Unexpected encounter with my SIL

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I am about to narrate something that happened between me and my Son-In-Law one night which was by accident but very thrilling. To introduce myself I am a widow aged 43 years with one daughter who is married to a very handsome Punjabi Jat.

I will not say that I have an hourglass figure but I am definitely on the heavier side with heavy breasts and ass. I lost my husband a year after marriage and I got busy just bringing up my daughter who was just born at that time.

This episode happened a month ago when my daughter and her hubby were at my place staying overnight. It was quite late in the night and my daughter bid us good night and was off to bed saying she was tired.

She requested me to stay around and give my SIL company because he was still having his drink. To describe him he is quite tall with the usual huge Jat body quite similar to a wrestler.

We were sitting in my living room on the sofa watching TV and chatting generally. I was in my night suit with nothing underneath because I can never sleep with my under garments on.

He was also in his track pants with a tight fitting t-shirt. While he was sipping his drink and cracking a lot of jokes we both laughed and went on for a very long time.

Then after about 3hrs I could see that he was drunk surely more than moderate and was now slurring in most of the things he was talking. He emptied his glass and asked me to pour him another one.

Now I knew he could handle it so I poured him one. Then he insisted that I give him company having one myself. I told him that I had tried it once but never liked the taste of it.

Then he insisted that he will make it differently for me and I should try it and will surely like it. He was forcing me quite a lot so looking around that we were the only two there I thought I could have one quietly without anyone finding out.

He poured me one and we both started drinking. He asked me to come over and sit closer to him since me sitting and watching TV in that position will surely give me neck pain.

I thought he was making sense so I moved in next to him on the sofa. Then we continued with the chatting and drinking and before I realized I was on my 3rd one and was surely feeling high.

I looked at him and he was very drunk now and still not any mood to stop. All his jokes and conversations had moved to the adult masala kind. While I did enjoy them I was feeling uncomfortable at the same time due to our relationship.

Now when he asked me to pour him another one I bent forward and poured him one and passed him his drink and sat back on the sofa. I realized he now had his hand around my waist holding me next to him.

I knew he was drunk and I did not mind and just sat quietly sipping my drink. Because of his drunken state he was constantly leaning and very often falling on me with his face frequently landing on my breasts.

I kept pushing him back to his upright position and during all this his hand which was earlier around my waist was now firmly cupping my right breast. I was now sitting tight between the sofa arm rest and him.

This constant body contact especially my breasts which are highly sensitive aroused me and in the back of my head I was already planning to go masturbate once I got in bed tonight.

I didn’t have much energy to stop him because he was so huge and strong. Then on TV a scene was playing where the hero starts kissing the heroine very passionately all over.

Now I don’t know what happened to him but he suddenly turned to me and lifted me with his strong hands and sat me across his lap. He started kissing my lips holding my head firmly with his hand from behind.

His other hand was fondling my left breast and kneading my nipple over my clothes. I tried breaking out of his grip but he was far too strong for me to stop. He held my hands placing them around his neck and said “you are my darling, why are you being so naughty today?”.

Because he was drunk now I thought he had mistaken me for my daughter and I did not know what to do. But his fondling my breasts and kissing my lips got me highly aroused now and my body was on fire.

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