Lockdown with cousin sister

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Lockdown with cousin sister-My name is Aditya Shrestha. I am 19 years old. I have been doing my bachelors in IT. Due to this Lockdown I was left alone alone because my parents and my sister had already gone to village due to corona but due to my viva I couldnot go to my village.I had planned to go after 2 days but the Lockdown was immediately done so I couldnot go to village.

As I was alone in house I was free to do anything.I enjoyed my free home,but I started feeling boar of all same things.Watching porn and masturbating was the onlythings to do.One day my mom called me:
Mom:Hey son ho ware you?

Me:Feeling bored mom,nothinng to do.

Mom:Watch t.v,play games and enjoy ur holiday.

Me:Tired of watching tv and plaing games.can’t I also come to village?

Mom:It’s not possible beta.The lockdown is very tight.You can’t come.

Me:I am all left alone and no one to talk also.

Mom:Wait a minute, If your are feeling alone why don’t you call Sheetal.She is also alone in her house.
(Sheetal is my cousin sister,She was also stuck in her house due to her exam only.)

Me:No way mom,I havenot even talked with her till today.

Mom:So this time you will know each other and both of you will haven someone to talk with.
(My mom forced me to stay with her during lockdown,but I didn’t want to stay with her)

Me:Okay mom

Mom:Okay then I will call her and ask her.


My mom called her asked and she said okay because she was also feeling boar.She would visit tommorow morning because the police has given some time in the morning to buy the grocceries.

Next morning,it was about 6:30 my door bell rang.I forgot sheetal was about to come in my place so I went to open the door in my boxer.When I saw her through the door hole I ran to my room and wore the dress.Then I opened my the door and greated her Good Morning.She also greeted back with a smile.
I welcomed her inside my house,she was looking a bomb ih her tight dress.I showed her Guest room and come to dining after being fresh for the breakfast.She said ok and went to her room.I went to kitchen to prepare the breakfast.I made tea,toast and omlette.She came in the dining and sat for the breakfast and offered her the food. We both were confused how to start to chat as we hadnot talked to each other till today,wwe only met in the family functions only.

She started the conversation
Sheetal:How r u doing?

Me:fine and how are you?

Sheetal:I am also fine,and how are you spending your days.

Me:Just watching tv,playing games and eating.

Sheetal:So you know cooking also?

Me:Yeah my mom taught me to cook.And I am learning from youtube also

Sheetal:Oh great,I think I will get to taste then.

Me:Of course.I got some one to experiment my food one and we both laughed.

Sheetal:So I heard that you were stuck due to exam only.

Me:Yes,but al last the viva was postponed.So stupid,

Sheetal:Yeah I can feel that,same problem.
(We talked for some time and went to our respective room)

I was watching movie for some time and I thought she might be hungry so I went to to kitchen and started.I thimk she heard the sound so she came there.

Sheetal:Hey what are you doing?


Sheetal:So what are you cooking?

Me:Rice and chicken

Sheetal:If you have not cooked chicken then can I cook it.If you taste it you will eat your fingers too

Me:Ok then let’s taste it also.But yes I assure you that it can’t be better than my.

Sheetal:lol,Let’s see

She was ready for cooking and I was helping her out for the masalas for her.She was cooking and was also talking with me about her college and her friends.In that time I asked about her boyfriend also and she told she broke up 4 months ago.I told sorry but she told it’s ok bcz she had already moved on.She was being abit serious and to break this serious environment I told her some jokes and by the time the her chicken was ready.And yes I was ready to taste her chicken.We went to dining as she served the lunch I sat in the table.Now it was the time to taste it and yes it was amazing.Then I told yeah it is better than mine cooking
After lunch she told me to show my house as it was her first visit. I started from my sister’s room.She had decorated it very well and she told it was amazing,then i took to my parents room and then my room.It was all messed in my room.She laughed at it because all room was neat and tidy except mine.I said yeah I don’t like clean room and she also told that her room was also like mine

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