Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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She heard the door open and looked towards the hallway where Ben had left expecting to see him return. Sharon found her pussy stirring at the thought of receiving more attention. But when she looked at the door it was closed. Sharon furrowed her brow as she heard the door continue to open and brush across the carpet when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. It was her door. It was open and standing in the doorway was Cynthia's naked body.

“Cynthia! Oh my god!” Sharon said as she sat up. Her hands instinctively covered her breasts and pulled a cover over her thighs. “What are you- how did you-“

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“I have a question for you,” Cynthia said as she walked to the foot of the bed. “I know you about Ben and I know you like him- he's a good boy. You're going to divorce his soon, aren't you?”

Cynthia's hand rubbed up Sharon's leg, startling her. Her palm cupped Sharon's inner thigh and rubbed higher and higher until she touched Sharon's warm, moist, tender flesh just around her pussy lips. Sharon felt her heart thudding in her chest. Her thoughts whirled in a maddening circle as she tried to focus on what was being said. She couldn't believe Cynthia was hiding in her bathroom the entire time she had with Ben. How long had she been in there? What was happening before I came home?

“Yes…” Sharon gasped.

Cynthia's fingers slid between Sharon's pussy lips, slowly pushing inside her with her fingertips before retreating again and again. Sharon's eyes rolled back as she released a coo. Cynthia's thumb swiped over Sharon's clit, spreading Ben's cum over her pussy lips again and again.

“I'd like to watch out after him when he leaves your house and you leave his family.” Cynthia said. “Would you think I'd make a good girlfriend for him?”

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“Oh, yes…” Sharon groaned as Cynthia's fingers pierced deeper inside Sharon's pussy. The juices from her pussy coating Cynthia's fingers with every pump.

“Would you talk to Brittany?” Cynthia asked. “And help convince your I'd be a good girlfriend for Ben. I'd be a good person to keep him attached to the family.”

Cynthia's fingers pumped Sharon's pussy quickly now making her breasts bounce with every thrust. Sharon's grunt became more guttural as she swooned in the bed. “Yessss… oh, god yesss… I will! Oh, god!”

Sharon had her eyes closed but when she opened them she saw Cynthia crawling between her thighs. Cynthia stuck out her tongue and made a long lap of Sharon's pussy from the base all the way to the top of her clit. Cynthia's eyes stayed locked on Sharon as she repeated the lick over and over. Lapping up every bit of Ben's cum that leaked out of Sharon's pussy, Cynthia pushed her tongue inside Sharon's pussy.

“Ohhhhgaadd. Oh god yes!” Sharon groaned as her thick thighs shuddered around this 19 year old's face.

Cynthia's tongue slipped up to Sharon's clit and began making circles on it just as Cynthia slid two fingers deep inside her pussy. The feeling of Cynthia's tongue vibrating on her clit mixed with the fingers fucking her pussy became too much to bare.

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