I and my neighbour sister

Hai friends my name is Raju l am 5.6 height and my weight is 55,l am from Bangalore,l am happy to write my stories,when ever l see a women are ladies l will see wistfully,when nobody is in my house l will close the door and l open the window and l will see if any girls are women passing through the road sides,because my house is besides the road side,when l see women is coming l will open my zip l will masturbate,many days l used to think will l get chance to fuck any one,but one day

One of my neighbour sister who is next to my house her name is rosy,l used to go frequently to chat with her,one day when she is alone l was sitting before her,she told me her elbow is little bit paining,l told her please give the balm,l will apply to your hand first she no problem,l told her feel free,l took the Hindu balm,first l applied to her palm of her hand and slowly l applied to her elbow,she did not say anything,and slowly l moved my hand to touch her armpit

Then slowly l touched her boobs first time she felt shy,then slow by slow l touched her boobs finally l touched and pressed her boobs and l hugged her,and next day l went to her house to watch the tv news,when l was watching the news,she came and sat down before me,l was sitting on the chair,slowly l touched her head she came close to my knees,then l hold her head and l kissed her,l hold her hand and kept on penis,when she touched my sick l cannot control,l took my sick outside and touched her mouth

She opened her mouth and suck my sick finally l poured my sperm in her mouth and l went to my house,and next day l went to her house she was just laying on the bed,slowly l went near to her and sat with her,slowly l touched her leg and l pressed her leg,then slowly l took her night up to her knee,she resisted me l continually l took her nighty up to her vagina suddenly l touched my mouth on her vagina,and l hold her vagina tightly

l inserted my younger into her deep vagina l was sucking and licking very nicely,she cannot control herself,finally l took my penis l fucked nicely,l was afraid she will become conceive,suddenly l took my penis l spurts on her tight,then next day she told me please you don’t worry about my pregnancy l take tablets,again l didn’t fuck her because she will become pregnant,dear my friends l like very much to suck and lick the women’s vagina l am very much specialist in sucking women’s vagina,dear friends if any one want to suck your vagina please feel free, l am very thirsty and hungry to lick and suck your beautiful vagina,

please reply me your comments to my email l am eagerly waiting for yours reply thank to you all my email is. [email protected]

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