Got my maid’s vagina

It’s a nice day as I am in my home,going to enjoy weekend with my friends in evening .so I wake up late in the morning as I took refreshment and than walked to dinning space,my mom is sitting there as she screamed louder……..

“Rani prepare a cup of tea for Garry
(Garry)mom today evening I will go to my friend’s home as we have planned a weekend party
(Mom)oh I see !you will enjoy party till late night
(Garry)mom ,I will be back at midnight.”so she gave me permission to enjoy.


I am a 19 years young guy with tall figure as well as athelete body ,my strong arms with wider chest have been attractive as my dick is 7-8 inches long and 2 inches thick.we friends are addicted to drinking beer as well as watching porn movies but I have never got chance to enjoy with a gal or my physical love life have not started,now maid Rani came with a cup of tea as she leaned forward to put cup on she leaned forward ,her lovely boobs shows its maximum parts in herb deep necked blouse and now she walked away.our house hold maid Rani is a 23-24 years married lady as her charming face with slim figure have ignited my mind so many times,her round dome shaped ass is as I am drinking tea while thinking of maid’s sexy body,my eyes have seen her sexy breasts as my cock started growing harder inside bermuda.

So I walked to kitchen with empty cup as I put it there and Rani is cleaning the utensils,I eyed her body as I walked I am on chair in my room with my mobile on hand as I started reading some news on it,mom came there as she is looking gorgeous in her modern outfit of leggings and crop-tops,she said………

Garry I am going to market with your dad ,so have your breakfast as Rani will prepare it
(Garry)ok mom.”

And she walked away,I walked to door as I closed it and now I can see Rani cleaning the floor of dinning space,her cleavage can be seen easily as I sits on sofa there and started eyeing her face to boobs.later on ,she frisked inside my room to clean the floor as I moved inside,she is in my washroom as she is having water in bucket,as she came and put bucket on floor,I hold him from behind as my arms have hold her wrist tightly and other hand is just holding her breast hard,she is pushing me back as she screamed

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“oohh Garry leave me ,what are you doing ,let your parents come I will complain to them” but my hand is pressing her breast hard as my arm have rounded her her resistance is making thing worse as she pushed me hard and I fell on bed,she ran fast out of my I followed him and again I hold Rani in dinning space as I started kissing her face to lips and her resistance is making me more hot and I pushed him as she is on sofa,her saree from chest have made a way away as I hold Rani in hurry and started kissing her face to lips.she is bit annoyed as her face is showing stiff resistance but I have hold him tightly as my lips are kissing her face to neck and her soft boobs are pressing hard on my chest,feeling too Rani is bit hot as she put her resistance on hold and I am kissing her face to lips frequently.she is now rubbing my back as I make him sit on my lap,now I took her rossy lips in my mouth as I am sucking it as my hand have hold her tight tits while her lips is in my mouth.later on ,I left her tongue as I put her on sofa,now I am pressing her both boobs as she hold my bulge on it’s hard as well as straight and I put my hand on Rani’s back as I opened her strings of blouse.oh my god!it’s a sexy boobs in pink brassiere as I kissed its upper parts and started squeezing it hardly as Rani pulled my berumda and my long thick cock is in her hand as she is masturbating it fastly.

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While kissing my maid’s boobs,I put my hand on her shoulder as I put down its laces and now as I put my face infront of her boobs,she put it in my while sucking Rani’s boobs,my hand is lifting her saree as well as peticote upwards and my cock is growing harder in her hand,so I can hear her scream

“oohh uuhh Garry suck hard” and than I left her reddish turned boobs as I took other ones in my mouth to I am sucking her breast as my hand have moved inside her peticote,her saree and peticote have gone up but it’s not on my hand have got the touch of her vagina as I started rubbing my finger in between her labias,she is screaming in pleasure”oohh Garry please fuck me fuck me soon”and than I left her she is semi nude as I lifted her lower parts upto her I can see her cunt with hairs on it and now I make her stand on ground like a four legged animal as I am standing on her back.rani’s sexy ass is nude as I hold my penis and put it’s glans in her vagina,now slowly it’s going inside vagina as I hold her waist.looking at me ,she smiled as I pounded her cunt hard and than I started fucking her vagina with speed and she is moving her sexy ass ,she is a married young lady as she is experienced in my hard penis is inside her burning hole ,moving faster on smooth fast as I put my one hand on her boobs.while massaging it hard,I am penetrating her vagina fast,she is screaming in pleasure

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“oohh uuhh fuck fuck me hard ,my hubby have never satisfied me ,so go hard aahh” and my penis is hitting her vaginal depth .after 5 minutes of deep penetration ,her vagina ejaculated cum as I took out my penis from her vagina.

Now she sits on sofa as I knelt infront of her legs,her legs are wide as I put my tongue in her deep vagina,now licking it to taste it’s she is removing her saree as well as peticote from her she is completely nude and than I stand infront of him,she is bit reluctant while loving my she hold it as she licked my cock with her long tongue and than I hold her hairs as she opened her mouth,now I pushed my long penis in her mouth as I started fucking it.she is moving her face also as my penis is like a hot rod and after a while,as I felt precum on my penis,I took it out .so she slept on sofa as I am sitting between her thighs,so pushed my long cock sand and started fucking her vagina.she is enjoying my fuck as she is screaming louder”oohh aahh uumm”and after 3-4 minutes of fuck ,my dick cummed in her vagina as we both left for I fucked my maid Rani ,as I got taste of her vagina ,boobs and body.

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