Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Exams Preparation With Preethi before starting this.

Next day after starting to home it is full of mud and water all the way to the home. Traffic got stuck for long distance. It took more than 4 hrs to reach my home.

After reaching home I immediately started to Navya house. I went nearby to their house and called to their landline number. It is saying not reachable. I tried multiple times. It is saying same. I decided to go to her home and went. I saw that their house is locked. I enquired to the neighbours. They said they are being staying here for rent from many years and just before few hours they moved to another place. I asked for the place where they moved. They said they don’t know. I got extreme anger. I blamed myself for not coming to meet Navya before they start. I went into depression. I went back to home. I didn’t speak to anyone for next 10 days. My mom asked me many times why I am not speaking to anyone I didn’t replied and stayed calm without saying anything.

One day my mom stopped me and asked me to tell what happened. I didn’t answered and tried to move away from there. She immediately slapped very hard on my face and asked what happened. I looked at her in anger but tears started to come from my eyes. I immediately went and hugged her by crying and told her what happened. She made me to calm down and said everything will become normal. Don’t get depressed for that. I hugged her for some more time. My tears went into her boobs.

Mom: Tell me one thing.
Me: Yeah mom ask me.
Mom: How did you stayed calm without fucking anyone these many days.
Me: Yeah mom even I didn’t know. I went into depression and didn’t think to have sex with anyone.
Mom: How did your dick stayed that calm?
By squeezing my dick and tickling me and making me to laugh. I laughed for sometime and starred by looking at my mom boobs. She looked at me and asked

Mom: Do you want to fuck me?

I immediately dragged my mom boobs to my mouth and started to smooch my mom boobs. She is enjoying and said

Mom: Come on son it is all yours. Eat them.

She took me to her bedroom. She removed her clothes and become completely naked and said

Mom: Fuck me how long you want I am all yours.

I removed my clothes and fucked her and slept with her on the bed. I felt relaxed after many days. After sometime I felt lonely and started to think about Navya and again went into depression. My mom used to seduce me when ever she found I am depressed and fuck me. I used to felt relax when I had sex with mom but after sometime why I felt lonely I used to think about Navya and went into depression. My mom understood about my situation and called Sweety to spend time with me. Sweety came and my mom told everything to her. She started to spend time with me. She also used to seduce me and play with me and they both are trying to bring me out of the thoughts of Navya. I used to fuck either Mom or Sweety whoever is available whenever I feel horny. Sometimes even both. Even though they are with me all the time in the day I used to think about Navya in night during sleeping. One day night mom saw me and understood that still I didn’t become normal.

Next day morning she had some discussion with Sweety, Lavanya Sister and Anuradha Aunty. After having my breakfast I am watching TV. Mom is in the kitchen. Lavanya Sister, Anuradha Aunty and Sweety entered into the house silently. Lavanya came behind me and closed my eyes with hands and asked me to find who. Aunty came and sat beside me on sofa and squeezing my dick. I didn’t understand who is that and started to call my mom

Me: Someone came to our house. They are playing with me.
Sweety immediately kept her bare boobs in my mouth. My mom came out from kitchen and saw them and said
Mom: You knows them very well.

I didn’t understand who is that and started to bite Sweety boobs kept in my mouth. She shouted in pain. I understood it is Sweety. She went away with pain. I kept my hands on Aunty and pinched her on the waist. She also shouted loudly. I understood that is Anuradha Aunty. I want to find who is closing my eyes. I am pinching on her hands to make her to shout. But she is baring the pain but not shouting. I hold her hands and dress and dragged her and she came over the sofa and feel on my lap. I opened eyes and saw. She is Lavanya.

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