Living Again After Growing Old – 3

Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-2 ). Now let’s continue I opened all the locks and the door and just then my kids entered and he left after a quick talk with my son. I thanked god for the perfect timing and for giving me the chance to enjoy … Read more

Mistress maid – part 3

This is shabir ahmed. This is about how i made my mistress maid pregnant. Maria my maid and myself were regularly having sex. After my daughter visited she was supposed to stay for 20 days but extended to 35 days. We went for trips and relatives house. All i missed these days were sex with … Read more

Vandana Helped Me To Come Out Of Depression

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression before starting this. All holidays got completed and college has started again. Till these days my Mom, Anuradha Aunty, Lavanya Sister and Sweety helped me to come out of depression and I almost came out of depression and not thinking about … Read more

Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Exams Preparation With Preethi before starting this. Next day after starting to home it is full of mud and water all the way to the home. Traffic got stuck for long distance. It took more than 4 hrs to reach my home. After reaching home I immediately started to … Read more

Lavanya Sister Seduced Me

Sister Seduced Me Hi All. I am KKD. Read Lustful Neighbour Sister before starting this. One day I am sitting under tree in our lawn. I heard like some one is calling me. I thought it was my mom and turned back and asked mom. She it is not me and pointed me to the … Read more

How my neighbours sexy wife pounded by me

Hello readers, myself Raj 24 years old , young energetic playboy sexually active from past 8 years . With height 5.8feet , fair with a well built body and intelligent enough to handle sexy girls, housewives with love, care and passion. At Present I live in Hyderabad . I have encountered many Real life incidents … Read more

Nice Neighbours

I moved into my aunt’s old house. Why not! I had just taken a new job in this town and needed a place to stay. And my aunt had just moved into a retirement home and her big wish was that I should take care of the house after all. It was a semi-detached house … Read more

Getting a child with help of neighbours with hubby permission

Me and my husband were married for for last two years but did not have a child. His interest in sex was reducing day by day after the first year. When I asked my husband to get me child as early as possible he said “what can I do it is not in my hand. … Read more

My neighbour Likitha – Part 1

Hello everyone. Naa peru Sai and I am from Guntur. Naa age 20. I became a regular reader of this site and I decided to write one. Just get started into this. 2018 lo memu own house ki shift ayyamu. Appudu nenu Btech first year. Surroundings lo manchi ammayi unte baagundu ani anukunna. Ala anukntene … Read more

Maya (True story)

Hello everyone. I have been reading, many stories in in this site. In these days of lock down this site has become a kind of life saver. I have been learning many techniques of seducing and fucking, which I hope to to try out once this lockdown is over. Today I would like to to … Read more