Vandana Helped Me To Come Out Of Depression

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression before starting this.

All holidays got completed and college has started again. Till these days my Mom, Anuradha Aunty, Lavanya Sister and Sweety helped me to come out of depression and I almost came out of depression and not thinking about Navya. But after coming back to college when ever I saw couples in the college I used to remember about Navya. Again I started to get into depression.

I am having a friend. Her name is Vandana. She helped me to come out of depression. Her figure is 30-24-32. She is short and thin. But perfectly structured for her height. She proposed me in the starting days of institution in the 1st year. But I am not interested at that time and said no. Eventhough she didn’t mind it and used to be friendly with me all the time.

One day I am standing in the corridor outside of the class room without speaking to anyone and by thinking about Navya. She came near to me and asked

Vandana: Hi. How are you?
Me: Hi. I am good.
Vandana: No you are lying to me. You are not in the regular way. You started to stay calm without speaking to anyone. What happened? Why are you so calm?
Me: No nothing like that. Just not speaking to anyone.
I turned my head aside by saying that. She turned my face towards her and asked
Vandana: Yes, that what I am asking. You are not a person like that. You used to spend all the with the people around you right. But now you are not speaking to anyone. Why are you not speaking to anyone. I haven’t seen Navya as well. Where is she?
I looked at her for sometime and suddenly hugged her and said
Me: I am sorry. I haven’t understood your emotions when you proposed me. Now I am feeling the same pain in me.

I explained everything to her. She made me to calm down. Luckily no one came at that time and noticed us when I hugged her. Later we became more close and used to stay more friendly. One day we both are walking in the corridor and saw one couple faraway hugging and kissing each other. By seeing that I immediately turned around and went into the classroom. She also ran behind me into the classroom and asked me what happened. At that time no one is there in the class. She asked what happened. I said nothing just remembered something and looked at her. She immediately jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me. I too responded and kissed her. When we are kissing I am squeezing her waist and boobs. She is moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………………….. We heard like some one is coming into the classroom from outside. Immediately we stopped kissing and moved away and pretended like we casually talking and laughing at each other. Later we looked at each other and felt shy.

We used to kiss and hug each other whenever we found no one is around. One day I asked her to have sex. She said no with hesitation. Even I too want to force her and stayed calm. After sometime she came to me and asked

Vandana: If we do sex where we can do. What if someone notice us?
I felt so happy by listening to her words and immediately hugged and kissed her.
Me: Is there any chance to have in your home?
Vandana: No, no it is very risky. Even if my parents are not at home neighbours will keep on watching at my home all the time. Definitely we will get caught.
Me: Then let’s go to my home.
Vandana: What if your parents or neighbours see us? We will get caught. I won’t come to your house as well.
Me: You are not accepting me to come to your house and you not accepting to come to my house. Then how can we have sex? Shall we get fuck in the classroom or what?
I said in anger. But immediately I got an idea. I remembered there is no grills for windows for two rooms in every floor of college in our building. Then immediately I got an idea.
Me: Ok then let’s have sex in college.
Vandana: What? Are you making fun of me? If we do in college definitely we will get caught. No, no I won’t accept.
I slowly hugged her and dragged her towards and by giving kisses randomly on her cheeks and neck I said.
Me: Evening after we all left from college they will close all the doors in the college and lock them. In our building there are two rooms in every floor without grills to the windows. They are having just glass sliders. We will hide somewhere in the college till they lock the doors and later we will enter into any of the classroom having without windows grills and let’s get fuck each other.

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