Sex with sister in law – Part 1

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My brother’s wife has always been very flirty with me at all of our family functions. He never noticed because he was always drunk. She always hugged me a little too tightly or rubbed against me in a seductive manner. I think at one event we might have even kissed. I enjoyed the attention but nothing could never happen because my brother would kill me.

My brother and I had a rocky relationship and hadn’t seen him in a few years or even talked to him for that matter.

I received a call that my brother had passed away suddenly. I was in shock and was unsure what to even do. I talked to some family members but not to his wife Dina. I pondered if I should attend the service. It was in another town about 3 hours from my house. I ultimately decided to go.

On Friday the day of the memorial service I drove the 3 hours to the funeral home. The service went off without a hitch. I really didn’t want to attend the luncheon afterwards. You know families and all the drama. I was about to leave when Dina approached me and wrapped her arms around me. I squeezed her tightly back and held her for a few minutes. I was surprised she wasn’t sobbing uncontrollably. I kissed her on the forehead and told if she needed anything to let me know.

I started to walk to my car when Dina came running after me. She grabbed my hand and said, “Please don’t leave. I need to talk to you.”

“Call me and we will get together when I’m in town. Now is probably not the time.” Her city was in my territory and visited the every couple of weeks.

“Please don’t leave. Just come to lucncheon and we can talk afterwards. Please for me. I really need you right now.”

I was surprised by her words but felt like I should stay for her. I told her I would stay. She asked if she could ride with me to the hall. We exchanged pleasantries with a few people before we had to head over to hall.

We walked over to the car. I opened the door her voluptuous body brushed me as she slid into the passenger seat. I couldn’t help look at her heart shaped ass in her tight fitting black dress.

We started driving to the hall and we making a lot of small talk. She asked me to pull over as she had something important to tell me.

“Your brother was having an affair with a co-worker. It had been going on for quite a while. I was ready to leave him.”

“I’m not surprised. He was always after other women. He even tried to hit on Eva several times. That’s why we had the falling out. I’m sorry he did that you.” It seems I have always apologized for my brother.

“There’s more. He was upset with me about sex because a couple of times while we were fucking I called out your name.” I sat there with my jaw open.

“We haven’t had sex in over a year. We were at crossroads. Then I saw you and these intense feelings welled up inside me.”

“I’m not sure what to say.” She placed her hand on my thigh. My cock started to stir. What’s wrong with me. This is my brothers wife. We are at his funeral. But she’s so damn sexy.

“I never told anyone this but I walked in on you Eva one night when we came to visit. You were fucking her from behind and I thought it was so hot. I rubbed my pussy through my pants as I lingered at your door. I realized you were actually fucking her is the ass when she moaned and begged you to fuck her ass harder. I came right at that moment. I have never been fucked in the ass myself but have since wanted to experience it. After you pulled out of her ass she got on her knees to suck you cock. She saw me and started sucking your cock harder as she winked at me. I was surprised that she continued. I wanted to leave but couldn’t. She finally told you to cum on her face and tits. My god what a sight. You came so much. After that I left the room and went to bed and masturbated for hours because of couse your brother was passed out.”

“What! You saw all of that and never said anything.”

“I was embarrassed and turned on. Who could I tell. Eva would always give me these sexy smiles.”

I hadn’t realized that her hand was rubbing my cock right there in the car. I looked at her and saw that her chest was heaving as her other hand was rubbing her pussy. She had hiked her dress up as we were talking. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and placed them on my lips. I opened my mouth to suck on her fingers.

She fumbled with my zipper and gasped as she freed my cock. “It’s even bigger up close!” She quickly engulfed about 4 to 5 inches of my cock. I knew I should stop her but her lips, tongue and mouth were magical. She guided my hand to her pussy. My god she was soaking wet.

Sex with sister in law – Part 2

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