Mom’s sexual education to son

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Hi readers im sai back with my new story. It is about a son and mom’s insectous relationship, where mom educates son how to have sex and find pleasure. Hope you love it. The incident is creted on readers perspective.

Ever since he found porn, he was completely addicted to it. First, he started fairly innocent, like searching hot videos of actors and navel pictures. As time flew by, his taste started becoming hardcore. He searched for various fetish sites to satisfy his urges. But it seemed like a never-ending tale.

This time, Sai found a genre that specifically interested him more than the rest, i.e., incest. These stories hit him harder than other stories. The satisfaction is much higher whenever he jerked off to these, and he cums like crazy. He doesn’t know what these stories made him interested in.

But maybe the taboo nature made it sexier in his eyes, he thought. Even in incest, a particular category takes the cake for him, i.e., mother-son love. This one was so taboo and perverse. So Sai had a certain affinity towards these stories.

These stories involve mothers getting intimate with their sons and letting them enjoy the same body they came out of. It felt like an ultimate taboo. Even though many mom-son stories are available online, he read a particular story on some website that was making him lose sleep.

A mother was willing to teach her son about sex in that story. She displayed her nude body to explain the intimate parts and even had intercourse with him to show how ‘it’s properly done.’ The author claimed it was a true story and that he was the son that experienced this in real life.

Whether he was lying or not was a topic for another day. But thinking about a mother who was willing to do this with her son made his head dizzier. He started fantasizing about how it would feel to copulate with his mother and penetrate the same hole you came out of.

In that story, his mother also let him suck her boobs which was the favorite part of a woman to Sai. He has always fantasized about sucking boobs. Sucking your own mother’s breast while being nude and intimate with her sounds so much fun.

Even though the author says his mother stopped lactating for a long time, she just let him suck and bite her boobs. Then he could replicate the same experience with his wife once he got married. The author explained the feeling of his mother’s boobs in his mouth was otherworldly, like a divine experience.

After that, his mother would allow him to play with her boobs at night times when his father isn’t around. Sometimes he would start leaking semen just by sucking her breasts. He needed to jerk off like crazy to match the same feeling of sucking her boobs.

The author also claimed they had intercourse only once. His mother never allowed him to penetrate her again, claiming it was too much for her to handle mentally. He said no amount of money thrown at escorts and prostitutes would give the same experience of feeling your mother’s pussy.

But after that night of education, he was able to satisfy his girlfriends immensely. Women always wondered how great he was in bed, all thanks to his mother. sai would read this story multiple times a day to jerk off. He couldn’t watch normal porn again since they felt too vanilla for him.

His relationship with his mother valli has always been good. He shared everything with her. She has always supported him and has protected him from his father and his strict way of teaching. She never shied away when sai showed his physical affection.

She understood how physical touch is important to feel loved, especially her beloved son. Sometimes when his hugs were longer than usual, she didn’t complain. His kisses were getting bolder by day. Once he reached puberty, she understood the changes boys went through and the private needs of her son.

She always knocked on his door before coming in. If he felt sad or down, attacking him with kisses seemed to improve his mood every time. His favorite part of the day is when his mother prepares the food. He slowly creeps up near her and hugs her from behind, and they will laugh together about being silly.

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