First time with my neighbour senior

This is Ravi from Chennai. I am 19 years old. This is about my story of losing virginity with my senior. This incident happened last year. My senior name is Saradha. She was 2 years elder to me. She moved nearby when i was 14 in class 9 and she was 16 in class 11. She guided for class 10 and 12 board exams. She got into college when i was 11th.

When she was second year she was in relationship with her Boyfriend who is her senior. During my 12th holidays she use to take me as a protector. When i completed college i got a new smart phone and a bike where i use to take her everywhere. She was close to me where she wears revealing clothes and sexy nighties skrits at home and doesn’t cover to me.

My parents and her parents thought we were a brother sister relationship.

Now story starts, she moved to hostel by staying in my house on weekends in 2022 jan. Her parents got transferred to some north east side. We had 2BHK home where my room and my parents room was opposite.she comes only on weekends and on weekdays she stays in college hostel. Since i had my phone i use to watch porn alone and one day she caught me red handed. I pleaded her not to say but she said she wants a deal. She said to share the videos with her.

From that day we share porn and she also sends 18+ videos. I decided to be FWB and she also said we will do these things for fun till we get into relationship or marriage . When she is in hostel she sends me 18+ texts.

In 2 months she started to flirt and we became open by sexting. She even started to send bikini pics and towel pics.

When she comes home on sunday we behave normally like we are in college. It was long weekend where my parents had to go to a wedding to kerala. It was 4 day leave for our college. Saradha decided to come.

We went for a movie on day my parents left. We sent my parents off in airport and decided to go for a matinee show. On the way to theatre it was heavy rain. We enetred theatre where she booked corner seats. Movie was bad as the crowd as less.

She was shivering and caught my hand. Suddenly she pulled and kissed me. She took a jerkin and covered my pants.. opened my zip. She started to stroke my dick. She said she is going to suck it hard. She sucked for 20 minutes and by the time interval came. We were sitting as if nothing happened. I went to restroom. She called me and said lets go to somewhere.

We went to beach and enjoyed playing in rain. Police said to clear the area. We rided in rain bike. When we reached she went to bathroom to clean herself. I also went to clean. She came out in towel. She was looking sexy and combing her hair. I went near her and slowly touched her shoulder. I slowly removed her towel and started kissing her. She removed my shorts and started sucking my dick. She said she has done with her boyfriends in past.

After sucking for 15 minutes i shot my load on her face. She licked some. I put her on the bed and started sucking her boobs. I sucked her boobs and licked her pussy badly. She was moaning heavily and was pleading to keep doing. By the time she stopped moaning she was pleading to fuck her. I inserted my dick in her pusssy in slowly. She didn’t have a tight hole due to my licking and fingering. I started to fuck her hard. Slow to medium pace was being handled and she was enjoying it.

After 10 minutes she had her first orgasm. I was giving love bites on her boobs. She was biting my shoulders.

After 15 minutes of intense fucking i was about to cum. I pulled out and sprayed my cum on her stomach. We lied down.

From that day we fucked regularly whenever an opportunity arises. Its been an year. We even went for a trip and did fuck there where our parents thought it was some educational fair.

Now she got placed in a banglore company but i she is looking for a job in Chennai so she could get my banging.

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