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Hi All, this is author nine. I am a 27-year-old 6 ft tall guy with a good physique(no I don’t have six-pack abs) dark brown complexion and I love the way I carry Myself. I work in Pune, however currently I am in Calcutta for covid situations have been an ardent reader of this site and finally, I thought to share My true story.

This story of Mine is between Me and a Muslim woman two years elder to me but I request to not make this story a communal one since I am raised in a secular Hindu Bengali family and am far away from hate-mongering.

All of this started when I created a tinder account of Mine back in Pune with a gold account. I met some women out there it was pretty much fun. We kept it casual and I made it clear from the first. However, somewhere I wanted to explore more and hence changed the city to Hyderabad from Pune. During that time we could directly go to our Instagram account. While none matched over tinder Hyderabad when I changed the location(that is a premium feature in tinder where one can change the city), but I connected with a girl over Instagram. She was two years elder than Me and her name is Faiza(of course, not the real name).

I got to know she was dating some Abhishek who was 9 years elder than her but to her surprise, Abhishek was already married with two kids. She was terribly heartbroken and hence she started using tinder. However, she didn’t like the app but was happy that she met Me. Honestly, I really felt bad for her and had absolutely no intention towards her. Now, Me being a Bengali man I am an avid lover of nonvegetarian delicacies and Hyderabad is a Mughlai food paradise. Faiza, being a Muslim was also a great lover of Mughlai food. We decided to meet in Hyderabad. Although I had no bad intention towards her being a man how can I not pray for getting lucky? I took a bus from Pune. She, being a good host came to pick Me up in her Activa. Since I took the Friday night bus after work I was pretty exhausted. I just had dosa for lunch and was dam hungry. I must say she was quite fair and she was blessed with womanhood. I had some thoughts of fantasies for her but then I didn’t act like a creep, lol.

ME(jokingly): I must say the contrast of My dark brown skin would look amazing over your fair skin(grinning).
Faiza(Pretentiously Angry): Just shut up and behave. We will go for dinner at Bawarchi a bit early and tomorrow we are touring Hyderabad.
Me: Jo hukum Mere aka.

just a note, we never had a sex chat while I was in Pune but we did talk stuff related to sex.

Anyway, thankfully we went to Bawarchi via an uber a bit early and had our dinner quite early. We had a full tummy-filling dinner with meaty kebabs and biryani. We returned to Faiza’s flat by uber itself. Although it was decided that I will sleep in her other bedroom but honestly, I had no energy left after a full exhausting day and somehow slept on Faiza’s bed in her bedroom itself and it was merely 9 or 930 pm.

Later My sleep broke at somewhere around 1 o clock in the night and to My surprise, Faiza was just beside Me on the bed with her hair messed up and some hair inside My mouth as well. She was looking so gorgeous with her curly messed up hair. I was just looking at her and was actually mesmerized when all of a sudden Faiza woke up and looked at Me. I was embarrassed and started stammering. Faiza didn’t say a word and just so femininely looked away from Me and then again stared at Me. It was enough for Me I couldn’t control Myself held her by her waist tightly and just forced a kiss on her lips. To My absolute surprise, Faiza simply held My hair with her right hand and she was so good at reciprocating. We both simply lost our control and forced My tongue inside her mouth and she took of My shirt, vest, and jeans, While I was kissing her she opened her T-shirt as well. I was in underwear while she was in her bra and jeans.

Me: I can’t be in just underwear and you in clothing.
Saying this I simply removed the hook of her bra and threw it away and also opened her jeans and panties very quickly. She hurriedly opened My underwear and sat on her knees. I will be absolutely honest here, I never ever imagined this since a lot of women don’t want to do this.

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