Hubbys revenge

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My cousin i hadnt seen since we were young dropped bye needing a place to stay for a few nights. After only one night he had left. A few months later he showed up again asking if he could stay a few nights. I was okey with it but my wife wasnt to sure because she would be home at night with him while i was at work. And she didnt like matt or want to be around him but She eventually agreed.

Shes very petite at 5ft even, 95 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes and 34 b’s. We met when she was 12 at 14 she ran off with me and we were married when she was 16 and i was 18. Now at 18 she still looked under age, very young looking.
My cousin had the hots for her since the very first time he seen her but after all this time has passed he seemed to be over it. Or atleast thats what i thought at the time.

The first couple days he was there were my days off and go by without any dramas or issue’s besides i would catch mat checking out michelle when he didnt think anyone was paying attention. No big deal i thought.

My first night back to work i wasnt feeling good so left work early. As i go into the living room i notice matts not asleep on the couch. Thought he must be in the bathroom. The house is pitch black Which was unusual cause michelle always left the hall light on. As i walk down the hall i hear michelle say loudly i said No get the fuck off me matt now.

As i approach the door its cracked open. I can see the closet light is on as im about to open the door i hear matt say No huh why are you so wet then. I said get off me or i tell jack what you are trying to do.

I look around the corner of door and i can see michelle is laying on her stomach and matt has stradled her and holding her down with her arms pinned behind her. His other hand is betwern her legs. Her gown is pushed up her back and the more she wiggles trying to get free the more he seems to like it. Right as im about to burst in and beat the shit out of him i hear matt say we had fun last time and i seen you hadnt told jack about it. I froze in my tracks. Moved back where they could not see me if either of them happened to turn and look my way.
As i peeked around the corner i watched as matt got up on his knees and pulled down his shorts and then kicked them off.

His dick sticking out in front of him. He looked to be about my size. Michelle didnt have on panties as i liked her sleeping without them on.
As matt raised up she squirmed and wiggled trying to get out from under him but he manged to keep her pinned between his legs. I watched as he started pushing his dick between her thighs trying to get it in her pussy. Which caused my dick to get hard. I couldnt beleave i was hard from watching my cousin force my wife to fuck him.

As he entered her she screamed out and he rammed forward holding still for a moment. Michele begged please stop dont do this again.
Matt ignored her and began slamming his dick in and out of her. She tried to move away so he grabbed her hips and started pulling her into each thrust forward. She cried out for him to stop which made him fuck her faster. I heard her say dont cum in me. As he pulled out and shoot his cum on to her ass and back.

I turn and walk down the dark hall both mad and horny ass fuck. I want revenge and to teach this dick a lesson. I get to the end of the hall and turn the corner to the living room and put back to the wall. As im standing there i see a bottle of michelles lotion on table beside me. I think he raped my wife its only fare he gets raped. I throw the lotion over by the couch and pull off my pants. Now im naked from the waist down and hard as a rock. As matt walks into the living room i can see he still has not put on his shorts. I walk up behind him and push forward causeing him to fall into the floor onto his knees. He turns to look and see as he is saying what the fuck i punch him in the jaw. Bend down placing him in a choke hold and drag him to the couch. I ask him you have fun fucking my wife. Huh you enjoy it.

He struggles to get free but i choke alittle tighter till he stops moving around so much. As i let go he is coughing and gasping for air. He is now bent over the couch i reach down grab the lotion and squirt some into my hand. As he looks back over his shoulder im placing the head of my dick against his ass hole. He pulls forward trying to get away so i push him forward even more into the couch. I wrap my arm around his neck and start squeezeing with my free hand i grab my dick and poke around between his cheeks. He want stay still so i let go of his neck and punch him in the side of the head a few times he leans forward onto the couch saying dont do this to me like this jack and she teased me so i would fuck her.

I find his ass hole again and as my head is sliding in his tight ass i explain to him. you just fucked my wife against her will so now im fucking you against yours. With that i ram forward till my whole dick is buried in his ass. He yells out take it out it hurts. I pull back till just the head is in him and ram forward again. He screams out in pain. From behind me i hear michelle yell thats it jack ram it in him make it hurt. I smile big and start fucking him hard and fast. Michelle walks to the couch and looks down at matt and says how do you like it now bitch.

I slowly pull back to just the head is in and ram it back in. Michelle reaches out grabs a hand full of his hair pulls his face up towards her and slaps him several times. He tenses up causing his ass to tighten up around my dick even more. Its getting to the point i dont know how much longer i can last. When matt says please dont cum in me please jack im sorry. With that i slam it in again and and fill his tight ass with my cum.

We leave matt laying in the floor. The next morning i fully figured he would be gone but he wasnt. I talked to michelle and asked what she thought about making him our sissy bitch. But thats another story.

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