Sex fantasy – How I fucked my dream girl three times

Sex fantasy – How I fucked my dream girl three times in my…

Hi everyone this is Kumar 26 years old (Name changed) from hyderabad. After reading number of stories from this website I want to share with you about my sex fantasy with you guys if any mistakes please excuse me.
Coming to my self 5ft 11 inch with 6 inch dick fair and skinny body same like danush when I’m in graduation time every call me raghuvaran B.Tech same attitude and same habits I never ever cared about anyone due that I’m still virgin.
I’m mad about sex from my 7th standard onwards I use to watch lots and lots of porn videos from CD’S to today’s website videos with that I became wild animal to have a sex, but my bad I never had sex.

In my college days or in working location most of the time I use stare at girls first into their eys, next hip, boobs and finally their back. These made me wild. But I don’t know how to flirt with girls so used watch porn and mostly I used to red sex stories from this website.
I had crush on my sister best friend Neha. Once in week or once in 10days I use to hangout with her with my sister.
Due to busy work in company I didn’t concentrate on and as well as my sister is one of the reason for it.

One day I got a call from Neha she want to met me in her flat 8 PM. Due to heavy work I reached her flat at around 10 PM by that main door was opened, with out making any sound I removed my shoes I went inside my dream girl singing a song in the bathroom I didn’t made any sound I was just listening the song what she is singing in fraction of seconds she outside of the bathroom in completely naked, I’m shocked admireing her beauty with full wide eyes open in fraction seconds again she went inside the bathroom she asked me to leave to my room with full dispointment I headed to my room.

on the way to my room, I’m still admiring her body measurements 32 24 36 finally I reached I totally lost in dreams without having food I slept.

I started dreaming off fucking my Neha
We were kissing like their is no tomorrow I’m kissing her over cheeks,forehead,ears all over her face our tongues playing like war between soldiers for years.

While my one hand in her panty stroking her pussy and other hand on ass pressing her ass. While her hands on my holding tight towards her our nipples touching each other I sence her body heat increasing second to second.

I removed my hand from ass placed on right boob squeezing like mango, I removed her top and bra as well I had clear view of brests what I seen earlier I was liking like ice cream without dripping one drop ice cream from it.

While she placed her hands on trousers rubbing my dick over it. I shifted my  concentrion from boobs to her pussy. I removed sorts licked her pussy over panty I tared her panty in one single shot Neha completely naked in front of me.

I licking her pussy like hunger dog, I’m fuck her pussy with my tounge she is in cloud nine she is pushing my head towards her pussy.

She came down remove my short and underware giving me blowjob that is first experience dick in someone’s mouth she is doing like pro I’m in some where on the planet.

We completely naked she begging me insert my dick in her pussy without wasting second I inserted my 6 inch rod with big jerk she jumped on bed she moaning ahaaaaa fuck me harder and harder  kumar made me your slut fuck me  depper and depper I started stroking hard and rough in 10 minutes I’m about to cum I asked where to cum, she want me cum inside I did as she said my cum coming out of her pussy without waiting second she took my dick into her mouth licking like lollipop.

After that we slept for 1 hour when I open my eyes she is playing with my dick I kept my rod in her mouth started giving mouth fuck Next 5 minutes, after we changed position to missionary started giving hard strokes. I was fucking her deeply. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! Fuck me fast, fuck me fast oh yes! oh yes!”

I rammed her hard and was continuously pressing her sexy boobs from behind while fucking her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I am coming, I am coming..” she came but I wasn’t finished yet. I continued fucking her which she was enjoying it. I’m about to cum where to do it and she came down started giving me blowjob I released my load in her mouth. Without wasting one drop she swallowed it.

We headed to washroom to clean our self, under shower I’m massaging her titts, belly, neck and pussy she enjoying it. She asked me to do it little bit hard, she is enjoying it with hot water from the shower. This is my turn to satisfy her I’m licking her body from forehead to toe. Finally I reached her pussy I was sucking her, while my one had squeezing her boobs simultaneously and one is busy with ass hole. First inserted my thumb layer my middle finger finally she cummed on my face I tasted it without wasting sing drop.

After that we had one more sessions in kitchen and on dining table I’ll explain you in next part depending upon the feedback

Any unsatisfied aunty’s, girls and ladies from hyderabad and surroundings want have massage I’m ready for you ( I’m a pro in it)
For your comments and suggestions Reach me at : [email protected] I’m eagerly waiting for your response thank you see you soon

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