Maid From Heaven Part-4

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

She continued saying “I am very happy that you found me worth making love to because of my low status. Saab you did not lock the door properly and I stood there watching you both make love. I was hoping if I would ever get a chance with you”.

I asked “did you get jealous watching me with Mary”, she said “no”. I asked “what if Mary came again”, she said “I wouldn’t mind at all. You enjoy with Mary when she comes, all other times I will take care of your needs”.

I removed her blouse and bra keeping it aside. I started fondling her boobs and as she was on my lap they were very close to my face. Uma offered both her boobs pushing her nipples in my mouth for me to suck.

I spread her legs and touched her pussy and our mixed juices were flowing out. She also felt it and collected it in her hand. She licked everything saying “I want to drink your juice directly from the source next time”.

I realised I had fucked her without condoms and got worried. I asked “what if you got pregnant”. She said “I can never get pregnant as confirmed by doctors because I had two miscarriages”.

I carried her to my bathroom and made her lie down in my tub. Uma asked “what are you going to do”. I said “I want to shave your pussy so you can wear the thong panties without the hair showing”.

She smiled and lay down. I took the hand shower and washed her pussy area. I applied shaving foam all over her pussy. To keep her engrossed, I asked about her mama. She said “it all started one day when my mama came to my house on my 18th birthday”.

I asked “what kind of a person he was”, Uma said “he was a person who never took no for an answer. He always stood for the right thing. He was the reason I managed to study till Jr. college”.

“My parents were considering getting me married while I was still in 5th. He was so strong in his arguments that even my parents gave up. I told mama to sit in the hall while I went and took my bath”.

“Mama said he would love to give me a bath. I refused shyly saying I am a big girl now. He said he had given me a bath my entire life till 2yrs back when he had to go work in another city”.

Uma recollected how her bath time with mama was the special moments in her life. He always gave her a nice loving bath. After the bath he confessed “he was madly in love with me and wanted to make me his wife”.

Mama said “my parents would be against this relationship so after I finish my studies we would elope to some place and get married and live as husband and wife”. She accepted his offer and both went to the bathroom.

He undressed himself except his underwear. After the bath her mama said “I want to make love to you from now on so that by the time you complete your studies you will be ready for marriage”.

She asked “when you want to start”, he said “whenever you are ready”. She asked “how much time would it take” and he said “it is an ongoing thing”, she said “it is 10am and my parents would be back from the fields by 3pm and is that enough”?

He said “yes it is enough”. She said “I am ready to start right now”, he was very happy and hugged her and put his mouth on hers kissing her. He locked the main door from inside and removed her clothes.

She asked “what is love making”, he said “it is a physical thing and done completely naked”. He removed his underwear now and she saw his pee pee for the first time and it was big like a cucumber.

He made her lie on the bed and got on top kissing her while making sure he was not putting his entire weight on her. He explained that lovemaking was a very pleasurable thing and only the first time would be painful.

He was going to help me make sure the initial pain was minimized as much as possible. I hugged him and said “for your sake I am ready to endure any amount of pain and am looking forward to the pleasures”.

Uma said “mama kissed my body and I enjoyed the great feelings running thru my body. He started licking and sucking on my nipples while he was squeezing my breasts driving me crazy with pleasure”.

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