Daddys recovery

My dad was in the hospital for a week. Nobody went to visit him but me. He always kept good spitits but i coukd tell that he was lonely. After the nurse was done checking his vitals i decided to adjust his pillow. Im not very tall, 5 feet zero, 100 pounds with very small tits and puffy nipples. And i dont wear a bra.

I was adjusting dads pillows and as i had to stretch my tittie brushed dads face. Then it happened again. Dad has always been straight forward wirh no fear. I felt him kiss my boob ober my t shirt. I knew that it wasnt an accident, in fact it was arousing. I said daddy i am your daughter, he apolojized. But i didnt want his apology. I walked over and closed the door then as i stepped alongside dad i pulled up my shirt and put my titbin daddys face. I felt my pussy flood as his lips sucked in my nipple. I slid my hand under the the sheet and grabbed his hard cock. I asked daddy will you cum in my mouth. A big smile formed on his 55 year old face. I gave my dad a blowjob. He wispered, fuck your daddy sweetheart. I wasnt sure if he wpuld go for that but i was excited thst he asked. I slipped out of my pantys leaving my mini skirt on and climbed on top of my dads 7 inch cock. I assured his that i was on birth control so he coukd cum inside my pussy. I bately started an orgasm when daddy filled his little girls womb. I sucked our juices off daddys cock and he started getting hard sgain. I stroked ans sucked until je let out a loud grunt as he shot his cum down my throat. I could see that he was happy and satisfied. The next time his vitals eere check they were almost perfect. I picked daddy up thr next day. I was sure to not wear pantys under my mini skirt. As i was driving i said , daddy i shaved and pulled up my skirt. His face lit up, i took his hand and slid it between my legs.

We hot home and dad was surprised to see my sister Julia there cleaning the kitchen. She is 23 with a small body like mine just bigger B Size boobs. The three of us got naked and took a shower. Daddy was so happy as his two daughters washed his body. We led him into the bedroom but he said thst he wanted the livingroom couch. I got to admit thst i got a little jealous at dad fucking the shit out of Julia on the arm of the couch. But then he fucked me.

My sister and i brightened daddys life. He gets out of the house now. He even met a woman that he is dating but Julia and i fulfill his sexual needs as he waits for his girlfriend to give it up.

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