Unforgettable First Time

I’m Yash, 24 years old, tall, and of medium build.

The incident occurred five years ago, while I was in my second year of engineering. I used to be an extremely bashful man who would never approach a female in college. A girl arrived unexpectedly at my home. She is tall and has a decent appearance, but she is good. Later, I discovered that she is a particular relative who came here for project work, and her name is Pavani. We’ve only met twice, and both times were when I was in school. I assisted her with settling into a nearby pg. Later, she regularly visited our house, and we used to have formal conversations. Later, she began to seek my assistance with project work, and as we became closer, she began to flirt with me with her eyes, taunting me every time she came to our home. We started talking on the phone till late at night about college relatives, other unimportant stuff, travelling, and going to the movies. She continually leaned on my shoulder and put her hand above my head while watching the movie. I’m not sure; I’m too terrified to pursue it.

We also used to go for a long ride on my bike; while sitting on the bike, she used to hug me tightly from the backside, we both wanted each other badly. I am very much afraid if anyone comes to know about us. One day when she came home nobody was in my home. As usual, I was playing a game on PC, she joined me, sat very close to me and told me to put on some movie, she was leaning on my shoulder. I started to kiss her face and neck. With total fear, I put one hand on her shoulder and began to slide inside her top. She just gave me a stern look. I felt like death, later she started smiling inside, and then we started staring at each other. Slowly our faces got closer. Finally, our lips met. It was a great movement. We smooched for another 10 mins. I still remember that I am shivering.

She sat above me with legs apart, she was in pants and a short top, I am in three-fourth shorts and thin t-shirts, I hold her butt and started squeeze, she started moaning, we then shifted to bed and we both holding each other tightly and kissing each other, I started to put one hand inside her pant and squeezing her ass with other started to touch her breasts above her dress I can feel her bra strap, slowly we started to remove each other dress and become topless and I can feel her boobs inside her bra, I started to kiss her boobs and to lick between her boobs, she started to press my head, I removed her bra started sucking her boobs like no following day she started to moaning heavily, I put one hand on her pussy above and started rubbing, she holds my hair tightly started rubbing on my back,
I removed her pant along with underwear now she is wholly become nude and I started admiring her beauty, she is too hot and her body shape is perfect like angel, I am first to see a girl fully naked, I am too excited, she started to call my name, I was just stunned for few minutes, slowly I kissed from her belly and shifted to her pussy, as soon as I touched her pussy with my lips she started jumping, I can feel wetness on her pussy lips on my lips and little hair, she just closed her legs hold my face tightly between her thighs, later she released her legs, initially it was disgusting but I started to enjoy later, she started pressing my head, and pulling my hair, with one hand I started to press her boobs, taste is sooooo good after 5 mins she released her cumm, after she relaxed for couple of minutes, she put her one hand on my dick I am feeling like in heaven she pulled my underwear down and took out my dick, it becomes very hard I never experienced like this, she just wiped precum with her tiny finger, it creates a great sensation throughout my body.

Later she started pressing it softly and rubbing, she just kissed the tip of my dick, we both not speaking each other just enjoying, we again started smooching each other while she slowly stroking my dick with her hand, later I brought my dick above her pussy and started rubbing, we both virgin, I tried to enter my dick inside her pussy, her pussy is too tight to enter my dick inside, with somehow I put half of my 6inc dick inside her pussy, she started crying, tears started coming down from her eyes, too com down her I started kissing her while kissing I put my entire dick inside, she started shivering for a movement, later she com down, too warm and unforgettable feeling first time, I still remember those movements.

I kept it like that for some time, later I started slowly up and down movement, she started to enjoy within ten minutes I came, while cumming I removed my dick from her pussy and put it on her belly, I can see blood spots on my dick, we cleaned up each other and had one more session, she rode me, while her boobs shaking, the view is soo beautiful and making sounds of her jumps, she biting her lips and kissing me in between, she enjoying every movement and I still mesmerizing those movements.
Later, we got dressed up, went out for lunch, did a couple more times, and didn’t get much chance. Later I got a chance with a classmate. After 6 months, she left abroad for higher studies. She has changed my lifestyle. I love licking pussy.

Feedback is welcome, I am currently working in Hyderabad, and anyone interested can contact me in and around Hyderabad. I have a great desire to have fun with the elders. [email protected]
Insta DM @desiboy_75

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