Unexpected encounter with my SIL

I am about to narrate something that happened between me and my Son-In-Law one night which was by accident but very thrilling. To introduce myself I am a widow aged 43 years with one daughter who is married to a very handsome Punjabi Jat.

I will not say that I have an hourglass figure but I am definitely on the heavier side with heavy breasts and ass. I lost my husband a year after marriage and I got busy just bringing up my daughter who was just born at that time.

This episode happened a month ago when my daughter and her hubby were at my place staying overnight. It was quite late in the night and my daughter bid us good night and was off to bed saying she was tired.

She requested me to stay around and give my SIL company because he was still having his drink. To describe him he is quite tall with the usual huge Jat body quite similar to a wrestler.

We were sitting in my living room on the sofa watching TV and chatting generally. I was in my night suit with nothing underneath because I can never sleep with my under garments on.

He was also in his track pants with a tight fitting t-shirt. While he was sipping his drink and cracking a lot of jokes we both laughed and went on for a very long time.

Then after about 3hrs I could see that he was drunk surely more than moderate and was now slurring in most of the things he was talking. He emptied his glass and asked me to pour him another one.

Now I knew he could handle it so I poured him one. Then he insisted that I give him company having one myself. I told him that I had tried it once but never liked the taste of it.

Then he insisted that he will make it differently for me and I should try it and will surely like it. He was forcing me quite a lot so looking around that we were the only two there I thought I could have one quietly without anyone finding out.

He poured me one and we both started drinking. He asked me to come over and sit closer to him since me sitting and watching TV in that position will surely give me neck pain.

I thought he was making sense so I moved in next to him on the sofa. Then we continued with the chatting and drinking and before I realized I was on my 3rd one and was surely feeling high.

I looked at him and he was very drunk now and still not any mood to stop. All his jokes and conversations had moved to the adult masala kind. While I did enjoy them I was feeling uncomfortable at the same time due to our relationship.

Now when he asked me to pour him another one I bent forward and poured him one and passed him his drink and sat back on the sofa. I realized he now had his hand around my waist holding me next to him.

I knew he was drunk and I did not mind and just sat quietly sipping my drink. Because of his drunken state he was constantly leaning and very often falling on me with his face frequently landing on my breasts.

I kept pushing him back to his upright position and during all this his hand which was earlier around my waist was now firmly cupping my right breast. I was now sitting tight between the sofa arm rest and him.

This constant body contact especially my breasts which are highly sensitive aroused me and in the back of my head I was already planning to go masturbate once I got in bed tonight.

I didn’t have much energy to stop him because he was so huge and strong. Then on TV a scene was playing where the hero starts kissing the heroine very passionately all over.

Now I don’t know what happened to him but he suddenly turned to me and lifted me with his strong hands and sat me across his lap. He started kissing my lips holding my head firmly with his hand from behind.

His other hand was fondling my left breast and kneading my nipple over my clothes. I tried breaking out of his grip but he was far too strong for me to stop. He held my hands placing them around his neck and said “you are my darling, why are you being so naughty today?”.

Because he was drunk now I thought he had mistaken me for my daughter and I did not know what to do. But his fondling my breasts and kissing my lips got me highly aroused now and my body was on fire.

Within seconds he opened the buttons of my top and it spread it pushing it off my shoulders. He was sucking my naked breasts and gently chewing my nipples with his teeth.

I thought since my daughter was off to sleep and we were alone no one would find out about this episode and since he is drunk he wouldn’t remember anything in the morning.

So for my selfishness I could enjoy sex with him which I have been craving for so many years. He relaxed his grip on me and asked me to pour two large pegs for each of us.

I did since I know after I too get drunk it would be much easier to get over the guilt of having done this. He said “go bottoms up on this drink since there is much more to do”.

I joined him and we emptied our glasses and kept it on the table. Then he kissed me very passionately and carrying me in his hands stood up. I am easily 65kg in weight and was amazed by his strength.

He slowly lowered me on the sofa on my back and he removed my top completely. Then he reached down to my pajamas and in one swift jerk he pulled that off making me completely naked.

I just shut my eyes unable to bear the shame being naked in front of my SIL. Then he removed his clothes down to his briefs quickly. He stood next to the sofa in his briefs and grabbed my hand and kept it on his dick and said “what are you waiting for darling”.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do but from his bulge I could see that he was surely well endowed. Then I pulled down his undies and revealed what I would call a horse’s dick.

He was very long and thick and I just froze at the sight of it. Then he got out of his undies and again stood in front. He held my shoulders pulling me up and made me sit on the sofa placing both my palms on his dick.

Then he held my head and pushed it towards his dick. Now while I had heard of oral I had never done it so did not know what to do. He pushed his dick against my mouth and I had no choice to open my mouth to make it easier.

He was slowly stroking my mouth in the same way like fucking. He was luckily not going deep and I was holding his dick and stroking it at the same time. After about 5 mins he released me and pushed me back on the sofa.

Then he spread my legs wider than I had ever opened all these years and started fingering my dripping wet vagina while he kept kneading my breasts. While I knew this was not right in a part of my mind, I also did not want this to stop.

I was dying for him to have intercourse with me and make this moment last forever. Then after a few minutes he replaced his fingers with his tongue and it drove me mad with pleasure because this was the first time I was experiencing this.

Then he pushed the same fingers into my virgin asshole without warning and it really hurt but I stayed quiet because at the same time his tongue was lapping up my love hole and bringing me on verge of my orgasm.

Then he got on top of me and positioned his massive manhood at my love entrance and kept rubbing it there and then very slowly started pushing it in very little at a time not in any rush.

Mentally I had already surrendered myself to him because he was so good and he surely knew how to please a woman and also how to make her beg for more. After a few minutes he was very slowly pistoning in and out while going deeper at the same time.

When he was almost all the way in, he stayed motionless inside me for some time while he kept kissing me all over. He lifted my ass and placed two cushions underneath my butt and he now penetrated deeper into me.

While this feeling was incredible and beyond anything you can put in words I was feeling stuffed to the hilt. Now he locked my lips again with his and at the same time started his to and fro motion inside me.

Over the next few minutes he kept increasing his speed and was rocking me and the sofa with every stroke while he assaulted my breasts with his tongue and teeth.

I have no idea how many times I had orgasms during this but surely this was the best fucking of my life. After he had been riding me for over 10mins he suddenly pulled out and got off me.

I thought he was going to ejaculate but I was wrong. He pulled me on my feet and made me climb onto the sofa holding the backrest for support while he immediately penetrated me from behind riding me doggy style.

In this position I could feel him even more deeper inside me and his thrusts were much more powerful literally rocking me every time he pushed into me. During this time, he was constantly finger fucking my asshole which now was not hurting at all.

He smoothly had three fingers going deep inside. After fucking me in this position for another 5minutes he pulled out and positioned his hotrod at my asshole. He held my tits from behind and turned my face sideways kissing me with burning passion.

Now with one hand he started rubbing my clit furiously and that made me relax my muscles slightly and sensing it he immediately started penetrating my virgin ass from behind.

Since he had got me so prepared for this I did not experience any pain even though this was my first anal experience. By now I was very tired because I was not used to a fuck session lasting so long.

Even when my husband was around everything used to be over within 5mins and I thought that is how it was. Today this guy was fucking me with endless energy and I didn’t see any signs of him being close to ejaculating.

He had been fucking my ass for quite a longtime while one of his hands were playing with my clit and honey pot while the other was squeezing my tits and not to forget all the licking and kissing he did with his tongue.

I was so close to my next orgasm and I could also sense him also thrusting faster. Then he whispered in my ear asking “can I cum inside?” I nodded in affirmative and he literally had me in the air now while he rocked me full force.

Soon he groaned and held me tightly against him while he filled my ass with his seed. We remained in this position for some time and I could feel his juice filling me in spurts.

He carried me his hotrod still in my ass and sat on the sofa with me on top. He said “darling, make two large pegs”, I had completely sobered down because of the crazy fuck session with this raging bull so I had no qualms of having another one.

This was by far the best fuck of my life and also the longest. I was so desperate to ask him to fuck me every day like this but did not have the guts to do it. I also did not want to mess up my daughter’s marriage because after all he was my SIL.

I got off his lap and poured both of us two stiff pegs thinking that we were done and bed time now. He took the glass from my hand and emptied it and told me to pour another one.

I did and he finished that too and held my waist and pulled me towards him seating me again on his lap. He again started sucking my tits which were near his face and with the other hand he was finger fucking my love hole.

I said “I am very tired now and if we could hit the bed now”? He said “ok, I will sleep right there on the sofa itself”. He put on all his clothes and went off to sleep and I too got dressed and went to my room and slept.

Honestly I couldn’t sleep and was recollecting all the events and thinking how much I enjoyed it even though I knew it was wrong. Now this was a new desire born inside me making me crave for a lot more sex.

I don’t know when I drifted to sleep and in the morning my daughter woke me up because I had overslept. She enquired if he was normal last night etc. and I said everything was ok.

I just looked at my daughters face and imagined that how lucky she was to get a husband who is so good in bed. I went and checked in the living room and he too was just waking up.

Then my daughter said she was heading for a bath now. I went to the kitchen and started preparing tea for my SIL and me. All the events from last night were still fresh in my mind and constantly flashing thru my head getting me aroused again.

When I came to my senses my one hand was rubbing my breast and the other was rubbing my clit and dripping love hole. Then suddenly I felt two hands from behind grab both my tits and squeeze them hard.

Then my SILs familiar whisper in my ear asking “can we do it once more”? I was flushed with shame because even under the influence of alcohol he knew what exactly he was doing.

I really did not know how what to say when he again said “had I known you are so hot in bed then I would have married you instead”. He kept fondling my breasts with one hand while his other hand was inside my night pants fingering my pussy.

I was very desperate for the fuck and I thought to myself since now he knows everything what the heck, I might as well enjoy while it lasts and god only knows when and if I will get another chance with him.

I bent forward looking at the bathroom door and confirmed my daughter had gone for her bath, but the shower had still not started and she generally takes a long time bathing.

Then I reached behind with both my hands and freed his already erect monster and stroked it a few times, I said “do whatever you want to do quickly before my daughter finishes her bath”.

He did not waste another second and pulled down my night pants to my knees and dug into my pussy with his mouth. I felt very week in my knees and spread my legs, bending forward on the kitchen platform for support.

After a few minutes he stood up and started rubbing his hotrod along my opening. I begged him saying “please stop torturing me or I will die”. He said “from today you are my bitch and I will fuck you like a bitch”.

He pushed his hot rod inside my love canal from behind and started rocking me hard with his thrusts. This time he went on in this position only nonstop for about 25mins and flooded my vagina with his seed.

We were now profusely sweating and panting. We quickly cleaned and I got back to making tea when my daughter emerged from the bath room. I was so relieved for not having got caught.

Then I served the tea and sipped it quietly. After this my SIL used to come to my house daily in the morning on his way to work and fuck the living daylights out of me.

We continued for the next seven years till they got transferred to another nearby town. Now both visit every second weekend and our late night sex sessions continue.

Let me know how you like my experience. My email id is [email protected]

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