It’s impossible to not have dirty thoughts about my cousin

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I looked up from staring at my phone to see my youngest cousin and her best friend walking into my bedroom. My temporary bedroom, that is. I’ve been staying at my grandma’s house, and my aunt and 18 year old cousin, Chloe also live there. Chloe is part Filipina, the product of a very brief marriage my aunt had with a man none of us have seen now for 18 years.

She is my first cousin, but due to the fact I’m 15 years older than she is, the dynamic of our relationship has had more of an uncle-niece vibe to it. She idolized me as a kid, and I always made a conscious effort to give her attention and be involved in her life. My aunt never had any serious relationships after her dad left, so I tried to be as much of a consistent male presence as possible.

After breaking up with my girlfriend two months ago, I was left apartment-less and asked my grandma if I could crash for a couple days. A couple days has been a couple months now because it’s nice saving money and I actually like staying at the house. I don’t feel like I’m imposing and I’ve been doing little projects around the house to show how grateful I am, since they refused to accept any rent payments from me.

Chloe was thrilled when she found out I’d be living with her. The first night I stayed there, she opened the door to the spare bedroom as I got ready to go to sleep. I was standing in just my boxer briefs, and she was startled to see me standing there.

“Oh my God! You scared me, James! What are you doing here?”

She asked me as she held her hand to her chest.

“I broke up with Brooke, so you’re gonna have to put up with me cramping your style for a few days. Sorry, cuz.”

“Really? That’s awesome!”

She excitedly ran over and jumped up to wrap her arms around my neck in a bear hug.

“I mean it’s awesome you’re here. I’m sorry about Brooke. Her loss anyways.”

She her face was up against the side of mine as she spoke, still hugging me tightly as I held her petite body against my bare upper body. I was holding her up by basically grabbing her butt, which covered by some thin cotton pajama shorts and either a thong or nothing else. I closed my eyes and tried to get ahold of myself before I let myself think of my cousin in any way other than as my cousin. It had been four days since I had last had sex with Brooke. Even though the situation was completely innocent, I was acutely aware of the fact I held a beautiful young girl against my half naked body. It’s probably a good time to mention that Chloe is absolutely gorgeous.

She is supermodel level pretty, aside from being only 5’4″. I made a point of reminding myself she is blood family every time I saw her to avoid any impure thoughts about her. I would always tell her she’s the most beautiful girl I know. I tried my best to ignore the voice inside my head that said she’s actually the sexiest woman I know. But she is. Her perfect bone structure, flawless skin, cheek dimples, and striking blue-green eyes make you notice how pretty she is. Her toned body, sculpted by years of working out and training for cheerleading competitions make you say “damn.”

Her ass is the type that can only be formed from dead lifts. Her athletic legs and flat abs that stop just short of a six pack make it obvious she works out, but still look feminine and womanly. Her breasts are just a little bit larger than a handful each and shaped in a way that doesn’t require a bra, which she rarely wears. I could keep describing her hip-to-waist ratio or her belly button shape but I could save time by just saying she is a perfect 10. She would be Miss Wisconsin if they were lucky enough to have her, but she’s too busy with competitive cheer and school.

As my fingertips press against her ass cheeks and my chest hairs feel the light tickle of her breasts brushing against me I finally gave up. I can’t pretend my cousin isn’t also a sexy woman forever. I’m merely a man. For the first time in my life, I let myself picture her naked. I felt my dick twitch as I wondered if she she shaves her pubic hair or not. I readjusted my hands under her, my fingers sliding slightly deeper in her crack as I pulled my head back and looked her in the eyes for a moment before giving her a kiss on the forehead and guiding her down off me, thanking God my cock was still mostly flaccid as I felt her pelvis rub against my dick in the brief moment before she straightened her legs to land on the floor.

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