Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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“Maybe he was,” Angela added as she took a drink of wine from the bottle.

“Was, what?” Sharon asked, standing in the doorway. She hadn't planned on staying, she just stopped into Brittany's bedroom to say ‘hi' to Cynthia who was sleeping over for the weekend.

“Maybe he was trying to have you find it, maybe he wanted to get caught,” Angela shrugged.

“What like a porn scene?” Sharon laughed. “I walk in on my stepson to porn and then have with him? Is that how men think it works?”

“That's how men ‘hope' it works,” Angela corrected. “Trust me men will try and find a way to make any scenario end with them getting sex.” Sharon had raised her to be very open and free spirited with their sexuality. She credits them for being on birth control early and using protection with sex with unfamiliar people. Sharon always talked sex with them, or in the instance of her current , the lack of sex.

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Sharon wouldn't exactly be called depraved. In today's day and age there was, and she had, so many options of sex that with her husband's income she could handle her needs on her own. However, she did miss the touch of a man. With her estranged husband spending 9 months overseas on business trips, he and her were all but divorced at this point. While he has been quite the philanderer, Sharon chose celibacy for financial reasons. Mainly, if she got caught , upon her divorce she would receive nothing.

Just another few months and Sharon would be married to Ben's long enough to begin receiving alimony. But the notion of Ben, her husband's , being interested in her sexually never truly occurred to her. Sure, she had seen the boy stealing glances at her low cut tops but all men did. Sharon looked at butts of cute guys on the street, that didn't mean she actually would go them. But what if Ben actually was trying to create a circumstance to sleep with her? Sharon took a long drink of her wine as she stared at the back wall of Brittany's room.

“Look at her,” Brittany smiled. “She's actually thinking about it!”

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“Why not?” Cynthia chimed in. “Ben's cute, nice, funny- if I needed to get a Dick fix, he'd be the one I went to.”

Brittany made a shocked expression but couldn't hide the smirk as she slapped her best friend's arm. “Cynthia! I forbid you from hooking up with my brother!”

“What? It's not like he's your actual brother and it sounds like your mom's divorcing his father soon anyways so-“

“Man, listen to her,” Angela giggled. “She really thought this through.”

“Are you actually interested in Ben?” Brittany asked, with the playfulness in her voice straightening.

Cynthia's eyes darted about before her face broke into a smile, “I'm just fucking with you- Sharon should be getting asked that question.”

“No, don't be gross,” Sharon swiped her hand at the seated girls.

“It's not gross,” Cynthia said. “It's not like he's your actual son.”

Angela nodded, “plus, he's leaving for college next week and you'll be divorced from his dad, who he hates too, before the school years are done. So you don't have to see him if you don't want. Like if it's weird.”

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