Bangalore neighbor’s request

I’m from Bangalore. My name is vinay shridhar. I’m living in kathruguppe. My parents are government employees. They got love married. my brother studies in foreign country for his higher studies. I’m doing my 12th. As my parents are Karnataka government employees, we got BSNL landline and broadband connection for free. We have it for several years at our home. As it was free I used it daily. When I was in 7th I got to know what is porn videos etc. Almost at 8th I started to masturbate. And downloaded Kamasutra books and read them. Almost in 10th grade I got to know how to have sex.

Soon after 10th I had to go to college. 2 years passed away. I finished writing all the engineering entrance exams and waiting for the results. My mom hindu sentiment women, planned trip to few temples to pray for a good rankings in exams. It all started from here.

My mom said me take suit case bag from the self above. I did what she said. When I was picking out I saw condoms under it . For a second I got shocked. I thought my parents are too much well being people praying God always. But that wasn’t, even they were like normal humans, but didn’t showed off . My mom did not knew that my father has kept condoms and lube above there. I just silently gave her the bag. And when she was packing , I took the condom and kept in my pocket, and ran to toilet. This was the first time I touching the condom. I was so excited, I just wanted to try it. It was first time I am using it. I opened it and said instructions behind it and put it on my penis. As I was so much excited, I did not want to see porn, my penis was fully erect. I just masturbated and threw the condom with the packet from the toilet window. My house and my neighbors house is close together. As it is Bangalore, every house is closely built. I thought the packet fell in between the gap of two buildings, but it had fallen in balcony of the next neighbor.


I did not know that. I and my family went to the trip and came back to home after 12 days. In few days the neighbor aunty called me to play with her baby when I was free at home. Actually she is not aunty , she’s got married few years back and had 1 year old baby, as she elder to me and got married, I was calling her aunty. One day my parents had went out for some government function. So they had to come late. As I did not have college I got bored , I got remembered that the aunty invited me to her house. She was a tent for that house. I went and ranged the bell, she invited me , I went to her boy baby and started to play, she was also enquiring about me and my studies. I didn’t not know my mom and she were close enough. We also became very close. As I used to be free at home I went with her and her baby to park every evening.
Soon one day she started to ask some personal questions, that whether I have crush and all. She asked me whether I use internet…..

Me: yes aunty, BSNL

Aunty: what do u see in internet?

Me: social medias and YouTube..

Aunty: only that or anything else….

I got confused what she’s asking…. I thought is she wanted me to admit that I watch porn….

Me: I did not understand aunty….

Aunty: do you use internet at night and all?

Me :yess

Aunty: then at night what you see?

I did not answer for this question….. I was thinking how stupid this lady was….. Asking nonsense questions to a young age boy…. Which is personal and non of her business…… Thinking how cheap the lady…..
Soon she saw me firmly and gave me a smile and went to the room. I got confused. She came keeping her hands behind and asked me….

Aunty: vinay , do you masturbate?

I kept quiet seeing her face….
She showed the condom I threw from the window that day….. I was shocked seeing that……

Aunty: that day I was cleaning balcony at one corner and suddenly I saw this thing fell on the other corner, and I peeped in the window it was you, I got shocked that a young boy using condoms…….. What is this Vinay, shall I tell your mom?

Me : no no-no please, I won’t do it again, don’t tell my mom…..

She threw it in dust bin …… I was like from now I should be her slave…..
But she was kind to me….. She used become more friendly to me….
Soon she started to talk bad words with me and even I started…..
She used to ask indirectly did I masturbated….. We soon became close friends. One day I asked whether is her husband as I did not see him…… She said he’s in Delhi as bank manager, because he’s getting too many transfers he left her. I did not ask her anything more about her husband….. But in grief she only started to say about him…… Her husband was a good person , he had many dreams and he was a confident man, she liked that attitude and married him. But as he was concentrating in his work he did not care her happiness.
I just said her everything gets fine….
Soon my engineering rank came And I had got a good rank….. I went with sweets to her house and share my happiness….. She congrats me and suddenly hugged me…… I was blank ….. She hugged me for a minute…… I got sexual feelings in my mind….. But thought she is caring me that’s why she hugged…..
She started to cook for me and insisted me to eat in her house…… Soon one day when I was in her house I saw Amazon parcel came and she took it in room and opened it….. I peeped in and it was condom box…. I was shocked seeing it.
She came out took her baby and made him sleep……
I thought of getting out….. But didn’t leave…. I thought her husband coming so they ordered.

But she took me to the kitchen and said me ….

Aunty: I have bought condoms..

Me: oh ur husband is coming…

Aunty: no…

Me : oh…. Ok bye aunty I will go home …

Suddenly she hold my hand and pulled me and hugged….. She said I love you….. I got scared….. I insisted that I want to go……
She pulled me to her room and kissed me…… My penis got erect but I was in tension ran to my house….. She sent me the picture of the condom I used….. And said she has it with her if I won’t come to her house she will tell to my mom…..

I got scared and went to her house…. But she hugged me and said I love you……. She requested me to make…… She had been a year with her husband in bed….. She said she had only hope in me…. As I was the only one too close to her…… As my college was also about to start….. She did not want to miss the chance so she became bold suddenly and booked condoms……. As she was telling I was seeing the floor…. She pulled me and kissed…… After few seconds I pulled her and kissed , I put my tongue in to her, we made a passionate kiss for long time….. I kept my hands on her hip And pressing it…… Soon i lifted her dress to touch her body…… But she directly removed my t-shirt….. And hugged me exploring me…… Even I removed her top as she was lactating mother she had quite big breast…..

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