Mistress maid – part 3

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This is shabir ahmed. This is about how i made my mistress maid pregnant. Maria my maid and myself were regularly having sex. After my daughter visited she was supposed to stay for 20 days but extended to 35 days.

We went for trips and relatives house. All i missed these days were sex with maria that i was having for 2 months. Maria and her son stayed in top portion during my daughter’s arrival. Since ours is a 3BHK house my daughter found few Maria’s things in guest room. One is my master bedroom one is a room for my son and daughters to sleep if they come as couples and other is a guest room. My daughter was suspicious and had inquired to maria indirectly which is she denied. After 35 days my daughter along with her kid and husband left to Dubai. I planned to fuck maria the very night byt a day before Maria had to leave to her native for a emergency. I concentrated on my business and maria use to call very rarely. I saw Maria keeping a distance from me when my daughter was there and it continued even after my daughter left. Maria returned after a week and as her Son school will start. She was not speaking to me properly. When confronted her she said that my daughter had been suspicious about our behaviour. It seems one of our neighbours had found that we are having sex. Its true aa Maria stopped working in most of neighbours house as she needs to take some rest at night when i go to office.

Maria- Your daughter had requested to me to move somewhere. She has found out about us.

Me- So what. We did it as mutual. See You love me and even I love you. Don’t worry about anyone.

Maria- sir i know you love me but society thinks i am your keep.
Me- i have already said if society thinks you as my keep I don’t care because i will keep you and even marry you if you want.

Maria- sir after my failed marriage i am not planning to get married soon. Even with you. I will be staying in top floor till my son’s exams get over in 3 months. After that its better i move to native.

I was shocked by her words. She wants breakup or is she afraid of my daughter. I also started maintaining distance. 2 weeks later she got her period and was struggling with pain. I prepared her hot bag and took care of cooking. She was happy. I cuddled her and made her sleep. A week later her sister came and took her son for a trip.
Me- Maria why aren’t you going. Your whole family is going and you are going to stay.
Maria- Sir i already took many leaves I cannot take leave. I am planning to join the job in 2.more houses.

Next day morning thier relatives left with her son. Her son normally plays with me though his mom doesn’t speak to me properly.

Maria knocked the door and asked my permission saying that –
Sir the tap in top bathroom is not working my sister used the guest room bathroom. I hope it’s okay.

Me- maria this is your house as well. Why are you asking permission and all.
Maria ignored and went to the guest room. Few mins later she slightly opened the door of the guest room and i realised she has come from bath. She was in petticoat and bra covering her top with towel.

I knew she was teasing me and she changed her saree as such.
Evening i came back from office. Maria was dressed in nighty and she again started speaking normally without any restrictions. It seems she started missing my cock and I ignored all her signs.

Me- Maria please pack few of my dresses after ironing. I have a meeting.
Maria- Okay sir (with a sad face)
Me- Do one thing you also come with me. I need someone to help me in certain things. All my staffs are busy.

Maria- okay sir. I will come but i am not that educated to help you.

Next day we started the car and i was driving maria was sitting without even asking where we were going after sometime she asked sir where are we heading. I replied to her saying wayanad.

Me- Enought teasing. Its a long planned trip.
Maria- Sir but you said its a business trip.
Me- Yes its our business of making love my dear.
Maria was silently blushing. We reached Wayanad and ours was a bit costly resort. Maria took her bag and i took mine. We checked in. The room was a bit comfy like a honeymoon suite. The receptionist said to enjoy our stay.

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