Step Mother’s Advice Rebound

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The sting of sweat pierced the back of his neck as heat flushed his cheeks and panic sent his heart into a rapid thump in his chest. His eyes darted down to his member that still wore a pair of his 's black panties strewed across his head. Ben quickly threw the panties on the floor and went to cover his shaft with the comforter.

“Hey! Not so fast mister!” Sharon yelped, stepping into the room. The door swinging and latching shut behind her. “You don't get to Jack off to my panties AND ruin my good comforter with your junk- I just washed them.”

From the foot of the bed Sharon scooped the covers from Ben's hands and tossed them to the opposite side of the mattress. Now, with nothing to even shield himself, he was completely exposed. His throbbing hard bobbed with each involuntary flex. There was a moment when Sharon seemed unsure of herself. Like she questioned if she should just leave the room or if she should stay.

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The moment slipped away almost as quickly as her fingers slipped around his shaft. Stroking Ben's cock, he admired his stepmother's thick breasts beneath her black form fitting top. She had been at the gym, Ben knew because her long black hair was slightly damp as it hung over her shoulder and he could tell by the size of her breasts beneath her top that they were restrained by a sports bra.

He watched his stepmother stroke his shaft a few times while she licked her lips. Stealing a final glance up at Ben while wearing her wicked smile, Sharon flicked all of her hair over one side of her shoulder before lowering her lips to his shaft. Her full lips pushed softly on the tip of his cock keeping constant soft pressure on his sensitive skin. When her tongue snaked around the head of his shaft, Ben squirmed and grunted as his stepmother tongued his cock like a pro.

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Sharon swiped her hair neatly over her shoulder as her head bobbed up and down again as she tongued and sucked his cock. Unbuttoning her shirt, Sharon popped her lips off of his cock, licking her lips as she panted while leering at Ben with a seductive smile on her wet lips.

“You've got such a wonderful cock, baby…” Sharon giggled as she crawled towards Ben on the bed. Through her dangling open shirt Ben could see the long line of cleavage. “I can see you've got that confidence Cynthia was talking about…” Sharon teased, her hand reverse gripped and stroked his shaft slowly. “How about advice… you still looking for advice from mommy?”

Ben's heart fluttered in his chest at his stepmother's soothing voice and familiar touch. All he could do was nod as he looked up at his who hovered over him. Peeling her shorts from her legs, Ben saw for the his stepmother's tight trimmed bush as she swung her leg over Ben's hips. The tip of his cock brushed against her ass cheeks as she tossed her shirt to the side leaving only her black sports bra restricting her heavy breasts.

Sitting back down as she fed the tip of his throbbing cock into her lips. Like slicing into a cake, Ben's cock pierced Sharon's pussy slowly. “Aahhooohhhh… god…” Sharon groaned as the head of his cock pushed inside her. Arching her back, she slid down further his shaft until he was all the way inside his stepmother. The wide eye, high eye brow, and open mouthed look of shock on her face was a sight he wanted to remember. An image he never wanted to forget. It was the sexiest look he had ever seen.

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