Banged my sister’s vagina

It happened last week as I was in Indore in my married sister’s home.Juhi’s hubby is posted In a forest department as they both live there since their married life,Juhi have married for last 4 years as they are still enjoying their sexual life without any kids.Juhi is a 26 years hot lady,as her whiteish complexion with tall figure of 5’6 feet and figure of 34-28-36 is making him hot as well as wild.Her sexual life have been on peak as we both brother and sister have enjoyed sex prior to her marriage as I have broke her hymns and she have lost her virginity to me,we both have put our relationship to a new height as we both have physical relationship for last 5 years.

Mohit is juhi’s elder brother as his age is just one and half year more to him and still living a bachelor life while preparing to face exam,I am in Indore last it’s a day full of romance as well as love and we both are alone in home as juhi’s hubby left for his office in the I took my morning tea with them as I am in bedroom ,lying on bed with my mobile on hand,I am reading sister Juhi came there as she sits near my waist on bed,looking at me ,she said……..


Mohit go for bath and have breakfast
(Mohit)ok Juhi ,maid is inside home or left after work.”

She smiled as her sexy figure is looking hot in her blue coloured short gawn,while I wake up and hold her boobs in my hand to squeeze,she pushed me as I fell on bed,Juhi came on my top and started kissing my face to lips as my hand is rubbing her back.she have put her whole body on my body as her soft boobs are on my chest,Juhi loves dominating on bed as her lips are on my lips and I took her lips in my mouth to hand is rubbing her sexy ass as it’s covered with gawn but she have put a G string panty on it ,so nude ass is making me I left her lips,she started licking my lips with her long tongue and I opened my mouth as I started sucking her tongue hard,her gawn is moving upto her waist and now her round sexy buttocks are getting my hard rub on it.

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She is too horny as I sucked her tongue for a while,her reddish face with closed eyes looks like a sex goddess.she took out her tongue and than my hand is holding her tightly as rubbing her ass is making my penis harder,Juhi left my top as she sits near my face.I wake up on bed as she pushed me again,now showing her desires,she lifts her gawn upto her waist as she removed her G I can see her reddish vagina as it’s labias are well distracted,Juhi is a sexy lady as she is on my face,her ass is above my face as her legs are wide in a different she is there to get love on her vagina with my lips and tongue ,now I hold her waist as I started kissing her labias frequently and Juhi widend her vagina as I started licking it I am licking my sister’s vagina with my long tongue as she is in pleasure”uhh aahh fuck it aahh uumm”and my penis is growing harder in my bermuda.

So it’s my tongue licking her cunt fast and it’s tastes bitter as it’s dry and hot,she have had her bath as fragrance of perfume is making me erotic and I licked her cunt for a she left my face as she is sitting near me on bed and looking at me ,she hold my Bermuda as she pulled it down to legs .my semi erected penis is hard as it’s glans are out of covered skin and Juhi moved to my waist as she hold my dick ,now she started kissing it wildely as I am lying on bed with voice coming out of my mouth

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“oohh aahh Juhi suck it suck it you bitch”and she is looking at me ,as she is rubbing it’s glans on her face to lips.Juhi is a sexy lady as her hunger and thirst for sex have always been on rise ,she have never enjoyed it with other than with her brother and she opened her mouth as she took my 2/3 Rd cock inside mouth and started sucking it hard but her head is still unmoved ,so feeling horny and it’s my cock growing harder in her mouth .now I hold her hairs as I started fucking her mouth from below with my long cock,she started sucking my cock hard and I am screaming in joy”oohh aahh my sexy baby aahh suck fast”and she took out my wet penis from her mouth.

Now my cock is fully erected as she hold its base and started rolling her tongue on it as my hand have frisked inside her gawn and I have hold her boobs on her brassiere.while she is licking my penis,my hand is pressing her boobs hard and again she took my half of cock in her mouth as she started giving it a nice jerk.

My body is in sensation as I am feeling too horny and than she left my penis as I walked towards washroom.after a while,I am back on bed as Juhi is sitting there with her gawn out of her hot body,she is looking like a hot blonde in her brassiere .now I am sitting on bed as I pushed her and than leaned my face on her breast as I hold it and took it in my mouth,now sucking my sister’s breast while massaging other ones.juhi is feeling the heat as she is rubbing my back and screaming in joy

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“ooohh Mohit aahh my vagina will cum soon aahh you are too hot than my hubby”

And I left her breast as I moved towards her I widend her legs as I put a pillow under her ass,put my finger on her vagina as I widend it’s hole,my tongue is licking her dry cunt as her legs are shivering and I have hold her waist my tongue is fucking her vagina as she is shouting”oohhhhh aahh it’s cumming my dear aahh “and as I got the taste of it’s cum,I took her vagina in my mouth to suck and I got cum to drink as it’s bit salty,she is pushing her ass upwards and than I licked it for a it’s time to bang my sister as she walked to washroom nudely.

As Juhi came back on bed,I made her a bitch as she knelt on her knees and elbows,like a doggy and I hold my penis as I slowly pushed it inside her glory while holding her waist,I am pushing my cock hard and she is pushing her ass back as she wants to swallow my whole penis .my penis is inside her wet vagina as I started fucking her slowly and she is in fire as she is moving her sexy bum fast,with my penis growing harder and becoming hot,I am fucking my sister as she is like a prostitute .now I hold my sister’s hairs as I am pulling it towards me and it’s my penis going fast inside her hot vagina,too much friction of my penis have evaporated his vaginal cum as she is screaming

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