Black camp councilor – part 2

If you did not read part 1 Black camp councilor – Part 1 to this fantasy story, you should go read it now, then come back to part 2.

As I laied in bed, I could not stop thinking of how good Derricks ass felt. I could not wait until the next day, so I waited for about two hours. I finally looked at my clock and it was 12:00pm. All the adult staff had went to bed. The entire camp was silent.


I hopped out my sleeping bag and looked for the lotion in my bag. I grabbed the lotion and walked over to Derricks bed.

I stood there for a few seconds looking at his beautiful fat ass. Derick was still laying on his stomach snoring.

I slowly pulled his sleeping bag open once again, and was even more aroused at the site of his body.

Again, I ran my hand from his head, down to the bottom of his back. I paused for a second then ran my hand over his ass, and down to his feet. I very slowly started moving my hand back up his thick legs and back to his ass. I put one hand on each ass cheek and started to squeeze. Each time, I would squeeze just a little bit harder. Derick had more ass then my hands could hold, and it felt so good.

I pulled Derricks pajama pants down just past the bottom of his ass. Derricks ass looked even more plumped then the first time. Again, I started squeezing his ass. Harder and harder and harder. The harder I would squeeze, the harder Derick would snore.

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I then pulled Derricks pajama pants down to his ankles. His legs were so sexy. He had the most perfect skintone.

I lifted Derricks shirt and rubbed lotion all over his back. His body was so hot and so soft. I went back to Derricks legs and also rubbed lotion on them.

I slowly pulled Derricks underwater down to his feet. I also pulled his shirt up to his shoulders. I stood back and just looked for a few seconds, at the beauty in front of me.

I rubbed more lotion in my hands and placed my hands on Derricks ass. I then slowly started gliding my hands across Derricks smooth ass. I rubbed his ass until the lotion dried up. I put more lotion on my hands and rub more.

I put a bit more lotion on my finger and started rubbing my finger on Derricks ass hole. I could feel how tight he was right away.

As I kept running my finger up and down Derricks ass hole, Derrick let out a quite moan. I stopped for a second and Derrick just kept snoring. As I continued to rub Derricks ass hole, I could feel his hole getting a bit more relaxed and a bit more wide.

I rubbed lotion on my right pointing finger. I put my left hand on Derricks left ass cheek and squeezed slowly. I used my right hand and finger to enter Derricks ass hole. I pushed the tip of my finger in Derricks ass hole and he twitched a bit. I noticed he kept snoring. I pushed my finger in a bit deeper and Derrick kept snoring. I could feel his ass hole tighten around my finger.

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At this point my finger was half way in. I pushed my knuckle into Derricks ass and the worst possible thing happened. Derick woke up and caught me….To be continued…

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