she was wearing blue nighty.

She was looking damn sexy and homely in that nighty. When I went there in that big house she was living alone as her husband is staying in Bangalore. She brought some snacks and cool drinks and we both chit chat for some time and she asked me how was my job and how was my previous experiences with aunties. And she also told me about her marriage life etc etc.

When she was talking I was not able to take out off my eyes from her boobs. She noticed that and she took a pillow and covered her boobs like she was teasing me. . . Then I keep looking at her face and she told that her sexual life was very good. But her husband doesn’t like to suck her boobs. That is the reason I was there in her home.

I asked her can I see your house. For that, she asked me to follow her , guys. . While she was walking in front of me I was not able to take my eyes from her back. It was really sexy. while seeing her back, I have complemented that your back was superb. she blushed and told that her husband hasn’t told me about that anytime. And we entered her bedroom. She was speaking very bold and I was not able to control the heat in my body.

I have advanced and kept my hand around her shoulder from back. She was shocked but did not stop me from doing so. Slowly I slide down my hand towards her boobs. She closed her eyes and she was making moans. mm. . Aaaaaa.then I started my job there. Slowly I was pressing her right boob over the nighty. They were really soft and hard. As she was newly married. And she caught hold of my second hand and she was pressing my left hand.

Slowly I took my left hand and placed it on the waist and pressed. She was very well cooperating for the act. Then I slowly moved my left hand on her navel and rubbing there. my right hand was pressing the boob and left hand was rubbing. she was moaning and biting her lips. Mmm. That moans made me crazy and I was not in my control.

She suddenly took off my hands from her and told please stop dear. I have a 10mins work in the kitchen. let me do it and come. Meanwhile, you take some rest here she told. But I was not in the mood to hear her.I have followed her and went to the kitchen and she was cooking rice for both of us. She kept that in the cooker and we both came to the bedroom. While she was doing all the things I didn’t stop my act. I kept on pressing her both boobs with my both hand over nighty.

We came to the bedroom and she sat on the bed and I sat beside her and slowly I was rubbing her thighs now. They were really superb to feel. She stopped my hand when I was moving my hand near her private part. I understood and started kissing her on neck and ears and cheeks and all over her face.

She suddenly caught my face and locked my lips with her lips.

We did this for almost for 5 minutes. And she slept on the bed and I was admiring her beauty. She was feeling shy.And asked me to come over her. I went to her and sat on her thighs and again started rubbing her boobs and she was really enjoying. Slowly I started raising her nighty and I took it off from her body.

She was now in her blue bra and langa(like petticoat or panty). I started kissing and licking her boobs over her bra and slowly removed her bra hooks and I set her boobs free from that clutches. They were standing straight and facing the ceiling.

The pressure I kept on her boobs they were reverting me the same. Like they were like a rubber ball. I was getting very much excited in kissing,pressing and sucking here boobs. She was shouting that suck them hard. Bite them. I was sucking hard and enjoying and she was moaning and she was hugging my head to her boobs very hard that I was not able to take a breath. I kept on sucking the boobs at least for half an hour.

Later I came down and started to suck her navel and played with her navel. means buttonhole. It made tickles to her and she was laughing and moaning.

This was making me craziest and doing something really different.

The time was running and it was 12:30pm. She got up and dressed up and told, let have dinner and remaining will do after lunch. I asked her not to wear her nighty, for which she agreed and asked me to remove my pants and shirt.I was only in my underwear and she was only on her panty. While she was walking here boobs were moving like a bell in the temple. While having lunch also I didn’t let her go. I keep on pressing her boobs and she fed me the food.

After lunch, again we started our session, this time I took ice cubes from the fridge and I was rubbing them on her boobs. Now this made her crazy and she was telling. This Kalpana is yours for today. Do whatever you want my dear.I was really feeling very hot with her words and brought some honey and poured on her boobs and licking and sucking them as if this was the last day of the universe.

She was moaning heavily. mmmm. Suck hard. Bite them. Press my boobs. Kiss my boobs. . She herself also started pressing her boobs over my hands. I was not able to control myself. And I told that aunty my dick got fully erect.

She suddenly held my dick and took out from the underwear and she was giving the strokes to my dick. Wow, that was wonder feeling. To my shock, she took my hand and kept it on her pussy and asked me to rub it. I started to rub her pussy lips. And she was now moaning heavily and saying . Fuck me with the finger. . Fuckkk me hardddd. And moaning heavily

I was doing the same and she and I had the orgasm at the same time. We both slept beside each other and I was slowly pressing one boob and sucking other boobs like a child.

She turned to me and asked . do you want to drink milk from you, aunty. Come my baby. Drink your aunty milk. And she started to feed me like am her own child. I was sucking her boobs like a child for half an hour. All and all I was sucking and playing with her boobs all the day until the sunset.

And again she asked me to do finger fuck. This time she also asked me can you please lick my pussy. My husband won’t do all these things. He hugs me kisses me and removes all the dress and fuck. for her happiness and my happiness I licked and sucked and gave her a heavenly pleasure and again she had her orgasm.

After that, she took my dick and giving the foreplay. All of a sudden she kept my dick in her mouth and licking it like a lollypop. I was shocked but was feeling wonderful. That such a beautiful aunty was sucking my dick. After 5-10 mins of sucking, I have an orgasm. I didn’t get any bore for playing and sucking her boobs. I loved her boobs very much.

After that, we both went to have a shower together and got dress up and wrote all this story on her laptop. This experience is really wonderful for me above all the experiences.

Hope you like my experience and I think your dicks and cunts became wet.

If you like the sex story and want the same experience.

If aunties looking for sex or boobs sucking.

Any suggestions or appreciations or comments on my sex story. write to me at [email protected]

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